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  1. Share Folders in Windows 7 with XP

    Actually it is working now (by using the ip-addresses anyway \\ the windowsfirewall doesnt seem to be the problem. My router firewall has a Wireless-option calles "WMM" (nothing more) i enabled it an looked if it works, it works! ping and shares! I disabled it: Everything still works... >< i love this machines. That i cant access \\Win7 (like with the name and not by ip) is a NetBios-problem i guess which is caused by my Win7 using a couple of different static ips at the same time (new feature) so for some reason i think it screws up the netbios-name service or something.... if someone knows a solution just let me know
  2. Here is what i was trying: i right-clicked on the folder i wanted to share (C:\Users\Public) and chose Properties->Sharing->Advanced Sharing->Share this Folder->Permissions set to Everyone Access I also Changed Security Permissions to Everyone Access. When i now try to Access them from my XP-PC: "\\Win7 can not be found" I cant even ping from one pc to the other even though they are in the same network XP ( Win7 ( i can ping the gateway and get to the Internet from both I would be happy if the XP-PC would recognize at least \\Win7 then i could work from there... I guess the Windows Firewall (the only one i am using on Win7) could be the problem, but why doesn't anyone else have this problem then? (aren't they using the default win7-firewall settings?) Win7 is Windows 7 Professional WinXP is Windows XP Professional
  3. WinXP Pro: Restart == Reset?

    So i installed WinXP Pro on my new PC and i cant get it to Autologon with my main account or autostart some Programs at startup. It works for one restart, and then the Settings (Registry Keys) are gone... i have ruled out Firewall and Maleware-issues those are the specific registry-keys that seem to get reset: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "AutoAdminLogon"="1" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "Task Killer"="C:\\Programme\\Task Killer\\TaskKiller.exe" Anyone experienced this before? Thx in advance, if noone can help me i will just reinstall and hope the problem is gone...
  4. English help...

    It was related and i still dont get it. ------------ Late Answer caused by fresh install and not saved Firefox-Autofill-Passwords....
  5. English help...

    It was in one of my favorite series and i would like to know what it means.... The context was: Girl: "i am a big ol' 5" hope someone can tell me, google didnt
  6. i am looking for a Registry-Tweak-Tool, that lets me easily choose all kind of settings and then export them as a .reg-file anybody knows about that kind of Tool? or wants to program it
  7. WinXP and MUIs (SOLVED)

    So maybe my problem is not MUI-specific but it might be: When i need to logon, the keyboard is always in EN but my physical-KB is GER so i would like to change the default-layout for logon (or at least change it during logon). In all my accounts the default layout is GER but not on Logon... On the otherhand i have some experiences to share: after installing GER and FI mui on my ENG Windows, i was able to choose between GER and FI Dialogs but not ENG: Solution was to add "0409" to Entries here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\MUILanguages changeing the Logon-Language to ENG can be done like this: MUISETUP.exe /d 0409 google was my friend with the keyboard also here: HKEY_USERS\ .DEFAULT\ Keyboard Layout\ Preload was the wrong language..... changed it form 0409 to 0407
  8. Microsoft Download broken

    Thank you so much for the Information and the tip (awesome support here ) it worked now
  9. If anyone has time bandwith and a Virtual machine to test if this file: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en is broken, that would be grand I downloaded it 3 times and it always gives me a failure, if i extract it with 7-zip it gives me CRC failures.... someone pls try
  10. Just a small script wich u can use before you use a .reg file to later undo the changes: A cmd-Genius might want to correct some stuff and post it back here (but it worked for me): just start it, it will ask you wich reg-file to "secure" and where to save the backup of your registry @echo off cd "%~dp0" set /P regfile=Wich Regfile to parse? set /P bkpdir=Backup Subdirectory? for /F "eol=; delims= tokens=1" %%i in (%regfile%) do call :Parse1 %%~i echo step2 for /F "delims= tokens=1" %%j in (temp.txt) do call :Unique %%~j echo step3 set counter=1 if not exist ".\%bkpdir%" md ".\%bkpdir%" for /F "delims= tokens=1" %%l in (uniq.txt) do call :BKP %%~l if exist ".\temp.txt" del ".\temp.txt" if exist ".\uniq.txt" del ".\uniq.txt" goto:EOF :BKP set str=%* set bf=.\%bkpdir%\%counter%.hive reg save "%str%" "%bf%" > NUL IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (echo reg delete "%str%">> .\%bkpdir%\writeback.cmd) else (echo reg restore "%str%" ".\%counter%.hive">> .\%bkpdir%\writeback.cmd) SET /A COUNTER+=1 goto:EOF :Unique set str=%* if "%str%"=="" goto:EOF if exist .\uniq.txt goto Compare echo %*>> .\uniq.txt :Compare for /F "delims= tokens=1" %%k in (uniq.txt) do if "%%k"=="%str%" goto:EOF echo %*>> .\uniq.txt goto:EOF :Parse1 SET str=%* if not "%str:~0,1%"=="[" goto:EOF if "%str:~1,1%"=="-" goto BKP2 echo %str:~1,-1%>> .\temp.txt goto:EOF :BKP2 echo %str:~2,-1%>> .\temp.txt goto:EOF
  11. RegTweaks 0.4.2

    thx for all those RegistryTweaks. i sure aint a Codemonkey but i somehow managed to hack together a small ".cmd" that backups the state of the keys, that will get changed by a given ".reg"-file. Basically just making it possible to undo things changed by the ".reg"-file without having to backup the WHOLE registry. everyone can of course change and use it anyway they want. Link to .cmd code
  12. Desktop Icons Without Text

    http://herby.virtualplastic.net/files/SCCU1.08Setup.exe from the link you provided