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  1. Now i know all necessary files to run Desktop propertiesMake sure that these files are in system directory CFGMGR32.DLL DESK.CPL DESKCP16.CPL LZ32.DLL OLECLI.DLL OLESVR.DLL SETUPAPI.DLL SYSTHUNK.DLL SYSCLASS.DLL I have the same problem What registry entried did you change to make your drivers work?I still have problems with graphic and sound driver If you can help me... There are other files that are essencial to OS: Riched32.dll If you don`t want to install directx, you can place these files and have Directx advantages without install it Ddhelp.exe Dxapi.sys Ddraw.vxd Dsound.dll Ddraw.dll
  2. To Mindows Creator:After install Mindows i saw some problems that i`ll try to give some ideas to solve it I did a list with missing Mindows files that are necessary to make new programs run without problems: Wow32.dll Oleacc.dll Msoss.dll Crypt32.dll Oledlg.dll Msvcrt20.dll Olepro32.dll Riched20.dll Mfc42.dll Msvcp60.dll Msacm32.dll You could add that last version of these files. Not being necessary to register. The problem with www.windowsupdate.62nds.com service was happening because a missing file called wow32.dll You could add updated version of the following files too: Wininet.dll Shlwapi.dll Urlmon.dll Url.dll I didn`t find a solution to this problem: 1- After install graphic driver, and sound driver nothing happens, doens`t work Still doesn`t work
  3. Hi, I really think Mindows a great project, but i`m having some problems 1- I can`t start Desktop Properties even with the 4 files placed in System directory desk.cpl setupapi.dll olesvr.dll olecli.dll 2- I installed my graphic driver, but nothing happened. Maybe because Desktop Properties 3- I can`t use the www.windowsupdate.62nds.com service With Mindows If someone knows how to solve this problem please reply the message Thanks
  4. Hi all I have the same problem of amorf. I tried to run TaskSwitchXP www.ntwind.com and i received this error: The program is inteded to run only under 2000/XP too. i got the file copied from winxp but it didn't work too. Please do this!!!
  5. Hi Recently i bought a camera: Sony Cyber-Shot 3.2 Mega Pixels DSC-P32. With Windows XP, the camera was recognize, but on Windows 98 was not recognized. So i tried to install Maximus Decim Native USB ver.2.2. But nothing changed, The same message appear, "searching for a driver" I would like to know if it's possible Win98 recognize the camera like WinXP. Just a curiosity; Is it necessary to have SYSTRAY.EXE file in windows\system?
  6. It's a Revolutions Pack problem. Tihiy said that he will try to fix the problem.
  7. I don't know why this error is happening, but since 2.0 i have the same problem. I don't believe 2.20 it's bugged, i think i'ts some problem on my OS, but i'm not sure. My OS is: Win98SE without: (Internet Explorer "many directX files" Msn Messenger, Windows Media Player, etc) Packs: All Win98SE updates, 98SE2ME and Revolutions Pack.
  8. Program Protector is a great program. Page: http://www.blumentals.net/protector/
  9. Hi all Recently i downloaded Everest Ultimate 2.20. But always when i go to Operation System, processes i receive a error like in the screenshot. Sometimes in module Dibeng.dll too. Anyone has the same problem??? With WinME it doesn't occur this error. Works ok
  10. What is the best Kernel32.dll for Win9x? Many people say that WinMe has many bugs, others say that Win95 it's the Win9x OS that has less problems, but the most people prefer Win98. eventually, what is the best kernel32.dll for Win9x? Is it possible to replace for example kernel32 in Win98 by WinMe or Win95 kernel? What others files are necessary to replace?
  11. Hi people Recently i'm having a problem with these applications: "Emule, bbLean" and this file: "Dibeng.dll" SYMPTOMS: Always when i close Emule i receive a error saying that bbLean caused a error in dibeng.dll and sometime in gdi.exe After the error it's necessary to restart the OS or open bbLean another time. Until now i only reported this error with Emule Recently i found a microsoft support page that say about a similar error, but that occur with Age of Empires game. But whare is the patch???????? Page: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=261873 If someone reported the same error, and know how to solve this problem, please post here.
  12. Hi I would like to know if a new file for example shellxp.dll will be created with KernelXP project. If the answer is yes , i hope will be possible to run all programs with Win95 shell32.dll without problems. With RP 4.0 programs can be patched with Program Compatibility Wizard. I will wait Tihiy answer if will be possible or no.
  13. Hi ssmokee This 98Lite patch, only modify Explorer.exe from Windows 95 to work with Win98 shell32.dll. Windows 98 shell32.dll continue as default.
  14. Reason why i prefer Win95 shell32.dll in Tihiy Revolutions Pack: Win95 shell32.dll run faster Win95 shell32.dll doesn't have IE core Many people are completely removing IE from Windows 98, so RP with WinME shell32.dll make many functions missing, like: 1- Find command doesn't work and many others that i'm not remembering
  15. Hi os2fan2 This 98lite patch doesn't put Win95 shell32.dll as default.

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