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  1. I've just published a new release v1.0.14360.1435: Upgrade CefSharp to stable v37.0.0 based on Chromium 37.Open all external links with default system browser.Prevent pressing the backspace key to browse back.Separate cookies and cache storage locations.Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  2. Hi everyone, I've just published the first release of SlackUI, a dedicated Slack client for the Windows platform. Why? Because there's no official native client for and I missed a better integration with Windows. SlackUI is completely open-source. The source code, along with binaries downloads can be found at the project's GitHub repository: https://github.com/rfgamaral/SlackUI Feel free to open issues with feature requests and bug reports, and by all means, contribute with pull requests if you are up for it.
  3. I'm having the same issue... This is my debug.log file: [2014-08-17 14:32:05][0x163C:0x1478] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 14:32:05][0x163C:0x1478] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 14:32:05][0x163C:0x1478] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 14:47:26][0x59C:0x5A0] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 14:47:26][0x59C:0x5A0] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 14:47:26][0x59C:0x5A0] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 14:52:07][0x155C:0x924] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 14:52:07][0x155C:0x924] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 14:52:07][0x155C:0x924] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 14:53:13][0x14C4:0x14D0] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 14:53:13][0x14C4:0x14D0] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 14:53:13][0x14C4:0x14D0] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 14:53:14][0x14C4:0x14CC] Failed to duplicate handle (6 - The handle is invalid.)[2014-08-17 15:15:38][0x5CC:0x5D0] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 15:15:38][0x5CC:0x5D0] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 15:15:38][0x5CC:0x5D0] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 15:16:51][0x5AC:0x5B0] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 15:16:52][0x5AC:0x5B0] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 15:16:52][0x5AC:0x5B0] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 15:23:47][0x5B0:0x5B4] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 15:23:47][0x5B0:0x5B4] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 15:23:47][0x5B0:0x5B4] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 15:40:34][0x590:0x594] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 15:40:34][0x590:0x594] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 15:40:35][0x590:0x594] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 16:57:43][0x14DC:0x14E0] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 16:57:43][0x14DC:0x14E0] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 16:57:43][0x14DC:0x14E0] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-17 21:00:32][0x5B8:0x5BC] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-17 21:00:32][0x5B8:0x5BC] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-17 21:00:33][0x5B8:0x5BC] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-22 00:13:29][0x5C4:0x5C8] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-22 00:13:34][0x5C4:0x5C8] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-22 00:13:34][0x5C4:0x5C8] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-26 16:27:05][0x588:0x58C] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-26 16:27:05][0x588:0x58C] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-26 16:27:05][0x588:0x58C] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-08-31 14:14:45][0x5D8:0x5DC] Installing DWM hook...[2014-08-31 14:14:45][0x5D8:0x5DC] User: SYSTEM[2014-08-31 14:14:45][0x5D8:0x5DC] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-09-11 10:28:15][0x568:0x56C] Installing DWM hook...[2014-09-11 10:28:20][0x568:0x56C] User: SYSTEM[2014-09-11 10:28:20][0x568:0x56C] Module: C:\Windows\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dllEDIT: For some reason I just looked at my Windows title bars and Aero was back... Didn't do anything.
  4. Not sure if it all related but I have a few issues with this... Every time I launch "OldNewExplorerCfg.exe", all the 4 checkboxes for "use command bar instead of ribbon" are checked. But I always check just one, the "hide up". If I close the window and re-launch it, all 4 checkboxes will be checked again. Even with "hide up" checked, every time I sign off and sign back in (or reboot the computer) the up button will still be visible. It seems to only work once after launching the configuration dialog, and revert back after sign off/in.Anyone else having these issues or it's just me?
  5. Hi, Just installed this and I'm so happy that such application exists. I know there are many start menu "replacements" but they never felt like the real thing, until StartIsBack. Kudos man! Just a little bug report which is annoyng to me as I'm very picky. Don't even know if this is possible to fix in you end or if it's also something related to visual style. The context menu on the power/sleep/logoff/etc button feels a little bit off compared to all other system and StartIsBack context menus. Each item looks smaller and there's no padding around the items. Could this be fixed? Also, I have a question about the license... I have sent a PM to @Tihiy about this but is that the right approach or should I just post it here?
  6. You got it wrong, it does show "Press F2 bla bla...", I've entered the BIOS many times... Done that many times too, didn't help. My laptop BIOS is very limited in what you can configure, there's no such option to enable or disable. Not quite that I think... I just tried to disable (set to None) the Primary Master, which normally is the main HDD and the DVDs booted just fine. Set the Primary Master to the HDD and they don't boot anymore. Well, I was able to install Windows 7 anyways into the new HDD without any kind of DVD following this guide: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2008/12/24/h...hout-dvd-media/ Although I really wanted everything working correctly, I'm OK with that, as long as I can use a clean install of Windows 7, It's enough for me for now cause I've a lot of work to do and my current Vista install was too slow to work with. Thank you all for your support.
  7. The BIOS DVD had lots of BIOS updates to all LG laptops, it even comes with a HTML file describing all BIOS updates released between that time. I took note of my BIOS version before upgrading, which was on that list one of 2007 updates for my specific model and after upgrading, it changed to the new ones that were also in the list for my laptop. Besides, the upgrade process asked me for my specific laptop model and serial number so I think it installed the right BIOS update. I'm not sure what you mean but I've formatted and partitioned the new HDD in GParted and then I boot the old HDD with the current Windows I'm using and I'm able to connect the new HDD through USB just fine and it reports everything correctly. Or so it seems...
  8. They are all original ISO's downloaded from official sources. The problem is not on the media cause I've used it before and I can use it right now on different computers and it works. Writing stuff to the disk was only something that crossed my mind that could be different from the other boot discs I tried that worked, something between them must be different for some to work and others not.
  9. Hi, Please don't get scared with such a long text, I like to explain my problems in detail so I can help you help me, please continue to read if you think you might have any idea how to help me... I have an LG laptop which is almost 4 years old and since I can't afford a new one, I can only upgrade and keep using this one. Vista runs fine but it's time to upgrade to Windows 7 and I was so excited when Seven was officially released that I decided to buy a new HDD for my laptop cause the old one is kinda small now... The problem is that I never thought that my old laptop would have problems with HDDs larger than 137Gb and it has been a pain to make it recognize the 250Gb HDD I bought. The obvious first step was to find a BIOS update and LG support sucks, fortunately, I found an official ISO disk with lots of BIOS updates to many LG laptops in a forum where people reported nothing but success. The BIOS upgrade process worked fine, but the new HDD was still recognized as a 137Gb drive. Searching a bit more and I found out that some laptops, somehow, before the BIOS upgrade, "locked" the HDD to only recognize 137Gb and I had to "unlock" it. For that, I found something called MHDD but every instruction said I needed to do this on a different computer and I had no means to do that. I just decided to do it locally on my laptop but it didn't work, the process failed. The drive is still reported as 137Gb HDD. That was when I noticed something different when turning the laptop ON. It usually just said to press F2 to launch the BIOS setup. This time, it also said to press F11 to launch LG recover system or something like that. I thought some screen would just pop up and allow me to do things, but the laptop just went black for a few seconds and restarted. This time, the drive was reported as 250Gb and I thought that now I could go and install Windows 7, was I mistaken... Basically, this is the story of what I managed to do, today. But since that "F11 pressing" (I believe it was after this), that I can't boot any Windows setup disc. When I try to boot a Windows Vista or Windows 7 setup disc I get the error CDBOOT: CDBOOT: Couldn't find BOOTMGR. When I try to boot a Windows XP setup disc I get the error CDBOOT: Memory overflow error. Also, and because my optical DVD drive is kinda screwed (but that's not the problem, just today I booted the Windows Vista disc many times before doing all this things) I had a USB Flash disk prepared to boot Windows 7 setup and before all this, I was able to boot it many times, but not anymore. I always had to plug the USB key, go into the BIOS, select it and move it to appear before the HDD, save settings and exit. But now, the USB key doesn't appear anymore in the BIOS. Well, this only seems to be happening to Windows setup discs, here's a few boot discs I also tried and they all worked just fine: GParted Live CD Bart's PE (weird because it uses many of Windows XP boot disc files) LG BIOS Update DVD (I re flashed the BIOS just to make sure everything was ok) Also, my current Windows Vista installation boots without any issues too... So, what the hell is going on here... I can boot a few discs but I can't boot Windows setup discs? I read something on the web that may or may not be related but got me thinking that maybe the Windows setup discs are trying to write something on the HDD and are not able to, thus reporting the errors mentioned above. Where the discs I was able to boot, all (or so it seems) don't copy anything, they are just loaded into the memory. What to do you guys think? Anyway to fix this? What should I do? Either way, Vista or Seven, I kinda need to do a clean install of Windows, this is running slow, but I can't find a way to do that unless I can boot any Windows setup disc. Is there a way I could boot some Live CD that loads itself to memory (if that's really the problem) and then allows me to replace the DVD disc on the optical drive and run "setup.exe"? Maybe with a process like this I succeed in installing Windows 7... Thanks for reaching the end of my testament
  10. Just something I was thinking... Let's say I create an image with vLite, remove some components and install Vista with that image. If later one I decided that I need one or more component removed I could easily recreate all over again the same image has before but without deleting the components that I now want and then reinstall Windows with this new image. If I only selected the new components I wanted in the second image, the other ones removed in the first image that were not selected in the second image won't be installed anyway. However, the whole system (and/or the components selected) will all be reinstalled or installed for the first time... What do you think the pros and cons of this method are?
  11. Hi, first all, this my first post on this forum, I just registered cause of vLite-- want to use it and have a few questions before I do it but I hope to come back here more times cause it seems a nice forum Anyway, my questions: 1) About components removal, if I select everything but SideShow (just an example), what would happen to the shortcut on the Start menu and most importantly to the shortcut and icon in the control panel? Would they still be there? If yes, what would happen when I click it? Once again with special interest in the control panel one. What about some other components? There's probably a bunch of references in the system to this and that and we are removing stuff that is supposedly to get installed, what will happen to this references? Will the system output errors or something like that? 2) I really want don't want to select a bunch of components as I barely use them, for instance, Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker (or something like that), I don't use them for the time being. But what if I want to use them later on, is this possible at all, to add them back in or there's no way to do it besides reinstalling everything? I believe I had a few more questions but I can't remember them right now...
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