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  1. it may be accessible via the mouse's configuration utility. If it's not available there, then it's a function that's either built into the mouse and you won't be able to touch it ever, or it's just a setting that the manufacturer doesn't want you to tinker with, but may be made accessible in the future via software update.
  2. I'm a fan of the 22" Samsung 226BW LCD. I've been using it for about 4 months now and it's been super. I'm into heavy gaming and minor movie watching. The only downside I've experienced is that the height is not adjustable. For me, it means that my center speaker covers the bottom 6" wide x 1/2" high of screen real-estate if I'm reclining back in my office chair. Not the worst thing in the world, but something to consider
  3. my .02... wait for the Intel g45 chipset to debut. Support for hi-def decoding, and will be available in mATX and m-ITX form factors
  4. the formatting of the reply message apparently has double spacing in it? Unless otherwise specified, Outlook signatures will default all colors and formatting to whatever message the signature is being entered in. See if you can change that in the signature settings
  5. i had the same thing due to a bad keyboard, so my bet is on the mouse.
  6. Bill Gates said back years ago when pirating windows was first getting mainstream notice: if they're going to pirate something, at least it's Windows. We'll work on turning them into paying customers later. It's not in their best interest to sue every downloader because it costs too much and the return is too little. RIAA is suing for distribution and trying to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars (which is another discussion entirely), MS could only sue for essentially 1 count of copyright infringement... what's that, $750? They'll spend 5x that in lawyers fees. They have enough problems with antitrust issues in the EU to waste their time trying to sue every person who possibly pirated windows.
  7. do you need an external fax machine for manual faxing or can everything be digital? Windows Server 2003 has a pretty decent built-in fax service that I believe can do both.
  8. no, I haven't personally used this product. Amazon's users give it generally good reviews, however there is a common consensus that they lack a viable customer support system, so it's almost a "use at your own risk" kind of thing. One of the reviewers recommended the Silex SX1000U as an alternative. SmallNetBuilder did a head to head comparison (in 2005) of those 2 devices... they were given essentially the same grade. I can only imagine the devices improving in the time since that review though. if I understand the technology correctly, bi-directional doesn't really help w/ spooling, just with getting data from the device (good for MFPs, ink levels etc...). In fact, I think the ability to print large documents is typically driven by the memory of the printer, and not the print server it's connected to, however I could be mistaken.
  9. I've run into this issue myself and I could not find one that did everything http://www.netgear.com/Products/PrintServe...rs/WGPS606.aspx wireless unidirectional wpa-psk http://www.keyspan.com/products/ps4a/ wired bi-directional It may come down to priorities and what you're willing to give up.
  10. good luck... update the thread if more questions arise
  11. I'll believe it when i see it. Comcast is very good about saying one thing, but doing something completely different
  12. although there are many who don't, I'm a fan of the new ribbon. It brought a lot of unused features to the surface and got rid of a lot of the submenus...
  13. if you have enterprise edition, have you tried this? http://www.msfn.org/board/Office-2007-Unat...tun-t72392.html
  14. do you have an old system you could repurpose, or are you going to build this from scratch? when you say file server, are you only looking for storage, or are you looking to stream media and do other things?
  15. what happens when you try to load the contacts? Do you get an error, does nothing happen?
  16. http://www.msfn.org/board/Experiencing-uto...th-t117993.html who's your ISP? they could be throttling you're entire connection if it sees p2p apps running
  17. that's actually pretty easy... you're going to use nested 'if' statements you can do this a couple ways. You can make this one large statement, or use a couple cells to do this. Based on what you typed, I'm not sure exactly how you want it set up. I'll do it as one large formula: =if(AND(B3>24,B3<25), F6, if(AND(B3>31,B3<35), G6, if(B3>36), H6, "B3 failed all the checks") to step through, here's what the formula does: if B3 is greater than 24 AND less than 25, return F6. If not, if B3 is greater than 31 AND less than 35, return G6. If not, if b3 is greater than 36, return H6. If not, return "B3 failed all the checks". you'll have to modify your sheet a little bit as the formula cell is on a different sheet than the values you're checking. To change the sheet references, put the sheet name and an ! in front of each cell reference: =if(AND(Sheet1!B3>24,Sheet1!B3<25), F6, if(AND(Sheet1!B3>31,Sheet1!B3<35), G6, if(Sheet1!B3>36), H6, "B3 failed all the checks")
  18. it sounds cool... so other software developers would code their software to support your centralized update package? Do you attempt to entice existing software developers to recode their software to work with your system, or is this geared more towards new software?
  19. hey fellas, looking for your suggestions regarding color laser printer. It seems that there aren't many independent review sites doing much with color lasers recently, so finding a suitable laser is more difficult. we're looking for something like this: Xerox Phaser 8560, but I'm not necessarily tied to a particular brand as long as it works. what do you guys use at your places of business? Ones I should look at, Ones I should stay away from? Thanks for the excellent help as always
  20. the lease time and circumstances are decided by the server admin of the DHCP server. The lease time is shown in the ipconfig /all. Your IP will change only if the DHCP server wants it to. For example, if the admins were to set up static leases for some reason based on relative geographic area (unrealistic but possible), and they needed the IP you had currently leased, when your lease expired, your IP would change to whatever the admin assigned to your device and whoever they assigned to your old IP would get it when that device renewed. In my home network, I can release and renew 1000x and get the same IP every single time. The DHCP server in my router sees no reason to change the same IP.
  21. I like the spreadsheet. I'll definitely use it to spec out my next system. One addition you might want to look at is have some data validation occur on the component and have a drop-down of components. That way if someone has 2 different sized hard drives, or 2 optical drives, or they don't have a particular product (separate CPU fan for example), they could replace it with something else, or not use it at all. Other than that, it's a dynamite sheet.
  22. has the 320GB drive been formatted yet? If so, did you create a partition? If so, did you create that partition in the winXP or win98 environment?
  23. is it just me or does the sp3 uxtheme patcher link not work?
  24. copy the contents of your XP disc to your machine and use the latest version of nlite to slipstream SP3
  25. @ Tripredacus: Yeah, TV moved in about 5 months ago. I couldn't wait to drop Cox Cable. @ Zxian: There's no particular reason it has to be mini-itx, I was looking at mini-itx specifically because of the size and my requirements. I hope Intel does a good job w/ the g45 chipset. At this point it looks like my best option if I want to go super SFF. I'll still look at micro-atx as there's certainly more head-room. I didn't know about SilentPCReview, so thanks!

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