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  1. Thanks for the replies. I went with godaddy. In addition, I had to get no-ip mail reflector for inbound smtp mail. Thank you comcast. Thanks for all your responses.
  2. Hi, Don't know if this correct area for this. I am looking for a decent domain registrar for a .com. I found a website that when you signed up for a domain you get a free basic website hosting. I forget the name, but if anyone has any better ideas. Thanks
  3. Hi, New user. I am currently updating my dns servers and everything is running smoothly except I cannot figure one thing out. I setup a secondary dns server in my environment using a VM with ESX Server and the secondary dns server is Server 2003. The problem is that when the primary dns server is not avalaible my clients do not roll over to the secondary dns server **Except for one XP client**. Even the secondary dns server with the static ip and static dns will not look to the secondary dns server after the first one times out. Though if i just set my secondary dns server as the first DNS it works fine... I have DHCP setup to include my second dns server and verified with several clients that it works. In addition, the weird thing is that only one XP client will rollover to the secondary dns server which is very odd. So I know this isn't a permissions issue... Furthermore, my Nameserver for the secondary dns is showing correctly, the transfer from the primary dns to the secondary dns seems to be ok no records are missing, I updated my Mail Exchange ip and the dns replication was fine. I am currently doing AD work so I had to rollover clients to my other server and set my dns to my secondary address and everything works fine. *My AD Server is a physical machine and not a VM* I have covered the internet and this forum and couldn't find an issue like this (though if there is one, please direct me to the correct link.) Round robin is enabled, I checked my MCSE books and everything seems to be setup correctly. The only thing I can really think of is either the use of a VM other than that I am confused. Also I know my secondary dns is working, due to I am currently browsing the internet with no nslookup but when I shutdown my secondary dns server I cannot browse the internet. Any help is appreciated Thanks

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