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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16832136008 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UU5T7E/ref=as...ASIN=B000UU5T7E $40 is accurate.. GOTY is even more..
  2. i have that lian-li case, but without window, i like it why a new heatsink? you will gain like 1C maybe.. keep the HX620 until your next big build, it's a great psu my HX620 runs an i7 and 4850X2 just fine
  3. for my server i have OS on just a single drive on onboard then 8 drives on 3ware raid card in raid6. it works well i think
  4. If he can't explain why, sorry but I take that as a pointless statement. ya gparted will take an extremely long time when trying to perform actions on the first partition on a very full drive, it's ridiculous at times.
  5. well mixing storage and OS and games and programs is just a no no for me. that's my opinion i like to keep things separate as much as possible.
  6. near the center of the disk? you want it near the edge of the disk (the first partition). there are definitely risks such as if you lose power during the operation, the drive could fail under the heavy load it may be under. this process may also take a very long time. i would highly suggest just getting another smaller hdd purely for the OS and leaving your 1.5TBs to be purely storage drives. when you have this much data your #1 concern should be the safety of those files. so i wouldn't risk the integrity of those files by messing around with an OS on the same disk.
  7. i think there are enough bad cake pictures from me, happy birthday
  8. upgrade video card, yes. upgrade to SSD, if you want, i think it's a waste of money right now. no need to upgrade ram or motherboard, and why a new case? before you said next july, is that still what you are thinking? you make it sounds like you want to upgrade now..
  9. wow, if you're not planning on buying till july then don't bother looking now. it will just be speculation. i suggest getting a 5870 or one of the next gen cards as an upgrade for this year if you game alot. otherwise you are set, your cpu is still a great one.
  10. an i7 and a 5870 and 6GB of ram rly u need to give us a budget and timeframe
  11. well what do u want, full keys, slim keys? gaming, multimedia? price range? i am using a cheap logitech which has slim keys, i type much faster with slim keys.
  12. well you never really have to, even with xp, it just tends to be not worth it in the end. do the clean install, that is worth it. it really isn't that much of a hassle so please try not to worry about it.
  13. http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/examples/example_01.php there are many examples, click view source to see how it was done.
  14. if you have onboard sound then what motherboard do you have.? if you have a soundcard then what soundcard do you have?
  15. do run the memtest or maybe prime95 to test if the ram is stable. you may need to either decrease fsb, loosen timings, or increase voltage to make it more stable, assuming the sticks themselves are good.
  16. memtest will only be helpful when testing each stick of ram on its own. as you said its probably a ram problem so now identifying which stick is bad is the next step.
  17. your sound card should have some software that can adjust bass, treble, and can act as an equilizer it sounds like he has a better subwoofer though and it may be impossible to get as good of quality sound as it seems he has
  18. so you have 4 sticks of ram in? try running just 3 sticks in triple channel. if that doesnt work then try each stick by itself, one may be defective.

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