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  1. Anyone know a way to change the wallpaper using either a batch file or registry script? Thanks
  2. Just wanted to know if anyone has a step by step guide in order for me to install an operating system from our server to clients on the network? Thanks
  3. Based on that i guess ill have to install VPC on workstations as we dont have VMWare then create a link to the systems on the server
  4. you can slipstream the updates to your Offcie setup. As for automating the install if you want to do this when installing your system you may want to take a look here http://unattended.msfn.org/
  5. Best way would be to use AD if you have it setup - this way you can impose many restrictions you like and remove them when necessary
  6. How do i do that? Also how is the workstation going to recognise this shortcut link as a Virtual operating system when the workstation has no VS05 or VPC? or am i suppose to install one or the other on the workstation (unless VS05 has a way of configuring this)? Thanks
  7. I have Virtual Server 2005 installed on my server. This has different operating systems installed on seperate drives (e.g. VS05 on C drive and the op system it loads on D drive). I want my users to be able to access the virtual systems from their workstation. What would be the most easiest way? to have this done A. Is it possible to have a client version of VS05 on workstations? B. Should i use Virtual PC on the workstations then create a link to the virtual op systems on the server? Thanks for you help/ advise.
  8. The only place ive removed the computer from is "computers" found in Active Directory Users and Computers - is that what you mean?
  9. Thanks ive tried all the suggestions listed on the above link but either theyre pointed towards NT or resetting the secure connection. Ive removed the workstation from the domain and will try to see if it will join later (incase a miracle happens ) so any more suggestions?
  10. What does the event viewer say? any errors reported there? This may or may not work but you may want to give it a shot as it solved a similar problem i had. Also performing these actions will reset your TCP/IP properties/ settings and DNS servers, so you may want to note these details down. at a cmd prompt type: ipconfig /release ipconfig /flushdns netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt netsh winsock reset Restart, enter your details (IP add/ DNS etc)
  11. As far as i remember i had no problems. I had to download/ extract the SATA drivers onto floppy first and thats about it. Performance wise it was excellent. Not had a problem (touch wood ) or any other issues
  12. Yes ive tried that and for some strange reason it doesnt join. Checking the event log gave me event ID 3210 (i think) which tells me to reset the secure connection.
  13. Anyone!!!!!!!!!! even if you know another way of resetting a secure connection between server and client..........
  14. Default gateway shoud be pointing to your routers address for web connectivity (go to your LAN, right click, properties, TCP/IP click properties and enter your default gateway). If that doesnt work can you ping any sites?
  15. Anyone know how to reset the secure connection between a domain controller and a Workstation? I read the article at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=216393 and it brought back errors. Could someone give me a brief example of how the syntax is run. This is what ive tried: netdom reset 'workstation' /domain:'MyDomain' This returns - Network path not found netdom reset workstation /domain:MyDomain Target name account is incorrect (notice the ' is/are missing) So im not 100% what the correct way would be. Thanks
  16. You deleted a DC that was part of your original machine. So use ADSIEDIT to delete the entries for it (youll find links how to use it at Technet/ KB). Then delete the machine entries from Active Directory Sites and Services
  17. Have you tried updating the drivers? as i had a similar problem to yours and was resolved by updating the drivers - do you get the same problem in safe mode?
  18. Just before you do what Marsden has said try this first: Make sure the zone has Dynamic Updates or Only secure option selected. (Go into DNS and right click select properties) Stop the netlogon and the DNS service (at cmd prompt type net stop netlogon and net stop dns) Go to %systemroot%\system32\config folder and then delete the netlogon.dns and netlogon.dnb files Restart DNS and netlogon Run netdiag /fix
  19. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! no way i cant believe this - how could you...............ok ok im only joking dont worry about it
  20. Ill take a quick shot at this - right click the drive and check Security tab have the users details been entered to have access? also right click Group Polices Managment and select Run As enter the details of another administrator - can he access it if yes check the permissions and add yourself to it - may not resolve but its a start.....
  21. disk that has been supplied by Dell into a disk as if it was from MS reason is that im trying to install XP onto a computer that is not Dell and it wont allow me to (tells me it has to be a Dell machine). Ive uninstalled this version of XP from the original computer if anyone needs to know.
  22. Im thinking of connecting a PC onto our domain which is outside of our building using VPN - would you guys think this is recommended if so what are the best practices to follow and how should this be done? Thanks
  23. Download the latest Support tools from MS website. Open up cmd window (use the one supplied with the support tools) type the following: Dnscmd NS1 /config zonename.com /AllowNSRecordsAutoCreation you may want to re-register dns (ipconfig /registerdns) once youve restarted the machine.

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