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  1. HARDWAREICON is not there. should i create it and if so what type of value shuld it b?
  2. i have firefox and it wont play background music, the site works fine in internet explorer so its not the code
  3. this might help but im not sure give it a look LINK
  4. umm.. u can get it retail, off the installation disk for xp
  5. you obviously have alot of windows problems may i suggest a clean install of xp?
  6. what did u use to slipstream it. i used nLite, took some time but it gives you and ISO image and then i used nero to burn it to cd and it worked great.
  7. are u able to go into ur BIOS and say to boot from a hard drive then select the one from the usb. or to make it easier you can burn to info from the usb hard drive to disc.
  8. do u mean that u have like 10 accounts and u only want for expample account1, account2, account4, account7, account9, and account10 to show-something like that? instead of having all of them so that ur logon scren looks like crap?
  9. if it is an OEM disk then u will not be able to install it on a different motherboard
  10. ya i did sliptremed sp2 into an xp retail cd a while ago and i did a clean install today and it worked great. takes so much less than installng both service packs again.
  11. the safely remove hardware icon that is in my taskbar is bugging me so much. no i dont want to hide. and no i dont want to remove it b/c its for my wireless card. so how do i get rid of this?? theres a program that i have that will do it but i have to click it each time i want it to go away b/c if i tell it to run on system startup it will run before the icon even comes up so it does nothing.
  12. ya ive done bootvis. and in msconfig i unchecked ccapp which is for norton and the comp only took about 2 min to load.
  13. i went into boot mode, took about a min to load. i disabled any program from starting up and it loads in about 2 min, NIS2004 must be the problem then but it hasnt been too bad untill lately, ide like to keep it but its slowing down the comp too much.
  14. Please explain this trick.... Tell us what you've prevented from starting up with it and what you have allowed to start up. How many processes are there running in your Task Manager? Is the 256MB RAM also running on board graphics? Oh and why put the biggest heap of bloated garbage onto your machine and then complain about speed! Take the Norton rubbish off your machine, and watch the speeds increase massively. the only thing that i am allowing to start up is norton internet security 2005
  15. yes all the installations ive done is called a "clean installation" its been working fine untill lately and my hd is defraged with diskeeper pro which is rly good and i havnt added any new hardware
  16. im most likely gunna get an additional 512 mb of ram for xmas
  17. i have xp pro sp2 256 mb ram 1.4 ghz proccessor my computer is taking way too long to load, its at leas 15 min till i can do anything and im not kidding. i know about all the tricks too: msconfig is the big one. its defraged and all of that stuff. norton internet security 2005 finnaly loads up 5 minutes after the rest of the computer is done loading. is there anything else that i can do? also i know about reinstallin windows, ive done it at least 10 times already but i wont have time for that for about a month, so plz help.

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