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  1. How do you...

    hi...this probably isn't the best way , but with my external modem drivers..they were in an .exe and i couldn't figure out how to get at the .inf files so i installed them normally and went into c:\windows\inf and then copied all the .inf files that were for the modem and put them into $OEM$\$$\inf file well....it worked for me i even tried it for my vidio drivers and it worked for them too.
  2. Making a New Unattended CD

    hi...i'm still fairly new to all this , if you go to the unattened cd web site (or your .pdf you copied)and go to Advanced Users...Cosmetics...Set up Billboard, that will show you how to do the screens from you second question i've tryied it a couple of times and it gets a bit confusing . i've never used nlite , i think doing it the manual way you learn more of what's going on...maybe you should try that.
  3. XP Bootale DVD troubles

    the program i use is Padus DiscJuggler ver 4.0
  4. disable logon screen

    no..i haven't got .NET framework installed...i don't really know much about it. i tryed what ringfinger said to do and it worked...altho it created another user in c/documents and settings...and i had to set up my mail account and fravorites again the only difference btw the 2 computers is that the one that didn't have a logon screen was one i made up myself, the other one is a HP Pavilion so maybe having a HP motherboard somehow affected the xp instalation.
  5. XP Bootale DVD troubles

    yes... i agree with you there i've never liked nero and it's such a big program..(like internet explorer...it takes up twice the amount of space as firefox, and does the same job ) ...anyway, everytime i want to do anything in nero ,i have to go through the help and search for the instruction...half an hour later.."arr ,so that's how i do it". with pardius (i can't remember what it's called...i know it's not pegasis...it has a d in it somewhere.....as you can see i havn't taken much notice of the name, even though i use it all the time ) it's so simple and easy to figure out ,i've never had to read the instruction...when i get home i'll have a look on my computer and tell you the name.
  6. XP Bootale DVD troubles

    hi i can't believe anyone would got to such length to burn a cd image, Nero is the crappiest burning tool i've ever used....i don't know if this will help ....but i just use the CDIMAGE GUI...as found on the unnattended web site....and make a image with that....and then use ....( i think it's pegasis ..or something ) to burn the image on a cd, .....................it takes 5 seconds to set up. why would anyone spend an hour going thru all that Nero crap!!!!!!!!!
  7. disable logon screen

    oohhh..very ggood i'll try the start>run>...and see if it works i've searched through all the options in the user accounts but didn't find anything there..,very strange ( maybe i overlooked something ). anyway ....thanks for the reply!!
  8. disable logon screen

    hi everyone... can anybody tell me why when i install a fresh copy of winxp on two different computers ( using the same cd) one has a logon screen and the other one dosn't i'm using a unattended cd ,so all the information is identical. i don't wont the logon screen to apear as there is only one user. and does anyone know how to diable the logon screen that i don't want, i've been searching everywhere but can't figure it out. any idea's will be a great help....thanks
  9. autoit

    thanks Achdine for your reply it won't be any use in my unattended cd but i think i'll download it anyway just for fun jondercik...i may only have been here a month, but i see a lot of people with your attatude...i'm a newbie and i don't know that much yet, and some of my posted topics may not be that bright....but i'm learning and i know when i'm no longer a newbie i won't treat like s*** ...like you do.
  10. autoit

  11. autoit

    what does RTFM mean ....?
  12. autoit

    hello everyone, i have heard some mention of autoit but am a bit unsure of what it's use for in the uncd i see that it can help eith installing software when no silent switch can be found...but is that all it can do ....should i try it out , even tho i don't have a problem with my switches..??
  13. nfsu 2 maps

  14. *sigh*

    hello, i have made an unattended cd, using batch files to install all my stuff...and registry tweaks everything works fine. so...i tried using wpi,...it looks great and the guy who made it did a good job but the guides need examples what do i do with all the stuff in my batch files the guides only tell half the story i've got icons all over the place that i remove ...entries in the group policy editer...registry tweaks...programs to install if thing were setout in a step by step type of tutoral then you wouldn't get all the newbies in here asking stupid questions...you get people getting s***ty with you and yelling at you to SEARCH....then you spending weeks trying to search for the answers... this is a whole new program and you have to learn different codes...and try to convert everthing across, i havn't got wpi working and i probably won't ever get it working because...in the end *sigh*...i just couldn't be bothered !!
  15. floppy be gone !

    BrandonS_Mil thanks for the reply.. my specs are ..amd K6-2 ,350 Mhz ,256 meg ram. i swap between windows xp and windows Me , i have both origanal full versions. i didn't know that Me was bootable...altho i never thought of trying can you format the hard drive with Me like you can with Xp but then that isn't realyy the direction i want to go tho....i still like the old DOS games so i try to have both windows and dos....i suppose i should off said instaed off so basically i just want to boot into dos, format, install dos, install windows. Bi0haZarD i will have to give that a try MagicISO sounds very good thanks for your help.