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  1. I suppose this is the first time you receive a beta? I'll pm you some instructions from the previous beta... Edit: change that, mailed you the instructions
  2. I already sent the drivers from the image bootcamp creates to bts, maybe he'll be able to use them. But I won't be able to test them, because I only have a PowerPC powerbook
  3. This has been known for a while, fedit doesn't support unicode in ANY form. It won't, but maybe you'll be glad to know that the c++ version in it's current stage supports all unicode versions so that this problem won't arise anymore ^^ (UTF8, UTF16, UTF32, little and big endian, ...)
  4. Depends a lot on how much free time I have wich is none lately... Some big parts are already done, but (let's say) 3 more big parts, and the rest will be a breeze
  5. That's already planned for future releases. But first I have to finish converting base to c++. Edit: with that I mean something similar... Still is in discussion what and how we are going to do it.
  6. I'm in the same situation as bts right now, and not on my win. pc... I'll look into it after exams (aka give you an example).
  7. So you DID finish your brother's pc in time?
  8. bts couldn't finish uploading it. But [link removed] is still there
  9. in the meanwhile, try something I already told siginet: run_me.cmd << input.txt with input.txt containing the characters you would normally press in the batch file
  10. see below @bts: ****, not really following what's working and what not
  11. You might wanna try posting your hwid's, that's the only way for fixing the promise misery (wasn't such a misery anymore lately). Download this tool: http://www.driverpacks.net/Downloads/save_hwids.exe and post the results
  12. You know, you are quite arrogant with that remark... Everybody makes errors, especially with big projects like these.
  13. the only time I got bdod's, was with the nvidia graphics drivers before the forceware (forgot the name, detonator?). But that got fixed with the forcewares. After that, no bsod anymore because of drivers (but a LOT when I bought my new pc, seemed that athlon64 winchester didn't like 4*512 ). Dunno about the rest though...
  14. In our current future plans, we are developping a method to add/search drivers for everything you can imagine, and add those. But that's not for really soon but it will come
  15. Jup, they should be the other way around.
  16. weird, I'm really happy with my nForce 4 mobo, never had problems with it. But I installed windows before summer, maybe at that time there wern't problems yet and havn't updated the drivers (if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it ). Oh well, enough off topic
  17. yeah, it was only released to be played with quake 4 and an other game, untested for other things edit: http://www.anandtech.com/news/shownews.aspx?i=25123 (u ni alleen basere op tweakers )
  18. Fencer128, those features are being worked on, just be patient school takes a lot of our free time all those features you said were already planned, some sooner than others
  19. Well they did add nice things like better SLI support (mixing cards), but yeah, dropping older cards is kinda weird for such a big company
  20. You (still) are kinda offline on IM... Got some things to discuss
  21. What about in the multi boot guide? 'I386' there is changed to other names by hexediting to allow booting. I think it's possible to do this for single boot. I know that for multiboot this is for another dir called i386 wich contains boot files, but well, maybe start trying changing some things, and let us know
  22. I'm sorry I couldn't help earlier, I can't check the forums much anymore because of a vacation job. Glad you solved your problem. You may want to check the new fedit, wich works better, and has extra features Also, don't forget quotes around the filename (for if ever the file to be edited is in a dir with spaces in it's name): EDIT -ADD -ONCE -F "%BTS%\BTS_DPs_auto.example.cmd" -A "%%CD%%\FILES\ROBOCOPY \"%%FOLDER%%\" \"%%UWXPCD%%\" *.* /E %%RS%%" -L "%%RUNFROM%%\FILES\ROBOCOPY \"%%FOLDER%%\" \"%%UWXPCD%%\" *.* /E %%RS%%"

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