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  1. Yep I reported this problem ages ago here; http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=65730 but recieved no comments, help, or people looking into it. It definitely needs looking at!!
  2. Sorry I entered the wrong title for this and can't change it in edit, perhaps a mod/admin can do so. I used my Nlite CD last nite which was done with RC5 and many add ons. I noticed that when ZoneAlarm was silently installing a a box appears at the bottom left of the screen which is the licence (probably fine) and an error box pops up saying something like "could not write to C:/documents". I'm sure it was a ZoneAlarm type window, it had the full layout, colours etc. that ZoneAlarm does. So is this it not being able to write or access something? ZoneAlarm doesnt enter a profile or anything in documents and settings, application data to my knowledge (hasnt before with normal install), and hasnt here. It appears to be working OK, but something somewhere probably isnt right, and its the only thing that makes the install un-attended, and holds the install up. Anyone else had this, know what it might be, have an idea how to fix it!?
  3. LOL hey I'm littered with smileys, please and thankyous, and other pleasantries - no problems here. No reason for that comment from mad mattx whatsoever, just plain rude. A nice guy would see that and apologise but I'm not holding out or bothered...one good thing came out of it, mad mattx took on board the information for addons with a polite notice in light of the comment.
  4. The list of add-ons has the mega pack which is huge, contains a lot of programs and codecs many users dont need or want, some of which even available as seperate add ons on the same list. Please add the Basic, Standard and Full Packs to enable users to choose what they need, which can be found here: http://www.free-codecs.com/K_Lite_Codec_Pack_download.htm Thanks.
  5. Shame, seems a bit pointless having to just turn a harmless feature on, just turn it on by default. Wonder if the dev might respond to a request along those lines...? Also, will it install as the default player? All I really want is a nice collection of codecs and such like this so the computer will play most formats, real player, quicktime, dvd's out of the box, but would rather have WMP deal with all, or at least the marority of media.
  6. Will this auto install and then play DVD's out of the box, but not be the default player? So it could play all those formats but mostly in Windows Media Player, not the built in player which is optional?
  7. I've got a couple of simple queries that although I think I might know the answer to, I cant be completely sure from reading everything. I basically just want to integrate a few windows critical updates and a few program add ons. I have all the add ons in one seperate folder, and hotfixes in another seperate folder. Do I keep these seperate from the XP installation files folder, and NLite integrates them in? Or do I move one or both of these into the add ons folder, or elsewhere within the installation files folder? Not 100% and would just like a quick response to be reassured. Thanks.
  8. I'm using 64x64! The start menu immediately cuts items off on the right panel, and items of the left that were previously shown disapear, causing this message too. Strangely with the latter, it should not. What the settings need to do is I would say automatically change the settings to cater for the new icons sizes. So with 32x32 perhaps 7 items should be set to show in the left panel of the start menu, with 64x64 its 5, and so on. (I've found doing this manually works). Or bypass the message for the left panel, as it should not really show as even without XPize windows just queues the entries in the start menu and doesnt show this message, so the same should apply here. On the right panel, the icons need to be rezised to the maximum they can go, rather than cut off items. This is actually the same as the file browser within programs. When in the open file box in a program, the items on the left such as My Computer, My Documents etc, are the new icon size, but as much as the bottom 3 are completely cut off. Here either the maximum icon size possible should be set, or the default size of that window needs to be set to be taller to cater properly. I see these as the best, easiest solutions to properly handling icon sizes and avoiding all of these problems in XP. On the last point all I can say is kudos to you, and do drop me a PM as to what come back you've had on it, and where you plan on taking this in the future. Particularly I'm interested as to whether you could consider building up some dialogue with Microsoft to perhaps get some or all of the icons in XP by default (for a price ;p) to better XP for every user out there. I think that would tremendously benefit the entire computing world, be something to be proud of, be recognised for it financially aswell as other.
  9. There's various scenario's when the start menu displays "Some items cannot be shown" with Xpize. I'll give some examples. With desktop icon size set to 64, the start menu will usually then display this because some items from the right pane are out of view or cut off (with network places and other entries set to show Run is shaved off a little, and goes with more items). With this one I believe it would be best to auto size all of the items so they can fit. This is better than warning the user, telling them how to fix it manually, or giving them options. For the left pane, many programs are taken out of view which causes the same message. I notice it can be fixed if in the start menu properties 5 or less items are picked to be shown. This one is a little odd. Without Xpize, removing items from the start menu generally then brings up another thats in the queue aswell anyway, so the exact same behaviour should happen here. There should be a fix, workaround or something. This needs to be explored and improved. I've only really noted this like with all posts to try and help with this great product. I'd like to ask Xpero and the many contributors, how many hours do you spend on the project on average per month say, and do you get any come back financially or otherwise? This is a terrific project, should be the default XP, has this been approached? Put it to Windows, we've updated all the icons, made XP look 10x better as it should anyway, and done all the work for you. Wana encorporate it for a price and include it on all Xp's so all users benefit etc!? Really think this should be approached for the benefit of all computer users! All the best, great project, love the latest release 4.1, improvements being made in all the right places
  10. Yes its exactly what Zxian has linked. Nothing like the original windows icons, not based on them, not an improvement of them, and its all together confusing, ugly and conflicting with other control panel, manufacturer power icons. I've still got a release of Xpize with the blue X back round log in screen instead of the Windows XP logo. I'd like to update to this latest one but will not if it ruins my power icons. I have a Toshiba, like many laptops it has its own Power preferences, and icons, so its even worse to change them. In light of that, I think this power icon area is a can of worms and should be left alone. Leave the original icons (be they windows or manufacturers) alone. At very most enhance the windows ones a little, closely based on the originals.
  11. I've said this before but well done again to Xpero and all those whom have made XPize such a great thing for so many people. I just installed the latest version on my girlfriends new laptop and was pleased that the boot up screen with the blue X has been removed, and returned to the default Windows XP screen. On another more mild tip of things being changed, I've noticed the taskbar icon entries for power statuses have been changed by xpize, to be very different and as a result almost un recognisable. Previously there was a nice graphical plug sign for AC power, which has been replaced with a white box. Its totally different, not a graphical or otherwise improvement, and is inconsistent with the control panel icons, and what the user is used to. Therefore request this too be returned to the original windows power icons, or perhaps a graphical improvement based on it. Many thanks.
  12. But is NET framework still definitely appearing in Windows Custom update? If not then there's gona be alotta people not getting it, or not even realising they need it for anything. Regardless, can the XPize settings.exe not say, NET Framework 1.1 is corrupt, or needed to be installed in order to run this program. Then provide a link?
  13. Thank's that's done it. I installed every possible thing from windows custom update last week, and I was sure like before it included NET framwork. Either it did and thats installed over it and fixed it. Or I was not prompted / Windows custom update no longer displays NET framework, so you have to manually go find it (which clearly most general users aren't going to do)!?
  14. I dont know which, how do I find out, and how do I un-install it?
  15. Congratulations on getting this so far, and so good Xpero. This is definitely how XP should have been released, or at least how XP versions should be now, after all this time. Looking at how much you and a few others have achieved, it's incredible considering MS haven't managed it, they obviously can't be bothered, thank god someone can! Much respect! To the masses and beyond with full release of v4
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