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  1. i'm accessing the site through a proxy ^ ^ should i pm you my the usual ip ranges i'm getting from my ISP ?
  2. http://msfn.org/ every link i click on , i get that error....
  3. I'm not on a domain , just using local Windows 7 homegroup netowkr , But I want to prevent users from changing the DNS from the network settings , i'm using OpenDNS to block certain websites currently the only way to do this is to switch their account into standard users and restrict the access via group policy editor but we have some program/applications that require administrative privileges maybe there are other ways to prevent them from changing it ? or maybe a program/software ? Thanks
  4. Hi i'm just wondering why my Net Provider is blocked out by msfn ? already tried requesting for different ip ranges but i still haven't been able to visit the site I would normally get the error [#2000] You are not allowed to visit this forum. Currently using another providers internet access btw my ISP is PLDT
  5. i got a spare 4gb flash drive and was wondering if it would be better to put Windows Page file/Virtual memory on it Or use Windows 7 readyboost feature?
  6. or if it exist is there any Local policies that can hide or prevent users from changing the primary and secondary DNS servers ?
  7. I'm not on a domain , just local homegroup network , and i want to prevent users from changing the DNS settings from the network settings , i'm using OpenDNS to block certain websites
  8. I just replaced my secondary harddrive with a new one ( 1TB WD SATA ) problem is that whenever i copy files from my primary drive to the new drive , it slows down overtime the transfer rate starts around 70-80mbps , will slow down to 30-40mb after 6-8 seconds.... and will drop down to around 5mb tried moving the new drive into another system with vista... and file transfer rate was fast already check for DMA settings and Write Caching
  9. i might get my copy in the next week or two , so currently i'm preparing i've read somewhere around that you can't upgrade from my existing Windows RC build , so i have to do a clean install so my question is how do i make a clean install without formatting the harddrive ? since i only got 1 partition , already moved all my important files to another directory/folder is there an option for just delete the current windows folder and program files folder ? and those registry / system restore files
  10. This Game Prototype keeps giving me errors that the game cannot run because it's being restricted because of it's ratings ( Parental Control ) but i removed the Parental control with Vlite , and every single game is ok so is there anyway to install Parental Controls ?
  11. Windows 7 takes around 30-40 secs before opening secondary Harddrive , it's full of media files but they have their own folders it seems that windows is analyzing something before opening it... yung can see a progress bar/indicator filling up on the explorer bar can we disable this ?
  12. I just checked my last session... and File and Printer services was removed from the installation... Question is how to install it ? aside from reinstalling / upgrade Windows
  13. I tried to uninstall File and Printer Services... and now i can't Install it back... if i tried to install it the LAN properties , the service is not there is there anyway to install it from the DVD Installer ? if your asking why did i uninstall it... i had a similar problem with my vista machine... was kinda stupid of me of doing this
  14. Guys i have a problem , my Vista doesn't have File Sharing services , i tried to add it manually on the Network Card properties... but it's not there , What feature did i remove using Nlite which caused this ? is there anyway to install it ? without reformating
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