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  1. is there any way to remove the built in 7 drivers, like can i use vlite and see if the bundle drivers in 7 is causing an issue?
  2. My System Specs: http://shof515.com/mycomputer.txt Why is Windows 7 so slow on that computer? I have it installed on a partition, in which the installer took close to about 2 hours to finish up. After that, it takes about 5-10mis to go from bios post to the desktop. Another 4-5 mins to open up any kind of applications or the start menu. Whenever i click on something, weather it is the desktop icon or the start glob, the cursor changes to the busy icon Whats strange, is when i boot onto the partition into Vista my computer flies with no issues or any kinda of lags like what i see in 7. Another odd thing, on that vista partition is vmware. Using vmware, i virtually installed 7 and had no installer or useage problems like what i am noticing on the main 7 partition. windows 7 x64 build 7057
  3. can you please uplaod it somewhere, i cant find it anywhere
  4. I cant use vlite because the wim filter is missing. I tried downloading the waik, so i did but i cant installed it because it is asking to input the original disc in my drive. I tried mounting it using deamon tools, but it gets half then the mount gets disconnected. I tired extracting the .img file so i can run the installer within the folder on my desktop but says to put disc in
  5. whats strange is when i just slipstream sp3 my key works. But when i remove components, i get that invalid key
  6. I was able to slipstream service pack 3 on my sp2 xp cd, however when i try to install it i get a The Product ID you enter is not valid. Is this is a problem with the service pack 3 or nlite? It dont make sense since usually service packs dont require a separate key since my key works works fine its service pack 3 build 5508 if that helps
  7. it happens only on the wireless network. The computers are are hard wires into a lan work fine
  8. I am at college right now, and i have a bit odd problem both me and the tech guys are unable to understand. Anytime you try downloading any file like aim,firefox,etc you get this issue: High security alert!!! You are not permitted to download the file "name". URL = any one whats the cause of it? I removed my anti virus (nod32) and disable windows firewall
  9. Using the Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008, will be able to slipstream into an vlite install? more info/download: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  10. Anyone know how to integrate this software into my nlite?
  11. shof515

    xp x64

    I got it now, when i removed 1.3.5 there was still some things left behind. After doing a full uninstall and reinstall of i now get Current: Unsupported under the tcp/ip patch
  12. shof515

    xp x64

    i downloaded the other versions and they all contain the tcp ip patch i guess i cant use nlite on my sp2 x64
  13. shof515

    xp x64

    If i dont apply the tcp/ip patch, everything will be fine? ..where can i find 3.4.0, the latest one i can find is 1.3.5 and yes, it is SP2
  14. shof515

    xp x64

    It seems that while i select the DHCP Functionality to be keep during removing of the componets. It still seems that some components still get uninstalled and prevents network connection. So im wondering, when using DHCP, which componets should be left alone? The odd part is that when i use my x86 xxp cd and just select the keep DHCP functionality, everything works fine
  15. I installed Windows 98 SE in Virtual Machine 2007 since i was wanted to play a couple of games. After downloading this from softpedia, i get this error: Archive Intergtiy check failed. The setup file is not complete.

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