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  1. clear b/c it's more legible than cursive.. ppl who always write in cursive just make me mad b/c you cant read their writing normally (doctors)
  2. ^^ paul weller is pretty good. but right now i am listening to ringing in my ears to do an epic 3.5hr Springsteen concert!
  3. i am assuming that it is a bios password since he said he set it through the bios, therefore clearing the cmos should do the trick. if it is indeed a hard drive password then that will require a bit more work..
  4. the earthwatts 430w is exactly what i would recommend. the rest looks good for a nice budget build.
  5. don't worry about sound yet, it's nice to have but not necessary. for $750 then definitely at least an i5
  6. panorama work, you need 12GB for that, haha. i use all 6GB when i do that and the computer comes to a halt. just an FYI, lightroom 2.5 still doesn't run perfect even on an i7, they are still working on the program. lightroom 3 should be smoother, i havn't really messed with that yet. no plans for GPU acceleration as far as i know. that AMD build is quite a great budget computer though, assuming you want to go AMD. and i find multiple monitors necessary for much of what i do (coding). as far as photography or photoshop i normally just use one monitor.
  7. it will definitely be worth it! i am so surprised that it is such a small price difference. the Xigmatek would be a great alternative as well. i have one of those running on a Q6700 just fine.
  8. that would work well ^ by the end of the year the i5 650/660/670 should be out, they will hopefully be overclocking beasts
  9. there is really no difference between ide and sata for dvd drives. i would recommend sata purely because a sata cable is MUCH smaller than an ide cable it is hard to go wrong on a DVD drive but here are some highly rated ones: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827151175 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827136144
  10. hmm, well you can't go wrong with XFX.
  11. actually it may not matter depending on the heatsink. what heatsink is it?
  12. i use XP only because there are no drivers for the board i need to connect to for coding assembly in vista/7.
  13. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforc...adeon,2274.html read this over
  14. but then he just gets into the cycle of the endless waiting game. it's all up to him on how badly he wants it right now.
  15. haha, i have a birthday party to go to tomorrow, so with i could bring a cake like that, it would be epic
  16. if you want crossfire then just go for a 5870. crossfire really is not necessary with these cards, they are so strong. i have a 24" lcd and with a 4870 nearly every game was maxed out fine. with your 22" and a 5850 or 5870 you should be able to play everything maxed out. if you have the money, just get a 5870, if you really think that you need crossfire down the road, then pick up another 5870.
  17. i think a cake is in store, happy birthday!
  18. actually i do not believe this has been asked yet on this forum. if you want an nvidia card you will have to look sometime in Q1, i think the latest news is late Q1 is most likely. there is no point in getting crossfire, get a 5850. what resolution are you using?
  19. im not sure, just throwing out a possible solution, run a cron job that randomly generates a string and then renames that file.

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