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  1. Hello again, Is it possible to install Windows XP Professional RTM on a SATA hard drive? Sorry for stupid question.
  2. Even http://www.groovypost.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/image89.png or http://www.hawaii.edu/itsdocs/win/gswinxp/tour.jpg ? The search companion has a couple of fans (though I am not one of them)... It's not difficult to turn off. It's nice knowing that it's there in the unlikely event that one prefers it. And the Tour is nice, IMHO.
  3. But I love all of Windows XP's features! And jalapeño, xpclient. That's a bigger list than Windows 7's!
  4. The boot screen changes to the image when resuming from hibernation, starting with Service Pack 1. I have selected the /NoGuiBoot option. I am trying to restore the pre-SP1 boot screen.
  5. I read somewhere that the image was in winload.exe.mui but I replaced that with the original file and it is still the same.
  6. Hello, I have a question that has been bothering me for a while now. Is there a way to reinstate the boot screen in Windows Vista that was available before SP1? Credits to Vista Forums for the image. Topic title edit: From "bootscreen" to "boot screen". My mistake.
  7. I guess there's no way to get it back then?
  8. Where is it stated that the code was removed? I am aware of the article that says the policy setting does not apply to Windows 7. 5 days before Windows 7 RTM, a post was made, stating: "The Classic Start Menu does in fact exist if forced with group policy. I have connected several "7" machines to a corporate domain which does use this group policy setting for certain of our user groups and the classic menu appears." Has anybody tried?
  9. I know this is rather old... But is it possible to force the menu via Group Policy? There are posts made on sites such as TechNet (if I recall) just before RTM where they stated it would work.
  10. Off-topic, I know, but... I know that I'll still use XP even after support ends. There are plenty of people who still use Windows 98, Windows 2000, etc. I honestly think people overreact at the EoS dates. And you could look at it from another angle... That company wasn't "evil" when they created Windows XP!
  11. How to Disable Auto Arrange in Folders in Windows 7? I've merged the registry file on that site with my Windows 7 before. The only side-effect that I recall is that the free space of a drive(s), under any view setting, will no longer display. You will have to check manually in Properties. The registry file on that site also fixes the "show translucent rectangle" bug.
  12. Currently have a dual boot of Windows 98SE and Windows XP Pro x86. Edit: On another computer, I dual boot Windows Vista SP2 x86 and Windows 7 (soon to be SP1) x86.
  13. Vinifera, I had the same problem with Avira on Windows Vista. I can't find the link anymore, but IIRC, it is because Avira protects its services, etcetera from modification. I had to go into Safe Mode to disable the Scheduler. EDIT: Alternatively, you could try Avira > Configuration (F8) > General (make you you're in Expert mode) > Security. While in the Security tab, uncheck the "Protect files and registry entries from manipulation" checkbox. If the information provided above does not help, try to edit the state of the service in Safe Mode. Good luck.
  14. I will not upgrade to 8 (in spite of that beautiful Ribbon in Explorer...) Ahem, anyway.... I will not move beyond Windows 7 unless Microsoft gets their act together in the upcoming releases. I don't understand Microsoft's strategy. They want enterprise to move on to Windows 7, yet it seems like they're all for killing the desktop in Windows 8. Best post I've read all day.
  15. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has written an article titled "Five ways to avoid Windows 8" at ZDNet. The link is here. A while back, he made very good points in his article titled "Windows 8's five biggest enemies". Available at this ZDNet article. From his new article:
  16. Hello, You could download AutoRuns and check if there are unnecessary programs that run during startup.
  17. Am I to assume that you don't consider features like AutoPlay or Desktop Cleanup Wizard stupid? Never thought people like that existed... except perhaps those who think that "stupid" is not a word strong enough to describe those features B) As to the name, none that I'm aware of. You are correct on your assessment of my position. Not even an "unofficial" name? If you were to objectively describe it in words, what would you call it?
  18. IMHO, Windows XP doesn't have a single stupid feature... Google results are unfruitful... EDIT: Does the "feature" have a name?
  19. People who purchase a new Windows 7 PC between June 2012 and January 2013 will be eligible for a discounted upgrade (15$) to Windows 8 Professional, according to this ComputerWorld article. (Sounds like someone is worried?)
  20. UltimateSilence, No kidding!? I never realized that, wow. Back in 2006-7 I wasn't nearly as attuned to tech developments as I am today, so MS's adopting the Vista look went right past me. B) <-- in this case not cool, but blind! --JorgeA I think it is one of Microsoft's finest designs. Sorry for going OT twice, mods.
  21. Hear, hear. But things are even worse than that: Metro style is starting to take over Microsoft's websites, with those full-color rectangles and plain flat arrows. I just updated my Norton 360 to version 6, and it too is blemished by that flat, plain look. Talk about a spreading computer "virus." --JorgeA JorgeA, Fun-fact! The last time Microsoft based their website on an operating system was Windows Vista. Look how well that turned out? History is repeating itself. Note: Not bashing Vista, just Metro.
  22. Submix, I am relieved. Windows 95 does not display the size of folders! This means that it isn't removed in Windows XP! I am currently running 95 in a virtual machine in VirtualBox.
  23. Aloha, If I may, I agree with your points. Of all the improvements, I think the Ribbon in Explorer is my favorite. I love the Ribbon. That's why it makes me upset that Microsoft has to mingle the rest of the operating system with its Metro nonsense. I wouldn't have a problem (I don't think anyone would) if it was an optional feature (Start Screen and all). Strangely enough, for the longest time, I thought Windows 7 already had the new "Automatic" aero theme... Just my two cents!
  24. Tomasz86, Do the previous versions of Windows show the size in the status bar?
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