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  1. i am mainly comparing the time of xp vs vista and now vista vs windows 7 for xp vs vista the drivers were not compatible, for vista vs windows 7 nearly all are. yes the installation of drivers has been improved. i guess we all have a different opinion on what "much faster" is. it may also depend on the speed of the computer that it is running on.
  2. more recent ones: http://forums.creative.com/t5/Sound-Blaste...ING/td-p/534388 i used these for my auzentech card before drivers were available for it. they work very well.
  3. well to comment on your first point, keep in mind that by default windows does not show extensions so most users truly won't know i do think they said this just to keep things simple, they don't want to bother explaining things.
  4. where us that quote from? i am still amazed to hear people's complaints about vista. win7 is a little faster, not amazingly. driver support? win7 and vista use the same drivers.. and obviously win7 RTM is better than vista RTM since many bugs have been fixed since its essentially the same OS.
  5. http://www.hdtune.com/hdtune_255.exe post pictures of benchmarks using hdtune
  6. ha yes i recently saw one of those episodes as well, completely screwed up show.
  7. odd, so you have the latest BIOS and it doesn't seem to be the battery. i don't know what to say, hopefully someone will know.
  8. is this the only setting in the bios that changes after a cold boot? try changing another setting such as disabling the floppy drive and then turn off then on again, see if that changes.
  9. if its nvidia then anything with a number higher than 6600 should be faster.. how much are you willing to pay and from where do you plan on buying from?
  10. please report what i have asked of you so i can help to further diagnose the problem.
  11. or just dual boot a version of linux if you want to run linux.
  12. Go and watch that show right now, find an episode somewhere. I saw an episode earlier this year and was like, WTF how the hell did my parent let me watch this!
  13. actually its 3 for me, pictures ive taken too the software makes it so simple to do too.
  14. i use it only for the ability to have different wallpapers on each monitor.
  15. im using DisplayFusion http://www.binaryfortress.com/displayfusion/
  16. even better, get a hard drive and put it in a safety deposit box, haha. if you are going to build a new desktop, why not use your old desktop as the server?
  17. I just had a fun conversation with a friend. Basically come up with your dream band. The requirements are that all the members must currently be living and that none of them have been a part of the same band before. This is what I came up with: Vocals: Robert Plant Guitar: Eric Clapton Bass: Roger Waters Drums: Neil Pert Keyboardist: Rick Wakeman
  18. If you want safe, secure and reliable, don't rely on the hardware. Even the best hardware can catastrophically fail. For true reliability, you need multiple copies of your data in different physical locations. I'd consider setting up an inexpensive home NAS and duplicating your data off-site either by means of media or an online backup service. that would be great but its an added cost so if this will be a pure file server then go with FreeNAS or OpenFiler. they are pretty easy to use and use very low resources. what is your budget, $650?
  19. i have no idea what type of flames there are in there but i found it funny for ppl to go to the 9X forum only to flame like that, these people much have some serious issues to waste their time like that. Ubuntu is awesome btw it just doesnt run alot of the programs that i run daily unless i spend a lot of time trying to make it work. it would be nice to hear from mods regarding how much time/effort this is causing them. we have already heard from some.
  20. yes if you only want is as a fileserver then you could get away with some lower end parts and use FreeNAS or OpenFiler. if you have more plans for it then you may need something more powerful. so what exactly do you plan on using it for?
  21. well i am guessing that he has no security at all on this thing, or and old one which can be easily cracked assuming there truly is a hacker.
  22. is it a wireless router? if so, is the signal encrypted, if so which encryption? is mac address filtering enabled? when this problem is occurring try unplugging your ethernet cable or wireless card, that way if you are being hacked, there is no longer a way for him to get in. see if this solves anything.
  23. RAID6 is even better nick, have you made a decision on this yet?

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