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  1. As for your DNS problem - try disabling the firewall (from the services panel and not turning it off). Do you still have the same problem?
  2. jpatto

    User Accounts

    if its for a single account try out a program called Fresh UI. If i remember correctly you have to log onto the account you want restrictions (as an admin) make the changes then revert that account as a limited user (from your admin acc of course)
  3. try re-registering your KERNEL32.DLL file
  4. Try to click Start > All Programs > Synchronize and remove the ticks frok the tabs for the programs being sync'd
  5. i think...... using mmc (from the run prompt)
  6. My guess is that its to do with SCW (Security Configuration Wizard) as all new software take extra memory
  7. ok i guess i know where your coming from
  8. from my experience routable IPs have always caused me a problem...................
  9. NOt sure if this does the trick but try re-registering the WU .dlls (ive posted in this forum somewhere before. (if you cant find it post back and ill post it again) (yep i can get lazy at times B) )
  10. Why - did you do that? if so what happened???? im curious as to the way you wrote your post
  11. Mines slightly more than 1022,7 MB but didnt notice till now
  12. I usually install AD last even after installing other programs.......just incase you needed to knwo that too
  13. My usual procedure is as andrewpayne and tguy suggested but i would be curious to know why disable onboard/onchip LAN and FIREWIRE in BIOS too
  14. I was going to say the same as Klasika as thats what i did with my problem (listed about Visual sourcesafe)
  15. Thanks for your help however i realised that configuring GPO it would resolve the issue.......
  16. dammmm didnt know that although it says it doesn't speed it up ive tried it and it display the icons a lot faster and speeded up my boot by a few seconds.........weird
  17. jpatto

    no text

    What happens if you reinstall the app? Does this happen with other applications?
  18. I have Visual SourceSafe installed on a client and a server. When i log onto the client pc and access anything using Visual SourceSafe it take around 1-2 minutes for it to completely load. Ive run run SCW (Security Configuration Wizard) which improved other features however im not to sure if this is the case or if its the firewall that requires configuring - anyone one got any ideas? if its a firewall issue does anyone know the ports? Thanks
  19. Does anyone know how to monitor internet sites being viewed from a cmd prompt on another PC? - i tried netstat - a, but couldnt find the command to tell me what internet sites are being viewed on the other PC Thanks in advance
  20. Im not sure if my method is right or not but ill let you know how i do it - i make one default GPO for what im doing i.e. i computer settings same for all users - add that to the main OU underneath create another OU and add GP2 (according to your question) create another OU and add GP3 (allows them access to WM with the same PC settings) - hope this helps and gives you the idea
  21. Ho wdoes SPS fit with IIS and Exchange - in brief could anyone say whats the advantages for using SPS and when would one recommend using this? Thank you
  22. yes - it was a program i had installed on the server that caused the problem - unfortunately the only way i found to resolve was to log onto the server directly (not using RDP) then remove the program which resolved it
  23. On a small network is it possible to send messages using net send where i can enable the messenger service in services.msc on different workstations then disable it once done (to avoid spam traffic etc) or is there another recommended way? Thanks

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