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  1. There were some bugs, but I think they are gone now, tomorrow some final testing, and then it'll all go online!
  2. what about rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 yourInfFile.inf
  3. djbe

    Hobbyist with attitude

    Huh? I really don't get the people that asked those questions about the eula First time I tried Xplode that eula appeared, read it and whopa, no problems at all... So all those people that ask those questions can't read?
  4. I think the thread maverick mentioned was this one? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=19366 found it after 5 minutes edit: about your other question, dunno, srry
  5. You could also fill in the activation info with autoIt... Not that hard, look in the help files, or other scripts posted in the forum
  6. djbe


    I use autoIt, and imho far easier for directly registering without repackaging or whatever...
  7. Ok, forgot to tell: In windows XP please! And no I don't have that router. A program like ispmonitor but for networks would be nice
  8. would be nice if that worked on all windows xp installations... wmic is only availible for windows xp pro (and windows 2003)
  9. Hello, Is there a way to find out the language of the OS through batch files or maybe programatically? When I mean language, I don't mean the language/configuration of the keyboard (on wich many programs base themselves) but the real language of the os, like "start->all programs" in english, and "start->alle programma's" in dutch.
  10. RyanVM's pack? And updates that arn't yet in his pack: the /integrate switch
  11. Have you tried optimizing your dvd? (aka when making the dvd don't forget the optimize switch!) That can reduce the size of your dvd considerably, and maybe you'll be able to fit it on a dvd-rw
  12. I think it's because of the big update a few weeks ago (of the server) and that there were a few bugs here and there... And maybe they disabled http for a while to fix the bugs. Anyway, everything works now
  13. hello, I've been trying to find a program that fits my needs. BWC seems to, except for one thing: I don't want a server pc, I want the following setup: Main PC -------| PC 1 -----------|--- Router ----- Internet PC 2 -----------| Router has a wireless connection to PC 2. I have no problem with a client application, as long as it is password protected (so that the normal user can't change settings). That client application keeps the stats of the pc it is on. I want to be able that when I turn on the Main PC, it updates it's stats, and the other PC's stats, so that I can see what they downloaded/uploaded. If possible, the users get a warning when they are getting near to some limit of bandwith (for example 5 GB). The client apps also limit the download/upload speeds when the Main PC is on (guess who has the main pc) or at least give the priority to the Main PC to use the total speeds. Does anyone know of such an application? edit: anyone knows if track4win could do this? (atleast the bandwith part, not the speed part)
  14. Could you be more specific? when does it happen? did you add some special customizations to your cd/dvd? etc... greetz back from Genk edit: I don't have such file in my dvd so it must be something that you modified in your cd/dvd.
  15. I'm able to download them without problems. Maybe try again?
  16. the server with base on it has very limited space, so that ain't an option. I am able to download the driverpacks directly (through sftp), but not through http, I'm not even able to access any subdirs of my account (through http). Through sftp everything works like a charm. Really weird. I've contacted the root of lumumba, but knowing saki, that may take a while to reply (but the fix generally comes earlier So please have patience
  17. Ok I'm not going to take the liberty to fix all that but in place of putting etc etc, please post all errors so a faster bug fixing can be done. And about 7zip, why use a beta version? that leads to more trouble...
  18. Since bashrat is gone (enjoying his new Ipod mini in germany ) I took the liberty to fix it
  19. Just a quick question: I created Fedit in and compiled it in Dev-C++. Now one thing that I don't know: - Does it create programs dependant of .net framework like with visual studio? I think not, but I'm not sure, and don't have the time to test it. So those who have some spare time, just try to open Fedit.exe on a pc that doesn't have .net and see if it gives an error (not a syntax error, a message box with a long number ending on 135). PS: anyone who wants the source, just contact me
  20. I dunno what the possibilities are of AutoIt but can you take some kind of screenshot of the desktop (or just search for the background image), take the part you need and as you said and put it above the installation window (not full screen). BUT MHz's solution of moving the window seems A LOT easier edit: it seems you can use negative positions with winmove, so here ya go: WinWaitActive("title of window", "some text in window") $pos = WinGetPos("title of window", "some text in window") WinMove("title of window", "some text in window", -$pos[2], -$pos[3]) I tested it, and no traces of installation anymore!
  21. Image OR icon means that the coder can choose whatever is easier and of course I had in mind that we're dealing with HTML, that's why I suggested something as simple as <img src="..."> 2 - Sorry kelsenellenelvian, I don't understand the "kinda modular" thing... are you trying to tell me that Part A from "thisone.js" can't easily communicate with Part B from "thatone.js" inside WPI? Or do you mean that the easiest way is creating a full toolbar above each application config? 3 - I think this image idea would be useful most for screenshots... check this out plz Good luck! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, I get the idea. but wouldn't it be handier if you had the following: - in the yellow box you have the description like now + an icon of the program - next to the program's name there is a small button, and when you click on it, a box like the yellow one, with no text but just a screenshot appears (of course this button isn't there if no ss is found) Just giving my opinion...
  22. what he's saying about those icons seems kinda impossible, because you're all forgetting that wpi is plain html, and as far as I know html can't use .ico files. And having an image for each program seems kinda... messy! This seems to me the point where you should maybe port WPI to a programmed version (maybe visual basic or c++ or whatever)
  23. @ Wotc: Your error is a different one (check the lines and error messages). I always get an error when hovering with my mouse above the 'Source' button in WPI.

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