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  1. which PC is trying to share the printer? Do you have another PC of the same OS that you can check to see if it's a Vista to XP problem or something else?
  2. have you checked the event log for more info? did you upgrade all the drivers and such?
  3. ah, ok have you read this yet? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System
  4. most of the time, you don't have to worry about touching the name servers or dealing with them in any way. If you go with a decent host, http://www.msfnhosting.com/ for example, they allow an unlimited number of subdomains (ftp.example.org), and they'll worry about the IP addressing for you. Some will allow you to make additional entries into the DNS server, but it isn't required. hope that addresses your question
  5. rendrag


    winamp has a free version. If you don't like it, or find it too difficult to use, then you may remove it from your computer
  6. does it only happen on your individual machine, or is it any machine on the network? have you run anti-spyware software as well?
  7. i don't know... the deal is through newegg. 231 review, 75% give it a 5 out of 5 sounds legit
  8. Forum Rules: this is not the site to ask that question
  9. I use a Cables-To-Go 4 port USB KVM switch at my desk in my office (which is also my test lab). Works nicely, has 3 USB ports right on the front of it so I can access my flash drive from any computer I'm using at the moment, or use a USB keyboard and/or mouse using a KVM to pass audio though has a tendency to really degrade the quality of the sound if that's something you care about. I think IOgear makes a 4-port KVM w/ audio and USB *edit* http://www.iogear.com/product/GCS1734/
  10. i'm pretty certain it's based on your XP edition, not CPU, so use the 32-bit version
  11. i'm not super good at linux, but i'm pretty certain that if you're getting a IP, that means the DHCP request from your network card is timing out. Really stupid question: When you're connecting to the router, you're going from a NIC on your PC to one of the 4 LAN ports on the back of the router, correct? You're not plugging into the WAN port, are you? The WAN port should be empty until you get working firmware on the device.
  12. that assumes it's a PC, and assumes it accepts remote desktop sessions.
  13. You've successfully flashed firmware from linksys to hyper-wrt, so I'm sure you know what the process entails. i guess it's possible the router has been bricked. http://www.barik.net/archive/2004/12/03/220751/ http://www.thenorth.com/apblog4.nsf/0/668D...52570A400535F16 http://www.google.com/search?q=unbrick+lin...lient=firefox-a
  14. when i've run into probs on my v4 router, usually holding in the reset button for 30s "fixes" whatever i broke. in any event, hopefully someone else has an idea. my next step would probably try to upgrade directly to linksys firmware. if you can get that installed, then i'd try flashing to tomato. going from 1 3rd party firmware to another has never really sat well w/ me.
  15. what are you flashing to? you may have to do the full reset again, then try to flash the firmware
  16. highly unlikely... did you get it directly from their site, or from somewhere else?
  17. so right now, what do you have? do you have a web interface and no internet, or do you have no interface and no internet? if you have an interface, upgrade to linksys firmware first, then if you want, upgrade to dd-wrt (many people's choice) or tomato (many other people's choice). If you have no interface and no internet, did you do the reset where you hold the reset button in for 30s w/ the power cord disconnected?
  18. if you can't get to a secret partition, just find the model on their site and it should allow you to download all the drivers for it
  19. you might have a corp key for a retail install or vice versa... you might have to uninstall what's there and re-install off the new disk
  20. create a shortcut with the following location: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office<insert version number here>\OUTLOOK.EXE” outlook:contacts i.e. I have office 2007, so to link to my contact list, here's the shortcut I'd create "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE” outlook:contacts
  21. in IIS, go to the properties of the sharepoint webserver. Make sure the home directory is pointing to the correct location, and also make sure under the Documents tab that Default.aspx is listed.
  22. yeah, like Arie said, unless you know exactly what files pinacle is looking at, there's no way to know what you'd need to change. pinacle would have to tell you.
  23. get a prosumer class router as cluberti suggested (sonicwall, watchguard, even the gaming router by D-Link might suffice). That'll handle your main networking tasks, like DHCP, QoS, etc... when you say you want to filter/ban MAC's, does that mean when someone tries to connect a PC to this network you want to have the DHCP server check to see if that MAC should be allowed an IP? What's the purpose of this? Wouldn't the banning built into whatever game you're going to play suffice? Banning at that level also wouldn't stop anyone from just assigning themselves a static IP in the local space and operating normally. as far as server goes for the game, I'd look at a quad-core (depending on the number of games you want to run simultaneously) server by Dell, HP, etc... load up with as much RAM as you can. If you can run all your software on a x64 based system, get at least 4GB if not more. Windows Server 2003 Standard would be fine for an OS. You'd really only use it to host the game software, and maybe file sharing with latest game-specific releases should you desire. You could also see if this would be helpful http://sourceforge.net/projects/lansuite
  24. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/n...t_august13.mspx probably the easiest site i've seen on how to set up shared files. I imagine you have specific folders of files you'd want to share, so located those folders and follow the steps above good luck
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