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  1. I have an error in installation process (512) Error 1931: Windows Installer Service cannot update Drmclien.dll because is protected by Windows. What i must to do? My ini: [SETUP] XAUDIO=1 XVIDEO=1 Xagent=0 Xintex=1 Xmodernskin=1 Xvisual=1 Xextra=1 Xdircont=1 Xtypecont=1 Xnetscape=0 Xaudiocd=0 XSkinSetting=Modern XDesktop=1 XStartmenu=1 XINET=0 XREGAUD=1 XREGPLS=1 XNAME=USER XKEY=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
  2. Nazgul, I don't use cyrillic symbols in this files. Codepage setup don't affect to Latin symbols, as I know.. bledd, Thanks, but I dont see this in the sale-stores.
  3. Hm, so, what I need to do? I already have 702Mb ISO, but don't have enough programs on it I dont want use DVD, because this device still not at all machines in Russia
  4. In attachment - DOSNET.INF, TXTSETUP.SIF Fedit not in %SystemRoot%\system32 txtsetup_dosnet.rar
  5. I remove @ECHO OFF from first line of RUN_ME.cmd and then use RUN_ME.cmd > logfile.txt command Simply, but not best Maybe this file (packed and attached) help you. logfile.rar
  6. I use M2. Cmd-files from DP's cannot find some files in the XP distributive. I cannot trace, what files... Did you plan include "log-to-file-function" into your DP's?
  7. I tryed with many versions of DP - all from 5.05 то 5.05.2 DP's are not integrate into Windows XP RUS with SP2 integrated (by microsoft, already). But, when i run sp2 integration into WXP-GOLD (without any SP) - it's working! What i mean - new distributive by Microdoft (with SP2) are much smaller! Bat they dont work with DP's!
  8. With integrated DP 5051 i've got stable BSOD with "portcls.sys" - when WIN setup runs. i dont know, in where time this happens Reboot - and then all work normally
  9. I've got the same error on DP5051 with FIX. Cannot find c:\D\-?-i-dont-remember-full-path-?-\WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe P.S. For what this program need?
  10. I have DriverPack_MassStorage_V505.7z slipstreamed with BTS_DriverPacks_BASE_V505.exe (method 2) into the Windows XP SP2. When i try to install this system, i've got error on the first stage of installation (when drivers loading from CD) - Cannot find file: ASH1205.SYS, then setup will aborted. VMWare installation shows the same problem. Really I can't find this file inside of the Driver_Pack. What I need to do? P.S. Sorry for my English.

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