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  1. Shall I make you an admin config file? Just give me the settings you want to have.
  2. nice idea, to bad it takes up so much space (or I'll need a dvd-rw dual layer ) You might wanna check this post, and search a bit in the forum http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...ndpost&p=111597
  3. Well, you chose for 939 socket, but still want agp??? That's kinda contradicting, because in a year you'll barely find any agp cards anymore. And about ocing, I've got a 3500+, and I can run it easily @ 2.7Ghz (but I don't have a stock cooler, and havn't pushed it much yet). Since I have a winchester, and you're getting a Venice, you'll probably be able to get the same speeds. Only problem would be your lower multiplier.
  4. Pentium produce waaaaaaaaaaay more heat, so athlon! (64)
  5. @coolcliff yes it is But before you begin to add apps to your cd/dvd, do you already have an unattended cd? Do you even know what "unattended" is? Begin with that Oh, and to add something to what Zxian said, you can install apps during the installation of windows: remember the words "cmdlines.txt" and "svcpack.inf". For more advanced installations, use something like WPI
  6. Well, if windows XP x64 is 64bit, then the installation is 64bit too (or else you wouldn't be having any trouble, would you?). So at some point, the installation switches from 16-bit mode to 64-bit mode. (Maybe with 32-bit mode between those) That moment should normally be the same point where a normal windows XP installation (32 bit) switches from 16 bit to 32 bit mode. That last one (16 -> 32) works on multi-boot, so why wouldn't 16->(32)->64 work?
  7. You don't need Java... Javascript can do that too You can draw lines with Javascript (and more) edit: you can also rotate images in IE: http://elouai.com/javascript/javascript-image-rotate.php
  8. 2 things: learn HTML learn JavaScript (not Java)
  9. I don't think you can install apps at t-39 but what you are trying to do exists in many ways, like wpi or xplode or wait or ...
  10. Do you really want it that everyone gets your serial number? ... I don't think so, so please edit your post.
  11. Woooooops my bad, I understood the guide incorrectly: srry!
  12. Best compression for storing data, depends on your data, but generally, 7zip with correct settings offers the best compression. But it's also slooooooow There are some topics about how creating a cd/dvd with just wpi and apps on it. Search a bit. And about versions, the current version has been kinda final for a while, with no much development. You shouldn't expect any major release soon (or am I missing something here? ). Just a few updates over time.
  13. Hmmm, There is no nLite for an already installed windows XP. And removing files here and there is really dangerous, because you could end up with an unbootable installation. Plus, removing files isn't that easy, because A LOT of them are in use by the system/programs. And there is also WFP making it difficult.
  14. Uhm, why would you want to create a sfx archive for an msi??? The msi already has silent switches. Check the applications sub-forum
  15. Have you tried nLite? You can remove lot's of things with it. (dunno if it's possible) You could remove all codecs, and well, maybe all built-in drivers... But then you'll have to add them again, and probably they will be the same drivers Also, you could try windows xp 'N', it comes without WMP10 and maybe some other files.
  16. Isn't that RIS or sysprep or whatever? (dunno much about those things )
  17. Nice to know that (handy for myself, won't have to look for hours where the error is )
  18. download bts's driverpacks, check the code for the control panels, there you'll find wich files are checked.
  19. What if you try adding them in the registry hives of your ua cd? (dunno if that would change anything, but I can't seem to find an error in the current method)
  20. That's not really unattended, is it? @Martin Zugec Try applying it for "everything" If it works then, then you can start searching wich is the correct one. And uhm, are you creating users BEFORE cmdlines.txt?

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