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  1. Thanks Sj410, that's kinda what i needed just to know that with %cdrom%, i had to begin from the root of the cd
  2. same question here if I had time, and would be a mod, I'd do it, but i almost don't have time, and I'm not a mod
  3. wow, that's close, when i'll have another question, i'll go to your home! j/k
  4. I've got another question: I need two WPI's: one for during the unattended install (done) one for when i want to install an app sometime from the cd (without having to copy the whole OEM folder to the hdd) For the second WPI, how do I call the apps? like this? prog[pn]=['Adobe Reader 6.02 Full'] desc[pn]=['Allows to view PDF-Files.<i>Recommended</i>'] cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\$OEM$\\$1\\Install\\Applications\\Tools\\acroread602.exe'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['Tools'] pn++
  5. I actually just ment the raid/sata drivers (so that I wouldn't have to press F6 at the beginning of the win install) I live in Genk, and you? thanks for the fast reply!
  6. a little question: if I use your drivers (masstorage, sound and lan) will I be able to install on a raid/sata system without having to do anything? (I'm going to buy a pc in a month or 2, and it will use sata and raid) And if I integrate those sata/raid drivers on a system without sata/raid, will windows ignore them like normally? (maybe this last question is kinda dumb, but you can never be sure enough )
  7. Thanks, works like a charm now! For office, I made an unattended install (administrative install thingy with patches slipstreamed) and now, when I call "pro11.msi /qb" it installs word, excel, ..., publisher. kinda easy now if a new patch appears
  8. Oh, ok. Thanks a lot guys. About that 'transforms' thing, do i need it if I directly call the pro11.msi with the '/qb' command? In runonceex it works that way... And about the .hta file, it doesn't want to open (seems windows doesn't recognize it) but i can open it with ie, or edit it with dreamweaver; but that with using 'open with' or first opening the program and then opening the file... Should IE be the default program for this file type? If so, I'll directly change that...
  9. hello, I'm new to the forums (kinda have been thinking to join for a while, but was to lazy I've been working on an unattended dvd with lot's of apps like office 2003, studio mx 2004, visual studio .net 2003, etc... I'm almost done, just making the wpi, testing, and maybe adding a bunch of drivers (like I found here, wich is kinda handy, but how up to date are these?). But I have some questions related to the wpi (I'm using 2.9.2): - how do I make it look like CyberWolf's one so that it does create one column instead of two? - maybe change the timer so that it gives more time, or just disable it (aka infinite time ) - why can't I test the hta file? I can by selecting open, chose program and then chosing ie... - for adding programs in the config.js, there is the cmd1 item; sometimes it has as value 'cdrom', '...dir to app' and sometimes it has '%cdrom%...dir to app' I used to use RunOnceEx, how do I for example use this command? "%systemdrive%\Install\Applications\Office2003\PRO11.msi /qb" (of course, I'll have to add extra backslashes...

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