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  1. Thanks for this information. Rather than deal with the possibility of these new problems concerning Update, I guess I will just continue to deal with what I presently have.
  2. Yes. I do not want Defender running. But as I said, I read somewhere that even though you turn it off it is not actually, completely turned off.
  3. I don't know. I have Defender turned off. I don't want it to run at all. Now the past couple of days I have received no pop ups. It will go that way -- be fine for awhile and then start interfering again. If I could I would uninstall it, but I read somewhere that even tho you turn it off, it isn't completely turned off.
  4. Frequently, I'm getting notification after startup that both Windows Defender and Emsisoft Anti-Malware show that they are turned off and my computer is at risk. It happened again this morning and in trying to check things out my computer froze up and I couldn't do anything. So I left it and came back to it and everything was fine at that point. Emsisoft was running and everything back to normal. But somehow this Windows Defender is causing problems. I can't be the only one with this problem so thought I'd check and see if there is a solution.
  5. Thank you, submix8c. I'm so happy to tell you that Windows Update just started working about 20 minutes ago. Right now I have 252 updates sitting for installation. Again ... thank you, thank you ... for everything you've done ... so very much!
  6. Yes, I used the F2 key to get into my BIOS. I was so afraid of this whole process; afraid I'd miss something and mess things up, afraid it wouldn't activate when I was done. When I couldn't get in to change my boot order back I was sure I had messed something up and everything was going to be a wash. I gave up a prayer of thanks when that worked out for me. Now I can't get Windows Update to work. I read through all that stuff linked by jaclaz, but it just makes me dizzy and want to weep because I don't get this information the way you guys do and I've struggled and struggled. I have run so many things and done so many things recommended by Microsoft to try and get these updates to work. After I installed that update agent update you gave me the link for I was able to install one update that I had downloaded manually from the Microsoft Download Center and I was so thrilled. I thought it was finally fixed. So I downloaded a couple more updates and now it's back to not working. Last evening when I ran the Windows Update Diagnostics, twice I got the error 0x8024402c. I just ran that again and got the same error. In every thing I found online about this error it says to go into Internet Explorer and make some changes, but I can't follow through the path they give me. Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings/Advanced ... and this is where I'm stopped. I don't have any Advanced. I have attached the Windows Update Diagnostics report i received for this error. If you don't wish to look at it perhaps someone else would take a look and PLEASE tell me how I can fix this issue. WU diag report.txt
  7. I just answered a different post by Tripredacus explaining that I did go to the Dell site and did some reading, tried the thing again, and I did get my boot order changed back! Just for information purposes, I tried booting normally with nothing in the CD drawer and it would not boot. I don't recall exactly what happened, but it didn't boot and I had to turn it off with the button and start over. Thanks for taking the time to offer your help.
  8. I did go ahead and activate at 1 a.m. this morning. It didn't work online, but I called the number given and the automated phone activation took 5-10 minutes and gave me the activation code. I was very happy. Now I have two problems. One is the Windows Update which I already mentioned. I ran that this morning after I activated and just left it and went back to bed. It was still running 8 hours later (at 9 a.m). If there are no updates then it should have stopped and reported that Windows is up to date. Secondly, I can't change the boot order back to the hard drive. Does this possibly have anything to do with keeping two of the Dell partitions from my Vista (following submix9c's directions)? Those would be the Dell Utility partition and the NTFS partition (type '07') of about 10 GB, which is used by the Recovery Environment and holds the Dell backup image. When I push the correct key (F12) it takes me to a BIOS page but it looks nothing like what I had before. On my Vista it was a brite blue page with white lettering. On the left I could page down to the BIOS setup, then page over on the right to the actual drives and change their order. Now I have a black screen that I believe said BIOS boot menu; it showed my CD first, then my Samsung HD, then USB. But there was no way I could find to change that order. I could page down to the Samsung HD and then hit enter and boot, but without being able to change the order I will have to be right at my computer and watching so I can push that F12 key at the right time every time the computer boots or restarts. EUREKA!! I went to the Dell site, used my service code and went to drivers and downloads. I did a bunch of reading and then decided to try this thing with the BIOS once more. I am very happy and excited to report that I have my boot order back in order. So now all I have left to work out is the update situation. If you have any clues about that please share. If not, thank you for listening anyway!
  9. It didn't work. It took me to a page where I could boot with Windows 7, but it didn't take me to BIOS.
  10. Windows Activation: I received instruction on this forum for doing a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit on this Dell dekstop, which was previously Vista Home Premium. When I got to that last page where you put in your product number (from the OEM disk I purchased), I was told to put in the number but not to click on Activate (since I was disconnected from the Internet). I started putting in the product number and the screen flashed and went away. I did not accidentally hit something else because I was just using 1 finger to enter this number and wasn't even looking at the screen. I had entered about 5 numbers/letters when this happened. When I went to System, at the bottom it shows a Product ID number and when I click on the Change Product Key link it shows the screen I have attached. I'm a bit afraid of doing something wrong, so I am asking, should I go ahead and type in the actual Product Key I was given with this disk and then click on the Activate button on that screen? Windows Updates: I clicked on updates last night after I finished and it ran and ran and ran. When I checked there were only two updates shown. I ran Belarc Advisor this morning and there are a whole list of updates that are needed. Do I have to activate before I can install the updates, or is there something else going on here?
  11. I'm sorry but I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to the guts of a computer. I don't understand what you mean. At what point do I use the Delete key? I ran Belarc and this is a Dell Inc. Dell DXP061. The chasis serial number is 8XQ45D1. If Belarc gives info about the motherboard, would you please tell me what to look under? Under Network Drives Belarc shows that there are none. Is that correct or is there something I need to install? Belarc shows my account as Privilege: Administrator. It then shows Administrator and Guest accounts marked as Disabled. In Control Panel/User Accounts I see the Guest account, but there is no other Administrator account showing; just the Guest account and mine. Should an Administrator account be showing?
  12. I just clean installed Windows 7 on my Vista computer. I had my boot order with CD 1st and now I want to go to BIOS and change boot order back so my hard drive is 1st. When I push the F2 key it takes me into the page where all my system information is given. When I push the F12 key it takes me to Boot Device Menu which doesn't look anything at all like it did before. It lists CD, Samsung HD and USB in that order. Below that are 3 options of System Setup, Hard Drive Diagnostics and Boot to Utility Partition. I can't see anywhere to change that boot sequence back so that my Hard Drive is 1st. I can use my arrow key to go down and select the Samsung HD, then hit enter to start my computer, but I can't change the boot sequence and I sure don't want to have to do that every time I boot, restart. I didn't have any trouble going into BIOS before I did the install to change the boot sequence but I don't know how to get back to that spot. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  13. I checked folder and there are files in it. Done Used ImgBurn ​Marked and saved. I am not in any hurry. DirPrnInfo.7z DirPrnInfo.7z
  14. Thank you. I used DriveImage to backup D and the hidden volume V and unless I've done something wrong it was almost too simple. I backed them up to my external, both to the same folder. The backup of the hidden volume, V, only took about 2 seconds so I'm questioning if it should have taken longer. May I ask why you didn't ask me to backup the C drive the same way? Bootable media for DriveImage. I downloaded the ISO image of Runtime Live CD and burned it to a CD. Is this correct?
  15. Why, now, do you openly offer to give me help via PM when you took me to task for asking questions through PM before? You told me you refused to assist through PMs because is not your way of doing things. Now you are offering to give me the big, simple revelation. I never refused to back up. I just told you I didn't want to work with you on that process of keeping the two Dell partitions.You are too hard to understand and too mean and difficult to work with so I just didn't want to even start down another road. In the meantime, I have made an image backup with another program. This isn't really help -- just another heaping of sarcasm and meanness. But I'm afraid you've been far too clever and it's gone right over my head. All I know is that it's meant to be mean and biting. I don't need to read your link because I know exactly what the consequences are. I've always known. That's why I came here to get some help, but I fell into the wrong hands. I want nothing further from you. You've had me sick to my stomach and upset for long enough. I should have seen long ago, when every post from you came back as or more sarcastic and mean sounding than the last, that this was going nowhere. But I kept hoping that you would snap out of it, and maybe end up giving me some real help, one human being to another. God forbid you should ever need help from an expert with something and end up with someone like you. There is no need for you to answer this back, unless you want the last word If so, go for it. I simply don't care anymore what you think. I hope you can work through whatever eats at or drives you and find a little more peace and joy than you appear to have.

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