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  1. New club layout...yadda yadda yadda Anyway I can't wait for Final Fantasy XIII
  2. Just remind me of this Cool gaming laptop with 3 GPUs
  3. We don't really have a techtalk board here, so i opted to post this here. Mods, please feel free to move if this thread is lost. Anyway, recently came across how Microsoft sees the near future. Very optimistic indeed, to early for 10 years i think. But then again, I guess, they wouldn't want a prediction where Bill is already dead. Lol Microsoft's 2019 Vision
  4. Hello johndb, welcome join in.
  5. Hey, do any of you use this OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator brain mouse it is said the brain mouse...play games with a Blink of an eye! do any of you use it?
  6. Where did you have your lunch? I have just found this picture on line, it is named "lunch". OMG...
  7. I have just got to know that Toshiba launches laptop with three GPUs, The combined efforts of both companies resulted in Toshiba's most powerful gaming laptop to date featuring the new highly integrated GeForce® 9400M graphics processing unit (GPU) along with a pair of NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS enthusiast-class GPUs. That laptop must be very cool for gaming. But how can they deal with the heat?
  8. Maybe he just want to share this news with us.
  9. I have found that GT Challenge PS3 Cockpit and Playstation 3 Laptop are very cool, I want them. Best PS3 Mods Ever They are cool...
  10. I am glad to hear your Dad is ok, and please take care of him.
  11. I don'lt have it either, though want to help.
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