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  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience. IMO it's still the best version of Windows to date.
  2. Good to know that others are still using Vista. I had actually moved to WIndows 8 last year and went back to Vista due to Windows 8.1. DirectDraw is still not fixed and there's too much Skydrive integration for my liking so Vista it is .
  3. I'm probably not going to upgrade to Windows 8.1 immediately because I have Windows 8 running fine at the moment. One of the things I don't like about Windows 8.1 is the blatent SkyDrive integration everywhere and as of the latest public beta you can't uninstall this. I obviously won't configure it when I do upgrade to 8.1 but I think that it seems to be a step to perhaps a forced Skydrive integration in future versions of Windows.
  4. Vista discs usually have all versions contained on them (Except Enterprise). If you insert your Home Premium DVD and insert the Business product key it should automatically select Business for you. You can verify this because after entering the key the EULA page after will state "Windows Vista Business" or similar.
  5. I've just read that the latest version of disk keeper supports trim on ssds on Vista which is fantastic. All the more reason to continue using Vista really .
  6. Completely agree, though I am trying to get into Windows 8 and I probably will give it another go, there's always VMWare for the Vista fix But yeah not only that I just prefer Vista overall, it's just little things to be honest.
  7. Yes those points are some of the things but also I find that everything seems to perform a lot smoother on Vista.
  8. Hi All, There doesn't seem to be that many people who still use Vista out of choice and coming across a Vista machine in the wild so to speak is becoming more unusual all the time. I've repeatedly tried Windows 7 (and have deployed it to sever hundread machines at work) however at home I much prefer to run Vista and have done since it was released. I've even give Windows 8 RTM a fair trial since it was released in August and I got annoyed with that after a while and just went back to Vista. So I'm just wondering if there are any other forum members who use Vista out of choice still?
  9. I've been saying this since before Windows 7 came out so it's nice that there's an article which agrees with this.
  10. I've put all of the Windows 9x videos I've done so far together in a gallery. http://techsnap.co.uk/08/2011/video-gallery-old-windows-releases/ Any ideas on further Windows 98 videos?
  11. Thanks again. Yes, I guess it's not designed to do that?
  12. I used Linux (Slackware mainly) for years until Vista was released because believe it or not, Vista did exactly what I wanted out of an OS. It's always best to use what OS works for you and if 9x is that then so be it
  13. I've been using 2.6.33 in Slackware and with newer versions of X, I'm getting great FPS on an ATi Radeon HD4850 by using the OpenSource drivers over the official ATi Drivers.
  14. I haven't tried it myself but have you given VLC a go?

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