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  1. Vista format does not support Ghost, simple as that, don't loose time searching for answers to why, it doesn't and that's it. Get yourself Acronis True Image Home or Workstation and you will forget Ghost in no time...
  2. win2k8 RTM just cam out, betas and RCs are not to be compared with win2k3, even though MS for the first time ever, encouraged users to use win2k8 RC in their production environment. anyway, go for win2k8 license, and you still have right to use win2k3 and below should yuou decide that win2k8 is no good ATM.
  3. why would anyone want to purchase enterprise version of the win2k8 server with hyper-v, when both virtual server and vmware server are free produtcs?
  4. as Microsoft MVP you should know that Windows Server 2008 DOES NOT contain Windows Server 2008 SP1, but rather SP1 of the original Longorn code, so the above statement is nothing but hoax.
  5. Since it's the same engine, on the same hardware I'd expect the numbers to be the same or essentially similar. I would think the same, but then, you know MS, suddenly, when least expected, you find out that they have change the rules of engagement
  6. Anyone has any comparison Windows Server 2003 vs WHS? More, how many web sites can be hosted on a WHS?
  7. Again thanks to all for the guidance and I WILL eventually understand this. regedit is registry editor, you have to be very careful when working in registry editor, and if you're not sure what you're doing, then better don't do anything. Anyway, before you do anything in the registry editor, make sure you make a backup of your registry (File - Export - Export Rage set to All) ... the registry change I was refering to just tells Netlogon service not to start before DNS service is started ... As per your 11165 error, check that dynamic updates on your DNS zone properties is set to allow secure, this should allow all computers to dynamically register with DNS server ...
  8. configure it through the DHCP and not on each client ... as per reverse lookup zones, these are mappings of the computer name to the IP address so when you ping the host on the network using host name, DNS reverse lookup zone looks in the table and locate the IP address for the particular host ...
  9. You bet they should, they should pay for the support case as well ... btw mine is
  10. IN most of the cases the following works ... open registry and navigate to HKLM\System\CurecntControlSet\Services\Netlogon and edit DependOnService and add DNS to the list ... this is to be done on the server machine ... Second option might be configuring the firewall if firewall is enabled on the server and/or clients, the following ports MUST be open UDP 53, TCP 135, 445, 1025, 389 ... anyway, check the following link, excellent resource website for any network admin
  11. Well there you go ... try removing the aforementioned registry key and see what happens with event log. As soon as Serv-U service is restarted, the registry key is regenerated, so it looks like the only solution is to remove Serv-U for good ...
  12. Well after almost 2 months emailing with Microsoft Support, we've pin point the problem, and it apears to be Serv-U FTP server. For some reason, when I try to opet any event in Application log, MMC calls Serv-U FTP Daemon as the source for the event viewer! Anyway, MS Support asked me to make a dump file and upload it to them (170+ MB), 10 minutes later, they send me the "solution", to delete the following key HKLM\System\CurentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\Serv-U Ftp Server ... as soon as I have removed the aforementioned key, Application log works just the way it should. I have to try and remove FTP server and install it back on to see if that would help at all ...
  13. When you say power management for the domain, what exactly do you mean?
  14. How did you set up your internet connectin in your router through the NAT or Port Forwarding?
  15. SQL 2005 standard can run on Windows XP PRO with no problems, and as far as I can remember, there was an article on how to install IIS6 (even IIS 5) on Windows 2000/XP. As per why Win2k3 over XP, I see no reason at all, as Win2k3 has more services and processes that run in bg than XP has, but there are still people that thinks that win2k3 runs faster than XP.

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