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  1. Oops!! I got it: [unattended] Repartition = yes
  2. Hello I want to deploy an unattended XP PRO installation. But my PC has a Windows XP Pro partition already installed. Is there a way to automatically delete this partition and install a fresh copy of XP PRO on the entire HD using unattended installtion without any interference?
  3. Can't detect any USB device

    Hi CptMurphy Thx for this quick reply I tried to connect a scanner but it still undetected. The devices are connetced directly to the PC with no hubs. And I didn't install any new software or hardware. I used system restore first then reinstalled windows but nothing can help.
  4. Can't detect any USB device

    Hello I have a Windows XP Pro SP2 installed on my PC. I had a printer and an external modem connected through USB ports. They were working fine until 2 days ago they stopped working. My PC can't detect anymore any USB device. I checked that USB is enabled in BIOS. I even reinstalled Windows XP but still can't detetct USB devices. I run out of solutions, so please does anyone know what's going on? Thx you
  5. Hello People beware of web hosting company called www.canaca.com This company is managed by a bunch of thieves. It offers an alleged excellent offer to seduce you: (10 GB web space, 200 GB montly bandwidth, 3.95 $ per month) Sound good? Nope, once you're there you're busted. First they tell you when oredering that they need your phone number to call you for confirmation. And here come the first tide: You'll receive this e-mail from canaca.com: Now after taking your money, it's you who should call them.It's Ok, let's continue: They said that the call is free, and here's come the second tide: THE CALL IS NOT FREE Once YOU call and confirm, you need to send a dozen of begging e-mails to receive your login. It's OK. You'll wait 1 week to receive your username and password. The first week of hosting is great and everything is going fine. But once 10 days pass, your site will stop working, it will cease to exist. You can neither upload nor download, and you'll recieve a new e-mail, so prepare yourself for a third tide: My goodness!!! Where's the 200 GB promised??? Whatever your explanation is, you'll receive this e-mail: See guys, I can only use 10 % of my 200 GB. My 200 GB dropped to 20 GB monthly. And notice: http://canaca.com/contract.html This page is hidden when you place your order. It only appears when they drop your 200 GB to 20 GB. So you need now to accept the new rules, otherwise the hosting will be canceled and you can say goodbye to your money. What is funny, is that on their home page, they said "30 days money back gurantee if you're not satisfied..." Well this is a big lie. You'll never get your money back. Jusr read the hidden page: http://canaca.com/contract.html: So dream not of some money back. Now, if you send more e-mails to protest and asking when your IP will be unblocked, you'll be punished and you'll receive this e-mail: So now I lost my money, my bandwitdh dropped to 20 GB and I am punished for at least 4 days. I don't know what is waiting for me in the next few days. Don't worry, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, please warn your friends: BEWARE OF THESE THIEVES AT WWW.CANACA.COM
  6. Hello I have a site that contains 5 HTML pages + 1 main home page. I need to add a search engine on the main page so when a user type for any sort of information, the search engine will lead him to what he asked. How can I do that? Thx in advance.
  7. Hello Is there any Photoshop or Image Ready' tutorial that teaches how to make an animated flag like the one below: Thx in advance
  8. Hello I have a site with many pages. I need to install a search engine so visitors can search the content of the entire site. Can someone help please? Thx in advance
  9. DNS problem

    Hi I set a new Windows 2000 AS domain. And I have also 15 clients that should join the new domain. The problem is that these 15 clients have ROUTABLE IPs and not private IPs. I am wondering how could I set the DNS so that the clients may join the domain and in the same time keep their routable IPs? Thx in advance
  10. Hi I have a laptop with a DVD/CD-RW which can read DVD fine, read CD fine, but I am unable to burn a CD. I am using Nero as burning software, but each time it's aborted before burning starts. I tried different type of CDs but the problem remains. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Thx in advance.
  11. Hi I just need an answer for this question about permissions: When we move a file to a target folder on the same NTFS partition, what will be the permissions of the file? Surely the file retains its original permissions. But what if the source file had as NTFS Permissions Allow Full Control for User A. But the target folder doesn't have NTFS permissions for User A. The question was: What will the effective permissions be on the file: Here we can have 2 answers: - The File will retain its orginal permissions and User A will still have Full Control over the file - But the User will not be able to see or access the file because he already doesn't have access to the target folder So what is the right answer? Both choice are used and one is the right answer. I am too confused...
  12. Hi I need to draw a circle and then type a phrase inside the circle. But the typing should be in harmony with the circle arcs. I mean the letters should follow the circle circumference. Please does anyone know how can I do this? Thx
  13. Thank you so much for your replies and thanks jcarle for the links
  14. Hi I just want to ask if there are big differences between Windows server 2000 and Windows server 2003? thx
  15. IE6 error

    Hello I received this error when I try to open IE6: res://c:\windows\system32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm Now I can connect but unable to surf or open any page. I am using XP Pro and using a Dial-Up connection. Can you help? Thx in adavnce