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  1. ... and you have a broken Google Here : http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enhancements/Change-File-Extension-Shell-Menu.shtml Obtained through : http://bit.ly/1yW41GG jaclaz it works, thanks. I couldn't find this tool when I search before.
  2. I want to change file extension of a file by right clicking the file and select it through the context menu option, so that I don't have to go through all the "hide/show file extension“ process just to change a single file.
  3. after fiddling with the permission and some researches, i finally got it to work. Add a "everyone" object and deny permission on the "set value" option. http://www.bench3.com/2009/11/prevent-changes-to-registry-key-avoid.html Thanks for the help.
  4. i tried wAssociate, the main problem is that even though i changed the file association, after the restart of that qq downloader, it auto wipe out the file association again.
  5. can you elaborate on this? What part in the registry should i do i search on usually? Thanks
  6. it's call qq download, it's a downloading client. I think many users had reported this issue but they didn't seem to care, i'm suspecting that they are doing that on purpose.
  7. i have a program that kept changing my file association of a file type on every start of that program. Even though it has a setting to disable it, after every program start it'll still going to change the association to none, which is really annoying. Is there any way to stop this?
  8. I have two drives, a hard disk and a ssd, both have Windows 7 installed, and I only want the system to boot from the ssd, how do i disable os of the other one from booting? I tried to set higher boot priority to the ssd in BIOS, but after a reboot, the hdd one takes priority again.
  9. after i clicked the action center icon at the bottom right bar, this popup shows up, and I can't make it disappear. I tried click on anywhere on the screen, minimizing all the windows, full screen with youtube, it was still there, please help
  10. This problem has been bothering me for more than a year now, and it's been getting frustrating. Every time when I goes to a youtube video, click on the like/dislike button (or the old 5star rate selection), the page will stop loading within seconds, and whatever I click after that, nothing will happen. The current video will not load, the comment section will not load. I have to restart my browser in order for it to work again. I've tried with firefox, ie, chrome, opera, they all have this problem. I've done some test by not click those button for a few days and everything is working norma
  11. whenever I play a media file, there's a progress bar on top of my media player tab under the taskbar, showing where i up to, like this: How can I remove this?
  12. It works! I'm so relief now, haha. Thanks for the help CoffeeFiend.
  13. Recently my Windows was unable to detect my slave drive, and the most recent event I can recall was installing of an optional update for Windows call "ITE IT8211 ATA/ATAPI Controller". My slave drive is working fine on another computer, and bios is able to detect it on boot up, but only it didn't shows up in Windows. And I couldn't find the way to uninstall that update, what can I do?
  14. thanks for the help, I checked the WAIK package, but its 1.4G of download scared me away. And luckly, my cell phone has usb storage and I was able to load it during the setup, yay. And for anyone who has difficulty installing with this annoying problem, I've uploaded this driver here, just unzip it and put it into your flash drive, and everything should be good ite_sata_v10.zip
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