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  1. Here comes a whole lot of confusion... I currently have bitlocker enabled on one of my 15 laptops in my company, and I was wondering if there was any way to use a SHARED key for all of them. When my systems boot, they load an ecryption key off of a USB flash drive in order to continue the wondows 7 Boot Process. Any way that all of the drives can be actiated using the same bitlocker key? Thanks! Vinny
  2. Okay, so I might be completely crazy, BUT: if you could install windows 7 to the usb drive, and then just change the boot.ini file to point to the VHD...it should work... You could always delete the Widnows 7 install off the flashdrive once your done, and just keep the bootloader parts. you would need a boot.ini file from someone who had previously installed windows 7 to a vhd... Again, Just throwing the idea around. Vinny
  3. XPRO, The Service pack is an all inclusive patch of all the existing patches at the time of creation. XP x64 SP2 was created on 3/13/2007, so it will be up-to-date as of that date. For the patches that follow, you have a few options: 1) Windows Update Downloader: WUD can download all the patched available for a specific OS, and you can then use nLite to integrate the patches into your XP x64 ISO. 2) Update Packs. Ryan VM's site hosts a large repository of user-created update packs, easily integrated using nLite. The one for XP x64 is located at http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6400 Good luck! Vinny
  4. Most defiantly, hopefully i can get out of those HORRIBLE Quickbasic habits that I so willingly developed... =P Still, Python is really fun. Vinny
  5. So, I recently started learning Python, as it seemed like a great first language to learn (and all the computer science courses at my college require it... so it's a great headstart); however, I find myself constantly needing to google for the syntax of specific functions. Like I know what to do, and when to do it, but not how. Is this normal for a first time coder? What was the learning curve like for all the coders on the board? Just wondering if i a total moron (very likely) or if this is normal. All the best. Vinny
  6. Heyy, I attend a public high school in NY, and we currently use some type of print software that prohibits print jobs of 5 pages or more, This tends to be a pain when you want to print a 20 page paper and the librarian isnt there to override it. How could a code snippet be created to split a larger print job into smaller piece (eg. 4 pages). Vinny
  7. okay, here goes nothing... my schools wireless internet requires that you use a proxy setting in order to access the web. i was wondering if there was a way to set the proxy as a connection specific setting, rather than a system wide setting, as i would prefer not to use the proxy when i connect to other networks. Thanks. Vinny
  8. Okay, here goes nothing.... I want to create a DVD that has the 32 bit and 64bit of Vista, But with options to install with 3 different sets of oem files (HP, Dell, Gateway) I would like it to show the following on the install menu Vista Ultimate (Dell Oem) - 32bit Vista Ultimate (Dell Oem) - 64bit Vista Ultimate (HP Oem) - 32bit Vista Ultimate (HP Oem) - 64bit Vista Ultimate (Gateway Oem) - 32bit Vista Ultimate (Gateway Oem) - 64bit If possible i would like to also include Vista home premium on this dvd. The DVD would be for use with my PC repair business. Thanks A Million! Dosworld
  9. @jaclaz Thanks for the link... This is exactly what i am looking for, NLITE just doesnt slim off enough of the Bull$**t in XP. Thanks Everyone for your help =) Dosworld
  10. Time for a silly question. Is it possible to create an version of XP that does NOT have a GUI, I would like to host a WAMP server on one of my extra computers, but a weary of using linux. I am NOT looking for links or information on WINPE, as it has to reboot every 24 hrs. Thanks Everyone! Dosworld
  11. I am assuming that HDDC is the scsi adapter?? Thx Vinny
  12. I recently purchased a Dual Opteron server to play around with, but will be unable to purchase a license for Win XP x64 for a few weeks (Till i get paid) Is it possible to install a 32 bit version of windows xp temporarily?? will both processors be recognized? also, I know that windows xp (32 bit) only recognizes 3 gbs of memory, but will i need to remove the rest of the memory that exceeds the limit? or can i leave it and it just not be utilized. Thanks Vinny
  13. Out of curiosity, are the OEM activation files the same for 32 bit versions vs. 64 bit versions? AKA - Are they Interchangeable?
  14. Perfect, thanks for your help....Im just a wee bit anal =) Vinny
  15. N00b question follows...=( How does Nlite Integrate drivers into a windows installation, i am very interested in integrating drivers into my windows 2000 Drivers.cab file and seemlessly having windows choose drivers from there, as if it were a normal driver, how might i do this, and what are the pros and cons of this method? Thanks a lot Vinny

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