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  1. Can any one supply kind of guide on these two ....I know CNAME and A record but this two are new to me and i need a good concept on this two in my workplace.I did exchange server during my MCSE boot camp but my company uses Mercury32 for local mail and qmail on the internet side, it uses some kind of fetch mail which is new to me .....any explanation is welcomed. Regards Kambui
  2. How to Add program to Meun?

    can the browse option be added in the "send to" menu
  3. browse option in the right click(on any file) send to menu I was wondering that may be somebody can tell me .....I think it can be done registry editing perhaps !!
  4. yes ....I found this out too .....I wanted to download Firefox as I couldn't find the setup ...IE never loaded the page...all other sites were fine......I had my back end and downloaded Fox from a Ftp host...now stop That IE!!
  5. Rise of Nations - Rise of Legends

    I think the expansion will run in systems where the original ..ran smoothly....I was waiting for this one....loved the original
  6. hiding open ports

    I have a router based Internet connection.....believe me you can't rely on NAT and its firewall .....you still need some ordinary firewall for complete protection in a windows system
  7. Best Peer-to-Peer Software

    Azureus-for torrent emule -for ed2k limewire-forguntella pretty simple huh
  8. MSFN's Official Free Software List

    everybody missed one thing ....i know this is MSFN (Microsoft a big part in it) what about linux it is an open source O/S and no one said that this was only about application software so linux must ge in the list. and some browsers are also there
  9. tally 8.1 + yahoo pop3 server

    Well I can answer one of his question ......yes tally 8.1 is available i have it!!!!!! but you will have have to pay Rs 7500 for it........I have my own license you can get yours here : Tally and you yahoo thing ...i didn't get it bro
  10. Can anyone tell me where can i find the matrix screensaver...........Just the screensaver not the theme.....plzz any one the link?
  11. No sir, Firewalls are not stupid ......It actually helps....and about your problem.....it is because downloader iin your os is corrupted......I had this same problem ......Try to get a fresh copy of the os.....or use external downloading agent
  12. Hey guys good to back .....after a long break........many things have changed around here.....I was just browing through pages and was suprised to see that MS office 12 is launched......didn't get the details.....any one heard about it can furnish me a little bit... by the way its good to be back
  13. BitTorrent Client Comparison

    This Is reaaaaaallllly Helpful.But the result is nothing but just another proof that Azureus is the best.
  14. Win xp themes

    no it does not have .theme file (
  15. Installing Windows XP from a hard drive

    all this talking looks good but what do you know i install my winxp from my HD always its easier and faster but i have the original xpvol edition. this is how i do it 1)copy the entire xp cd in a hadrdisk folder and the boot my system with a bootable Ms DOS disk then i run the setup from there it is as simple as that 2) it works for me i hope this will work for any one having the original windows xp volume licenced edition