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  1. Has anyone tried backporting the taskbar from win7, possibly from the RC/beta preview? That and the calculator are about the only features from win7 I care for. I suppose I could crack the version stamps on a retail win7 version, but no use reinventing the wheel, eh? Wonder if they were recycling the class from the start menu for that...
  2. Thankfully never saw it before. Guess these people don't realize that people on these forums have found ways around the issue. Lament. Crazy that. You could always go out of your way to complain and explain the situation, but chances are that won't work out well. Haters gotta hate.
  3. One problem with the debug builds versus the official one is that folders are not automatically refreshing. This does cause problems if you forget to Ctrl+R after renaming a file or directory, since it uses the old name to do the lookup. This happens both on my old box and under virtual console, and this doesn't happen when reverting to the old 4.5 release. Otherwise, the system thread concept is very good, and I like the increased compatibility.
  4. The registry has an entry to the folder. Files are searched for in the directory. Some programs load dependancies based on a file name pattern, such as "NPSWF32*.DLL", then load the highest-ordered search result. Chances are rather high that the original NPSWF32.DLL is being overridden by the .dll with the most recent patch date and version. (That said, they could also use it for base shared functions, but it isn't likely.) This is all part of a program distribution model aimed at rapid, common patching. It's certainly wasteful, taking more disk space and bandwidth than simply patching files. That said, replacement is faster and more foolproof; they don't need to concider things like permissions, read-only access, running programs, or unloading resources. It just works the next time the program is loaded. Plus, if they do need a regression you probably already have the file.
  5. On the subject, doesn't Microsoft use a namespace extension to mush together the many actual folders that compose the 'temporary internet files' virtual directory? If that were the case it could probably be hacked to permit any folder to do the same kind of thing in the case it reached filename capacity.
  6. Thanks! Works great, and solves a stack of other annoyances.
  7. I know in Vista you could get away with having multiple shell entries named "runas" so long as they were sequentially-numbered; i.e.: runas(2), runas(3), etc. However, when trying to merge this reg entry from Vista the runas(2) is ignored: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\RunAs] @="&Uninstall" "HasLUAShield"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\RunAs\command] @="regsvr32 /u \"%1\"" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\RunAs(2)] @="&Install" "HasLUAShield"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\RunAs(2)\command] @="regsvr32 \"%1\"" So, is there some other method to it, or is a workaround required?
  8. I'd like to know if there's some existing capacity for different variations of formats already supported by Universal Extractor. In particular, say you have a file that's .z compressed. The two-byte header is altered slightly, and the CRC is not included. Is there a method to automate reading this type of file? For that matter, if only the compressed data was included (no filesize, CRC, org.name, etc.) is there a way to read such a file as well?
  9. Finished up a port of the XP theme RVWoodwork. Its passable, but the window buttons are still bleh. http://two.xthost.info/zoinkity/Windows/Themes/Woodwork.rar Preview image is attached to this post. +_+ Oh, incidentally, there's a weird little glitch in the skinning engine. If you select the "help" button and hold or click on the window frame, the original unskinned buttons appear. It can also happen if you right-click a window caption, though it immediately corrects itself.
  10. This may be useful for those people who use stuff cross-platform, like USB stick drives. Folder icons have stuck around from the win9x era all the way to Vista, but it seems no two versions expect the same thing. Here's the sure-fire way to ensure that your icon will be visible on every version. +_+ First, set both the "system" and "read-only" flags for the folder you're changing the icon from. To set the system flag you'll need to open a command window and type in something like this: attrib "FOLDERNAME" +s The system flag is required by win9x, but read-only is required by NT versions. Next, create a file inside the folder called "desktop.ini", traditionally set as system and hidden although this is questionably required. Here's a sample of what one should look like: [.ShellClassInfo] IconFile=notepad++.exe IconIndex=0 IconResource=notepad++.exe,0 "IconResource" is Vista's means of finding icons and doesn't work XP and below. They expect the "IconFile" + "IconIndex" lines. If there is only one icon in the file, you can use just the IconFile line. In both of these examples it is included anyway. You can also use relative paths. Remember the path is from the current folder, so if there was an icon PopEye.ico in the directory above, you would type this: [.ShellClassInfo] IconFile=..\PopEye.ico IconIndex=0 IconResource=..\PopEye.ico,0 =_= Like any desktop.ini, you can also tack in other features such as InfoTips, set shell extensions, and other such nonsense, with varying degrees of sucess depending on what version you're using.
  11. JNES, a relatively-decent NES/Famicom emulator, installs and runs if you set to win2000 or higher. http://jabosoft.com/?articleid=96 Note, with the most recent release I had to select any language but english to avoid a fatal error. If you want english, use the ??? setting just above it, which is most likely default. +_+ Also, the newest GIMP (2.4.6 or something like that) does install but pops up a wonderful error screen filled with little square placeholder boxes. Maybe it doesn't like unicows?
  12. !? Sure, Gimp 1.x works without the extension, but what's the lastest 2.x version that still works? Wasn't GTK+ an issue?
  13. Ah, so that's it. Well, concidering my BIOS allows you to mash the ESC key to select the boot drive, it doesn't seem worth the effort to do anything intricate. Thanks for the explaination though.
  14. Here's the original (aka boring) Microsoft Watercolor schemes. Just to warn, they are very minimalistic. Comes in Blue, darker blue, green, grey, red, yellowish, and purple. Watercolor.rar

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