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  1. I need a new HTPC since I have FiOS and my 2-year old daughter broke my current pc (how, I have no idea). And since I have FiOS w/ DVR, all I would need this new system to do would be to serve as a front end to play DVDs stored on my home-built NAS and any local DVDs (Blu-Ray option?) people happen to bring over. That means I don't need a big hard drive or a super powerful processor. I would love to build something the size of my Wii that could do all that. Anyone have any experience building something using the mini-ITX form factor? Are there any websites or resources to look at other than www.mini-itx.com? I'm also considering the possibility of network booting so I wouldn't even need a hard drive in this system. Is there any benefit to that? I couldn't find any online resources for network-based booting (probably wasn't using the correct search words) so if I prefer MCE 2005 because I'm used to it and I like it, but what are people's experiences with MythTV compared to MCE? Anyone have any suggestions for a good build? I know via puts out little systems for use in really small computers, but I don't know what their processing capabilities are as far as handling Hi-Def DVDs and streaming video. I have heard good early reviews of intel's G45 chipset, so that's an option as well. Your assistance is appreciated as always
  2. just picked this game up... absolutely fantastic. Though the line and distance of sight for the various rooftop guards isn't so realistic (I can seem them, but they can't see me), interacting with the general populace is such an immersive experience vs the standard dumb NPCs in various games. I've only completed the 1st 2 missions (Damascus and Acer), but I'm really having a lot of fun. Frame rate seems to drop pretty drastically when I sync to a viewpoint, but other than that the game flows flawlessly.
  3. it's easily achieved in office 2007. From the signatures section, on the right hand side of the window you can choose the default signature for each configured account.
  4. are you using exchange or pop3?
  5. you're paying a pretty penny for those projectors, and there's a lot more to consider over a traditional TV. Ambient lighting is a major concern because is projecting an image instead of just displaying one, so the darker the room the better. Washing out the image is such a snap and it doesn't take a lot of light to do it. as mentioned, the bulb burnout. as i understand it, the bulbs should be good for a few thousand hours (5k iirc), and they're not cheap to replace. if you have the money, it displays a big picture that's very detailed, so it's not a bad way to go if you can
  6. there needs to be a DNS entry that points "intranet.domain.com" to whatever your internal IP is. A big problem will occur if someone else registers that expired domain. Your best bet is just changing the name of your intranet site to a valid domain and making that adjustment in your DNS server
  7. if the ports are blocked by your school's firewall you're not going to be able to fix that unless you know the school's network admin and can convince that person otherwise. you might be able to get utorrent working if it supports ssh or some other kind of secure communication (that type of communication is typically used in online webstores and as such wouldn't be blocked). It probably violates your school's terms of service, but read your specific school's documentation regarding that
  8. honestly, the 1500w power supply is way overkill. The one thing most people overestimate on is their expected watt usage. I'm not saying to buy a cheap PSU, I'm just saying you don't need a 1.5KW power supply. just for comparison, the rig in my sig including monitor, speakers, modem and router consumes 255 watts. That means my PC probably consumes 210 or less. You might be at around 225 given your CPU. skip the physx card until it picks up major mainstream support besides the latest UT game. other than that, you look good
  9. don't forget though... Tomato won't monitor what particular machine is soaking bandwidth (correct me if I'm wrong gamehead). If you wanted to measure at the port level, you'd need some higher end hardware.
  10. since you haven't defined how far into the future your move to Vista will be (if ever), I'd recommend you buy the 2GB of faster RAM and take advantage of that now, and then if you do move to Vista x64, you could purchase 2GB more if you feel you need it.
  11. 20Mbps FiOS coming in to their branded Modem/Router -> WRT54G v3 with DD-WRT firmware (I gave the WRT a static external IP, which their device has been set to DMZ)-> 1 wireless laptop 1 24 port Gigabit switch Netgear 24 port GB switch (located in my basement office) 2 Desktop PC 1 APC Smart-UPS Battery Backup 1 4x250GB RAID 0+1 DIY NAS 1 print server 1 8 port GB switch (located upstairs) Netgear 8 port GB switch (stored behind my TV) 1 Media Center PC 1 Nintendo Wii 1 APC Smart-UPS Battery Backup
  12. does your event viewer in Vista tell you anything?
  13. what kind of information are you looking to extract from this monitoring?
  14. can you post a screenshot of your database diagram? it seems like you would need a "reserved date" table, or something similar that you could run a query against, that for a certain car (or any car depending on the requirements of the project) which dates have been used up out of the total date list.
  15. yes - through ICS, which as you noted, can't be done with Lan -> Wireless
  16. guess you don't need us some ISP's will block incoming requests for port 80, so you might need to change the port that IIS is working on if you run into that problem
  17. http://www.jacobsen.no/anders/blog/archive...outer_only.html that might work for the Linksys (i don't know what internet provider you have) I doubt you want to use the linksys or netgear as a switch only... most internet providers only allow one MAC address to access a particular connection at a given time (and many will refuse the connection if the MAC address on file does not match what is currently connected).
  18. 1. are you trying to remote desktop to a server or PC? 1a. what OS version etc..? 2. what exactly happens when you click 'connect' from the RDC window? i.e. I receive an error message that states "X"
  19. most of the solutions i found cost money except for the MS software. is there a particular reason you don't want to use steady state, or are you more interested in just seeing what's out there?
  20. forgive me as I haven't used Vista in great amounts yet, but if you open up whatever the Network Neighborhood is called in Vista and you see the XP machine there and you attempt to open it, what exactly happens? this just popped into my head to... you don't have AP isolation enabled on that router do you? If I understand the technology correctly, that would basically put Vista out on it's own island, and while it will probably be able to see other systems, it can't access them. have you tried hooking vista up via a cable to see if it acts any differently?
  21. welcome to the community let us know how you make out with it. I was searching for something similar for my home network, and this looks promising
  22. i believe for all day events under the "Show As" section, that is what color codes the day. The event must be an all day event however
  23. do you have a section labeled "My Calendars" somewhere in the Navigation section (left hand side)? If you do and you click it, what happens?
  24. Assuming you've set up the sharing on the printer, do you have any other firewalls running (ZoneAlarm, Outpost, Kapersky, etc..)? If so, have you tried disabling it? If not, have you tried turning off the built-in windows firewall just to see? I know you said that file sharing is turned on, but stranger problems have occured

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