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  1. Do you remember me?

    well i'm probably going to dissapear again now, and come back later. like i said, im very busy.
  2. Do you remember me?

    wow, i should leave again, everyone pays more attention to me when come back
  3. Do you remember me?

    and you still let him be an admin??? what is the world coming to??? although the zebra might have something to do with the b&w monitor and the beer i have to go now, i should be back soon, but im pretty busy these days.
  4. Do you remember me?

    b&w, as in black and white?
  5. Do you remember me?

    i just needed some time away, this form is very addictive
  6. Do you remember me?

    Welcom back Micropocalypse! It is now Jun 27 2003, 02:19 PM Your last visit was on -- There has been 39568 posts in 5244 topics since your last visit thats a lot of new posts Hmm old sig, with link to old rules.
  7. MOHAA bug/cheat

    well thatl come in handy:D
  8. BIG XP problem!!!

    no you wont.
  9. Is floppy drive an endangered species?

    i cant survive without them. also scsi beats usb and firewire:D
  10. MSFN voting pic

    your way is good to:D
  11. Upgrade or full?

    if you already have two partions or two harddrives though, you can convert one to ntfs without loseing data
  12. How can I do?

    disable the welcome screen
  13. NTFS problem with directory

    do you have show hidden files and folders enabled? go view - folder options - view - there should be a list of options, under Hidden files select "show all files"
  14. 2 annoyances with WinXP

    point taken:cry
  15. MSFN voting pic

    you could have done this (remove spaces inbetween [ and url and [ and img) [ url=http://www.winxptop.com/winxptop/rankem.asp?id=79] [ img]http://xp.modrica.com/enter/topsites.gif