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  1. KVM Switches: Anyone use them? What do you use?

    Just an update. A friend of mine had a spare KVM switch he was no longer using(PS/2 VGA) and it works like a charm. He gave me an IOGear GCS62.
  2. Ahh, I see. I'vd been a tad busy. Instead of waiting for a response, I installed the OEM SP2C disc and then used SP3 RC refresh. I am testing at the moment and waiting on activating. I'll simply need to install WMP11 after. But, even if I hadn't had the error, I had a problem with my nlited discs, so I had to use the factory disc as stated previously(Of course, the nlite problem is immaterial here.).
  3. I tried integrating WMP11 and the hotfixes and I get an error. If I just integrate WMP11 without the hotfixes, it integrates fine. I get the following when doing the hotfixes. Sorry, I didn't try each one seperately to find the culprit(I did try it without the .msu file):
  4. I'm planning to do a build in July, but want to use a KVM switch so I can use the same Keyboard, mouse, and monitor for both machines(have never used a KVM before). I have a CRT monitor and a PS/2 keyboard, but the mouse is USB. I may get a wireless mouse and use one for one machine and the corded USB for the other. The ability to share the same speakers/mic would be a plus. I've seen lots of versions and models in a wide price range. I'm looking for responses concerning personal experience with your KVM and what brands/models you've found to be good. Items to be shared: Monitor - CRT (VGA D-Sub 15) Keyboard PS/2 Mouse USB (may not use this item for both) Stereo speakers/headset/mic
  5. Simple question about nLite and hot fix install order

    Thanks for the information. I actually didn't mean to include IE7. I was planning on installing that separately like you recommend. I was going to do it in this order. DX 9c Addon WMP 10 Addon RyanVM's pack Hotfixes since RyanVM's pack.
  6. Simple question about nLite and hot fix install order

    Are you saying that you should place IE7 Addon and WMP 10(or 11) addon first in the list then, say, RyanVM's post SP2 update pack and then fixes that came after the update pack?
  7. Created an XP-SP2 , hotfixes(RyanVM), and Addons folder:

    Should I continue a session, or just start a new session?
  8. Created an XP-SP2 , hotfixes(RyanVM), and Addons folder:

    Hmm, did I post this in the wrong section? I see there have been 57 views and no responses. I thought I was in posting in the right section. If I am in the wrong section, where should I post this thread?
  9. First, I would like to say that this is an awesome program--thank you nuhi and all testers. Second, this is the first time I've used nlite, so forgive my noobishness to the program. I have slipstreamed XP and SP2 using the M$ method and I've used Autostreamer, but I've never used nlite. I have been searching through the forums and reading the stickies(especially the unattended installation), but I haven't found anything that answers my question. I used nlite to slipstream XP Pro and SP2 and integrate RyanVM's 2.1.11 Post-SP2 pack, hotfixes since that pack, DX 9c addon, and the WMP10 addon. This is all I've done so far. My question is--can I use nlite again, point to that folder(called it XPSP2 CD 8-07) and now customize further as well as create it as unattended and a bootable ISO, or do I need to start from the beginning again (or should I start each custom CD from just a slipstreamed XP-SP2 folder and then add the packs/addons for each)? I have 3 machines/3 licenses I wish to do this for. Frankenputer. P.S. I'm using nlite 1.35