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  1. Whoa, haven't been here in a while. Anyone remember me? I'm not exactly new, but I'm finally back after a LONG hiatus. Couldn't access the email I had used for this account. KernelEx seems to have died out development-wise, huh? I haven't exactly been into the computer stuff lately, so maybe I'll hang around the General Discussion board and respond where I can.
  2. Sorry for not replying sooner, I couldn't get around to it until now. I tried both your builds, and they both worked fine. I wasn't experiencing the same problems you were.
  3. I've just made the new build, and on shutdown, it just gives me this after clearing the screen: But then it shuts down normally. I thought it might just be a one time thing. But now it's happening every time I shutdown. I can't seem to find the registry key that is causing this. Anyway, new build: Download You're welcome.
  4. This isn't happening to me at all.. I can't seem to figure out what's going on with your builds. Try to upload your most current build with the newest GitHub repository and I'll see if I have the same problem as you are having.
  5. Thanks Leyok! The Firefox installer actually goes faster in this one, but it still doesn't complete the installation.
  6. Here's the new build! KernelEx-dev.7z Here's the compile log: @Drugwash It doesn't seem like there's anything wrong. I checked the compile log and it looks fine.
  7. My bad, wrong assumption about added commands. That CMD.EXE command in coolman's log only shows up when sdbcreate fails to build (as I notice when building under XP), because under my main 98SE I can compile sdbcreate without problems and when it automatically tries to run (twice, as it builds both Release and Debug versions through the full batch command), it only shows a MessageBox saying: "The APPHELP.DLL file is linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:NtOpenFile." But there is no mention of CMD.EXE anywhere in my 98SE compilation log. Up until this time, I haven't been able to succesfully inst
  8. Sorry, by debug log in the last post, I meant compile log. I just fixed it right now. I'll post a KernelEx.log. RP9 still not compatible. Firefox not installing, seems to freeze at Installing Language Files (en-US) EDIT: I couldn't find a KernelEx.log anywhere in the system. Pretty peculiar, because I could find one before. Hmm.
  9. Alright, I just grabbed the newest repository and the build was a complete success. Here's the new build: KernelEx-dev.7z sdbcreate.exe failed to build. But the .NSI installer compiled OK so I don't think this is a big deal because Drugwash says it won't run under Win9x as mentioned in the quote above. Or was that only Xeno's builds? Oh, it doesn't matter. It seemed to have tried to execute an instance of CMD.EXE, which is not present in a clean install of a Win9x machine. You have to get it from a 3rd Party, the Win2k one that was re-compiled to work under Win9x. @Leyok Something I've notice
  10. I'm trying to compile the newest build, but there's one problem - KexBases.dll doesn't build with the other files with batch build nor alone with batch build. Here's the debug log: This hasn't happened until PrintDlgEx was renamed to print.c in the latest repository. It says in the debug log I have to compile PREP (release) project first, but I HAD already compiled it. In fact, I just compiled it with batch build just now manually. I just copied PREP.EXE to the Release folder. But I'm still getting the same error. Here's KexBases.plg:
  11. Now that you mention it, maybe I'll go with the i7-3770K.
  12. Sony Vegas Pro 5.0 works with Kex 4.5.2 and 4.6.0 Beta 1. No issues so far.
  13. I made a new build from the newest repository with XP because it is easier... KernelEx-dev.7z I had to include PDH.DLL and PSAPI.DLL in this because I was having problems with KernelEx after I installed it without those files.. SP3 didn't help. Here's the compile log.. Still getting some warnings... but you should expect that from a beta version of a software...
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