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  1. But, Sorry, Isnt there a program has similar funktion to Resource Hacker that support 64bit.....have you tryied to search about that..? Thanks
  2. Great, Work....Now Xpero do u have any plans about support to winxp X64 pro?!, I have only winxpx64 and Iwant Xpize could u start thinking about it please Thanks Very much B)
  3. salamaza

    XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    I witch It could Support win x64, iam useing it now and i cant test it ,Iknow xpero cant do so much about it.
  4. 1.2???, I use XPize 4.0 MCE BETA 2
  5. Hello Xpero, You should take a look at this.... When i write ipconfig or ipconfig/all i get this error, just take a look: it looks like the system dont "know" this command anymore. (this command i use to see the ip and alot of other details...I know i can show them from another way..but this should be fixed ....)
  6. I have the Same after i had Xpize for a week it was fine..then i got this...But No problem At all, You Can disable it easly... Just Right Click in "My Computer"->"Properities"->"Hardware"->"Device Manager"->open the "Network Adaper" thing (click on the +) find the Network device you want to disable, Right click on it->"Disable" ..that Works Nice for me.. Yours
  7. hmm read his post one more time.... pass = itsme_4ucz@MFSN
  8. Nice Work Xpero.. Idont Really find Critical bugs...works nicly and stable...only this time zone picture..whitch you fixed , Nice works! B)
  9. salamaza


    Xpize Creates Restore Point..so i think you can roll back everthing back to how it was before installing Xpize... yours,
  10. hello, Where can i find the "Xpize Settings" for changing size of icons & spacing..I sow that in the pic Xpero Posted in a topic.. thanks,
  11. oh... ok i hope Xpero looks more in to x64 bit thing .. , anyway ...thanks very much for the info and by theway what is "resource hacker" ,you mean this UTXtheme.dll(or something like that) patch thing?
  12. First, Thanks for you fast answer sec, What is "slipstream" and how to do it? 3rd, will it be stable if i do what you suggest 4th, will there be x64 bit support officialy by Xpero's Xpize uAE? ( in the future) 5th , can i use the regular Xpize (not uAE) with x64 Thanks very much
  13. Hello, Iam New And i like this project very well, Very nice design and Color .. thanks xpero... My Q is can i Just Intergrate the Xpize uAE with Windows x64 bit Using nLite?, Will it works nicely? Thanks,

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