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  1. How do I customize the Control Panel? Or is this an error? (I do apologize for the 'stupid' question, but I'm still a little new with 7). It currently looks like this... The "bar" on the left-hand side is missing... It was so beautiful in contrast to Vista's.
  2. Merry Christmas, dencorso (and everyone else). ^^
  3. My two cents: In my experience, MalwareBytes is not adequate. It does not have real time protection (unless you pay for the application). I recommend Avira. It does have a real time guard (that uses low system resources), and a very high detection rate. - If you are still having trouble with rootkits, you could always try the standalone program, TDSSKiller.
  4. But, then, what is causing the problem?
  5. I've reinstalled over the existing installation twice (once to remove the Unofficial Service Pack). Or are you asking about reformatting?
  6. Oh. Thank you. I will post a new bootlog.txt file and Belarc results. Belarc: My apologies for not doing this sooner in the SP3 thread. I honestly didn't know I could do this. Bootlog.txt: BOOTLOG.TXT By boot disk, do you mean a startup disk? I have two of those floppy diskettes...and a Windows 98 Second Edition disc.
  7. In a sense, yes. They both started occurring at around the same time. Unless the computer boots normally, then one of those two problems occur. I could post Belarc results (I think I can do that). The other programs did not work. - I will look at the links. Thank you, Foxbat and ScrewUpgrading. EDIT: Can I use the following commands listed here in an MS-DOS prompt?
  8. BOOTLOG.TXT That might explain it. Yes, I've used the Thorough scan option (telling it to scan system and data areas). I've also set it to check files for invalid file names, dates and times, and duplicate names. Scandisk has never detected a bad sector(s) or cluster(s). Anyway... I apologize for taking so long to post this. I was having trouble with my network adapter (would not load for some reason). Bootlog.txt is attached. BOOTLOG.TXT
  9. Yes, it does. I will gladly post the bootlog.txt file. I've run scandisk multiple times (most of the time it found errors, and fixed all of them). It did not correct the problem.
  10. Tihiy, first, thank you so much for creating this! I love using Luna on Windows 98 SE (I've never used XP...) I do have a question, though. Is there a way you could include Royale Noir?
  11. My old (and now broken) Vivitar Vivicam 10 worked with Windows 98 Second Edition.
  12. Hello, I have a problem with Windows 98 Second Edition. At times when I attempt to start (or reboot) the computer, the operating system stops booting. The bar at the bottom of the bootsplash stops, and the computer becomes completely unresponsive. The only way to rectify the issue is to press the power button (the computer has no reset button). I could connect the computer with the problem to the Internet and post the bootlog.txt file (if necessary), but I was hoping that someone would already have a solution (e.g., if you've experienced the problem yourself, etc). Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I'm not sure if this is relevant to the subject (it might help), but a Google search result led me to this... "I have windows 95 and windows 98 working successfully with IPv6, however, it is only the browser with a proxy server that works on IPv6. I am using squid as both a transparent and a non-transparent proxy server. The proxy server needs to be dual stack."
  14. I've never thought of that before. I was just used to seeing them listed on a previous computer (which was formatted). Thank you. Unless you explain to me the exact error you got after installing, then I CAN'T help you. Just saying it messed up your system doesn't help any of us. That's because most of the updates are (OPTIONAL) except the main updates. After rebooting, explorer.exe will hang (nothing loads) and I have to reboot again. I did not experience this until after I installed Main Updates, Tweak UI 1.33 and the New Animated Boot and Shutdown Logos in Version 3.
  15. Thank you for the reply, Foxbat. I agree partially. Windows Update seemed to be woefully inadequate... I downloaded PROBLEMCHYLD's patch, and I've had problems booting since then. I have the executable on my computer, but the installed program never appears in the Add/Remove Programs "directory". The number of updates listed there (in Add/Remove Programs) seems small in contrast to what was listed on the forums. I hope I'm not doing something wrong.
  16. Hello, The Windows Update site isn't working on my computer. I'm running Windows 98 SE. Now I know that there was a post that stated Microsoft "dropped" the feature, but couldn't someone create a workaround or verify this for me? I've used the packs here and it appears that I do not have most of the updates (Add/Remove lists 1 Internet Explorer update and 7 Windows 98 updates.) I've tried WinDizUpdate (and it did list a total of 17 updates) but the add-on keeps crashing in Opera. An installation of Firefox did not rectify the issue; I cannot download the plugin. Here are my updates. Any help would be appreciated. I do apologize if I seem like I am complaining; I am not.
  17. Did you download the latest version http://www.mediafire.com/?udokcy3suraan3b Yes. I think the download messed up along the way...Opera lists the file size as approximately 40 MB, but the file itself is around 600 KB. May I post a direct link to the file? I have trouble loading MediaFire on that computer. I've tried emailing myself the link, but the messages never go through. EDIT: I installed it, got a Blue Screen at shutdown. The computer would not boot afterward, so I used a Windows 98 Startup Diskette (which did not work). The SP, however, appears to have disappeared (I still have the updates). I can't find it, and Add/Remove Programs does not list it.
  18. It's no longer "beta", correct? Also, thank you for this! I'm so glad to know that people still care. EDIT: The file wouldn't open. An error occurred stating that it is not a valid Win32 application. What do I do?
  19. Hello all, I am an avid Windows 98SE user and I love Windows 7 (though I've never used it). I'm using Vista right now... I can't articulate my thoughts, but I am here to participate in an active community. I am happy that some people still care about the older Operating Systems (specfically Windows 98SE). I was shocked when I found this site. Thank you for your hotfixes, patches, and tweaks!
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