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  1. Thank you, ShadeTreeLee! I downloaded the attachment and I couldn't "install". When I clicked on the .exe or .inf, I was asked where I wanted to extract the files. I now have one WUCrtUpd.exe file. Am I doing something wrong? WUCrtUpd.exe
  2. Where can I download the Microsoft Windows Critical Update Notification utility? I know it's probably worthless... But I would love to have it for 98SE "just because". Ian.
  3. Welcome. I've never used Windows 2000, but I read a lot of good things about it. It's great that you're spreading. I wish more people had enthusiasm for older operating systems.
  4. The "reinstall" trick worked (mostly). Anytime I try to install, it always says "Getting ready to run Windows for the first time." and then runs SCANREG (never verifies that Setup is finished). Anyway, I am able to boot again! I am doing a thorough inspection with ScanDisk, and I'm hoping for the best. I'll look into getting floppy diskettes (would never want to worry about formatting C:\). Thank you, submix8c.
  5. I think it's the diskette to be honest. It belonged to my grandfather. The error is: I am 99% sure that the floppy drive is fully functional; it was just put in less than two weeks ago. BIOS is set to 1.44MB (the correct size). Removable devices are the first boot priority. I have the BootdiskDOTcom program, but I apparently do not have a working floppy diskette. Yes, SFC replaced with originals. Drive is good, diskette is not. I do not have a working diskette available. Thank you.
  6. I apologize for not stating this before. It's just a generic, transparent red floppy. No label. I do have the standard EBD (it will "boot" from it), but then it says "General Failure reading drive A". I extracted shell32.dll from the win98_41.cab on the Windows 98 Second Edition CD, and now when I try to boot, I get an error stating that it might be corrupt. The command was: I was hoping to rectify the issue by reinstalling the operating system (without losing everything), but I can only boot in Command Prompt or the CD, so I do not know if this is possible.
  7. Does that BootDisk do anything that the normal one doesn't? If I may inquire. The red floppy that I was attempting to use was corrupt, so that explains why I couldn't boot from it... EDIT: What if I ran W98SE setup from the CD (in DOS mode), would it "reformat"? Is there a way to run setup without it deleting everything?
  8. I only have one computer with floppy functionality. I'll have to switch hard drives. I'll be right back. Thank you so much for your help. EDIT: One of the floppy diskettes I was attempting to use was apparently corrupt. I could not even format it. I'm formatting the other one that wouldn't boot. Thanks for the link! I have one other question, though. Does the boot disk at the URL you provided have more features than normal?
  9. You are quite correct! I did use AutoPatcher... How do I extract without booting from a floppy though?
  10. 1 - It should be. It is the Windows 98 Startup Diskette. 2 - How do I check this? Windows will not load ATM. Thank you, submix!
  11. No, sir. I have it set to: removable devices; CD-ROM; HDD.
  12. I ran System File Checker (Windows would not shut down properly), and now..."The Shell32.dll file cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem." In my previous thread, I mentioned how I could not boot from a floppy diskette. I do have the Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM, however. I am hoping I can use the extract command to replace the file, but I have never done this before. This site gave instructions, but I am having a little trouble with the commands. I don't want to mess anything else up.
  13. My Windows 98 Second Edition will not boot from a floppy diskette. The computer just got a new floppy drive. BIOS is set to boot from the "Removable Devices" (which includes the floppy drive). Upon inserting a floppy and turning the computer on, I get a black screen with a keyboard indicator (BlSoD). Any ideas? Bad floppy disk(s).
  14. Happy New Year! Thank you for keeping 9x alive.
  15. Any thing I can do with paint or brick? I was wanting to make a "courtyard" style garden next to the large window on the left...
  16. I was kind of hoping for a modernist gothic expression. Couldn't I put flags on the peaks or something? Need ideas.
  17. Haha, no can do at the moment... Anything else?
  18. Is there a way to make this house look more like a castle? I really need some ideas. Apologies in advance if this is not appropriate discussion.
  19. The problem has been resolved. I had to remove the Desktop Themes component through Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Setup Tab. I rebooted after that, and reinstalled them using the Windows 98 Second Edition disc. Thank you all for your help. EDIT (01/01/2012): You can lock this now if you like...
  20. Thank you. TweakUI fixed the problem yesterday. I did try to reinstall over my existing installation.
  21. I wish I had thought about that before I tried to reinstall Windows 98 (so foolish). Now all of the Themes besides "Windows 98" are missing... When I try to reinstall Windows using the CD, it gets to 100%, reboots, and says "Getting ready to run Windows for the first time"; the system then opens SCANREG and restores my previous configuration (the reinstallation never finishes). What can I do?
  22. How do I bring back the boot splash? (Stupid question, I know. I've never done it before...) AutoPatcher removed it. I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I am kind of in a hurry... Thanks for all of your help.
  23. Do you realize there can be only one or two things wrong. You either have a hardware problem or a software problem. If you don't take people advice on here who's trying to help you then you should figure it out on your own. Yes, I do realize this. Please note that I stated the hardware could be causing the error; I wasn't ruling out the possibility. I will try PROBLEMCHYLD's suggestion. Rilef, thank you for your time. I will check the system BIOS (something I never thought of), and I will boot using step-by-step-confirmation. If these methods do not work, I will use SCANREG and SCANDISK as you suggested. Afterward, I will post the results. Thank you all. EDIT: So far, I haven't experienced an issue. I ran ScanDisk in Command Prompt (as Rilef suggested), and it reported 0 errors.
  24. That's what we're trying to find out, and we now know that the bootlog is not one of them. Did you try PROBLEMCHYLD's suggestion? I do not have a seperate CD drive, though... I don't think the hardware is the cause of the error (it could be), but the computer didn't used to do this.
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