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  1. Basing myself on the help file on the wpi site: for multiple exclusion, for example PC excludes PA and PB, you can use excl[PC]=PA,PB so I think if you want to make PC dependant of PA and PB, you could use deps[PC]=PA,PB not tested though
  2. Uhm, begin with a clean config.js add a program (with the wizard). You don't need to fill all the options at the beginning, just a name and a path (and maybe a description), nothing more. test that. Does it work? if yes, add another, if not, post again.
  3. apply the reg key with cmdlines.txt? Like that, every user will have it. (or am I wrong? )
  4. Well, to get the os language (not the keyboard settings, that can be bogus), you can find it here: go to %systemroot%\system32, search for the file winver.exe, check it's properties, in the tab "version", click on "language". There it is. If now somehow you could get that in your batch file... (I want to know that too )
  5. Uhm, check this out: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12657 msn can be installed silently with switches. If you still want to do it in another way, or for example have a reg file that you want to add, and so on, you could create a self-extracting archive that runs some cmd file (search a bit, you'll find it). Another option is an AutoIt script. Last one is actually repackaging the software, but that's only needed if the other options don't work.
  6. Ok, here's an update: still no time I'm really sorry, but my exams are very late, and they are requesting all kind of extra work from university that I really didn't have time for javascript I mean, I just finished 2 projects, presented 1 today, have to present the other one friday, still have to go to class, and next week the exams begin :S Let's hope that'll end well... edit: And no I have no time for WoW either You might have noticed that my lvl hasn't changed (or barely) in the last month...
  7. I'm sorry, totally forgot about that. You have to remove the icon before compressing Fedit with UPX. To make it easy for everyone, I've posted an Fedit without icon and UPX-ed.
  8. I think it's better if you ask this in ryanvm's forum. It's he after all who made the installer
  9. Hi, I noticed people here and there have started using Fedit. I even got mails asking "am I allowed to use it?". Well the answer is YES! I'm glad this utility helps some people. So I'm now posting it in public. The latest version of Fedit is 2.0. The size is 122KB, but you can bring that down a lot by using UPX compression and removing the icon (First remove the icon, then UPX). The syntax for using Fedit is: -add Tells Fedit to add LINE. -rem Tells Fedit to remove LINE. -f "some file" The file to be edited -l "some text" The text to be added or removed When adding, these are additional (optional) parameters: -a[:co] "some text" The text will be added after this line -b[:co] "some text" The text will be added before this line -s[:c] "some text" The text will be added in the section [some text] -once The text to be added, will only be added once in the whole file -create If the section isn't found, it will be created When removing, -l supports the parameter [:co], and these additional (optional) parameters: -a[:co] "some text" All instances of the text after this line will be removed. -b[:co] "some text" All instances of the text before this line will be removed. -s[:c] "some text" All instances of the text in section [some text] will be removed. -once The text to be removed, will only be removed once. The option [:co] means the following: If you have a parameter -a "some text", Fedit will automatically search for strings that match it (without being case sensitive). If you want it to be case sensitive, change it to this: -a:c "some text" If you think that 'some text' is contained in a bigger string like 'this is some text written somewhere', then change it to this: -a:o "some text" You can combine both to this: -a:co "some text" IMPORTANT: none of the parameters are case sensitive, so for example -rem is the same as -Rem or -REM. Same thing for -a:co or -A:CO IMPORTANT: the order of the parameters is unimportant, so: Fedit -rem -f file -l:co text Is the same as: Fedit -f file -l:oc text -rem If you have any problems or requests, post here please. There are two attachments: the normal Fedit, and the Fedit without icon and UPX-ed. Updated 3 August 2005: Totally rewritten fedit, adding many features like before, casesensitive, contained, and less disk access so speed should have increased... Fedit_with_icon.rar Fedit_without_icon.rar
  10. What a coincidince that when reading this, they play "Mr John - Potverdekke (It's great to be a belgian)" on the radio!!!
  11. a tip: always keep the original winXP cd somewhere I had to find that out the hard way... if you can tell me wich files you need, I have winXP in english, dutch and french
  12. Uhm, a few things: - a thread title in caps DEFINITLY won't help - it takes a while for people to reply first someone with the knowledge about the topic will have to notice you posted something, and I can say you that can take some time! - just adding some lines in txtsetup.sif without knowing their purpose or whatever won't help either - the driverpack's have multiboot support, search a little, there is a guide - you can always take a look at how the slipstreaming is done in the batch files, then you'd know what to add where If this didn't help, then post again, but first please do some more research (specially that guide an batch files part)
  13. prices are way to high for cd's, dvd's, software, blablabla come on, I as a student don't have the mony to pay for games that cost 60 bucks And most of the software I have that is genuine, I got it free through university thing (check out ma3d.com)
  14. on my old pc a 17" crt monitor, 1024x768x32 @ 114 (or 116, can't remember) And yes, I DO notice the difference between 85 and 114 (114 is just the max I can get with the monitor ) On this pc, a 17" LCD 1280x1024x32 @ 75
  15. Dutch, English, French, Spanish all fluently my german sucks
  16. it'll prolly be leaked somewhere Just thinking of it, that would really be handy for the driverpacks!
  17. compress them with winrar or winzip or izarc or 7zip or whatever
  18. well, you arn't online when I am send me a mail
  19. Actually, I don't have time lately because: - university (projects, still have to there, some little works we have to make, learning too) - sport - life (yup, I have a life too ) - free time -> gaming and/or msfn so you see, WHEN I have time, I'll help, but don't expect me to be around 24/24 and 7/7 j/k
  20. We already knew that Nois3 We are trying to find out where.
  21. Uuuuuuhm, d0ublezer0, your files seem fine to me, aka, I don't see any weird characters...
  22. you could do a search for data2.cab on your hdd...

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