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  1. ok, so here's the deal with whats going on, which i don't understand. On my vista machine i have two mapped drives that connect to my server (windows 2003). Now, I tried two things and figured out what the deal was: 1. I setup a FTP server on the Server machine and shared one drive on the ftp server. I then ran a FTP client on my vista machine and transfered a file from the server to my vista machine and got 60MB/sec! 2. I then set up a share on my Vista machine, logged into my server and transfered a file from my Server to the shared Vista folder and got 60MB/sec. 3. Back on my vista machine,
  2. hey, i just started using vista media center and installed my movies, everything is working fine but i want to be able to arrange the icons on the main page, i'm using it mainly has a movie/picture/music center and i have no need for anything else...don't have a TV tuner. I only want specific icons on the main page and order them the way I want, but I have no idea where to start to do that Also, i've realized that vista media center and windows media player are inter-connected...atleast for the music section, the mp3s i add/remove from WMP also changes what i see in vista MC....but no so for t
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    How To?

    Hi guys, previously i had asked you guys which software to use to split/combine etc mp3 files and was recommended audacity, which worked like a charm, thanks This time i have a diff question....I want to be able to take certain parts from a dvd movie, for example: DVD 1: 1:00 to 2:35 DVD 2: 3:00 to 7:25 DVD 3...etc etc Basically i want 3-6 minute clips from different dvds (so ill have a lot of small clips) and i want to make a NEW dvd out of those clips being able to go from one clip to the next.... i dont know if i expalined myself correctly, but if you have any questions, pls ask thank you
  4. Hi, im looking for software that will allow me to split mp3s (like if i only wanted the mp3 from second 0:23 to 1:12), software that will allow me to combine two mp3s (like if i split 2 mp3s, i want to attach one to the end and make one long mp3), and maybe some software that will also allow me to fade in/fade out parts of the mp3 (as in it starts of at a low volume and then gets to regular volume) Im looking for a good software for that, mainly for splitting and joining mp3s, and the splitting maybe at the millisecond level and not the second level thanks
  5. I used nLite to install the hotfixes, not using the svpack.inf, so how will that affect the install/hotfixes? Can i still use svpack.inf to include the media player 10 and msn7 even after ive installed the patches using nLite? Also, where to get msn7 silent install?
  6. Hi, how are you guys I ran across this forum a month or so ago and found it wonderful, the activity and knowledge here is amazing I had no idea there was such a thing as the unattended, found it a little overwhelming at first, but i said ill try it, cant hurt, and it'll make formatting a hell of a lot easier/faster. I'll be posting here when i run into a roadblock or when i just have a question b4 doing something, so far, i've been following the step-by-step found here: http://unattended.msfn.org Im still at the begginer section, installing the hotfixes using nLite. Question 1: I installed th
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    User Accounts

    yes it is for a single account, its at one of my stores for an employee and i want the employee to have very limited access to the PC contents. I will look into Fresh UI, thank you.
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    User Accounts

    Hi I want to create a user account that is VERY limited, the user should not be able to install any programs, access the control panel, or access the files on the harddrive. Is there a way to do this? Thank you
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