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  1. yes u can. actaully wasted lot of time on this visual settings only.so in between time i might have posted some false things(bcz of fustration).sorry. now iam using below file as visual.reg through cmdlines.txt and it is working fine for me. visual.txt
  2. for custom setup.exe files have a look at http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=24510
  3. no actaully iam using winnt.sif to fill the key during unattended installation. i just want my key there to check in future.i know i can check it from winnt file,but as i siad i want it that way..
  4. its simple bro just resource edit WINNT32A.DLL,WINNT32U.DLL files. and why ... nothing spl. i just want it that way
  5. its been long time since i stated my xp unattended cd.but i never exactly finished it (bcz of software updates and lot of other things) so today iam going to. i would like to thank all those members of MSFN FORUM who helped me in understanding and solving the problems of this unattended stuff. THANKU ALL some screen shots of my unattended xp cd. AUTORUN INSTALLATION WPI
  6. has any purchased credit recently?
  7. or else can we pack the flashget 1.71 with winrar? without google bar and with registration key etc.
  8. u mean old switches r not gone work for this version? then what swiches i can use.
  9. what is silent switch for exe file? imean i downloded adobe reader(AdbeRdr705_enu.exe) directly from its site. and previous silent switch is not working on new release. what to do?
  10. is it possible to integrate(slipstream) this lclock in to xp files? or direct appz installation?
  11. yes.it is. is it posible with resource hacking? if yes which file to hack?
  12. actually iam using wpi for appz installation.so this is my wpi code for firefox cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\DOCS\\Install\\FireFox\\Firefox1.0.7.exe -ms'] cmd2[pn]=['%cdrom%\\DOCS\\Install\\FireFox\\profile.exe']
  13. hi XPero ur xpize is simply awesome.u modified almost every thing except the windows default clock.i want to use some skin to this clock.how to do it.imean which file resources i have to change to modify the clock. have a look at this pic(http://www.softshape.com/pictures/chamclock/dropshadowclock.gif),this clock displaying both time and day.i want some thing like this. help me pls thanks bmn
  14. bmn


    NETLIMITER rocks.
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