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  1. I have a shortcut created on my desktop which runs when using shortcut keys. Now as i dont want this shortcut on the dektop i move it to the system32 folder and the shortcut keys dont work anymore - is there a workable way around this so the shortcut runs whereevr i place the icon? Thanks
  2. Not sure if this answers your question or not as i may not have understood it fully. The server has to be part of a domain before you should install SMS otherwise you will only get the Admin console tools to install option. Once its part of a domain try installing making ot your 1st primary site or whatever your requirements are.
  3. Did you upgrade from WMP9? if so open run and type "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\Setup_wm.exe" /Uninstall - never tried this myself so you may want to backup etc before trying it. If you didnt upgrade you may still want to try it as it may give you the option to install WMP 9 (if you can find the full download) once WMP10 has been removed.
  4. Nothings wrong with nlite - its just that i would have had to start the process from scratch i.e. reinstall the op system (after using nlite to remove programs not required) which woudl have taken ages for me. I was just looking for an easy way to remove programs without having to go through that method
  5. The idea is that i have a Virtual Server running XP and its only used for one thing (Development) so in order to keep this PCs spec to a minimum i removed as many things possible. 1. Opened up Sysoc.inf and removed all the "hide" entries to see what i can remove to help speed up and save drive space with this PC. 2. Ive also deleted the uninstall folders found in system32 folder (after installing updates that is) Im still looking for more to remove and was wondering if anyone has any tricks with removing unwanted items on this PC other than using nlite to remove it and start again. ANY trick would be appreciated Thanks
  6. If im right this wont work at all on some versions. This is due to the WFP (Windows File Protection) on WS 2003 as soon as you replace a core file it automatically reverts back to the original (as it has to be activated via internet/phone) disabling WFP may help but ive heard if you have SP1 installed it wont work with changing the one reg key to disable WFP thats if you wanted to.
  7. Well its found at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/gpmc/default.mspx not to sure if you want to download it from another pc then save it etc
  8. Have to agree with Martin Zugec.....it doesnt seem the policy has been setup. You will need to point the policy "Specify Intranet Microsoft update service location properties" to your WSUS server and ensure yours PCs can see this policy
  9. Im trying to build a policy for internet usage which is "suppose" to be safe for users. The idea is: If a webpage needs to install any programs/scripts admin rights are required (i.e. Flash or at least authorised by AD policy) etc etc Ive seen a few policies in AD but before i test anything out i wondered if theres anything you would recommend (other than using a proxy or ISA as it has to be policy based within AD) Thanks
  10. try using LoginScript.vbs under the Login Script section to see if that works (i.e. not the full UNC name) Im not too sure if there is another way round mapping drives other than using scripts.
  11. I dont have this menu listed infront of me but what happens when you click Start > All Programs > Accessories and under one of the folders you may have an option called Character map or something which displays a keyboard layout - does that do anything different?
  12. I created a folder called Profiles (shared as Profiles$) then rather than letting Windows create the user folder i created that too. As for permissions i had was the Profiles$ share was administrator full access and Domain\GroupNameOfUsers with change access. The users folder was administrator (full access) and the username itself with change access although others may disagree with this (i think)
  13. Thanks chilifrei64 Windows server 2003 I created a partition called Users then a folder named Profiles (made them as shares except the Profiles folder was shared as Profiles$)- set permissions as per my 1st post above - went to one of my users set their account profile to \\servername\Users\Profiles$\%username% logged on as the user - checked the server - it created the folder as the users name but i received access is denied. Its the folder where the users profile settings are kept its a profile that is shown on the C drive of any PC (but users are restricted from sing the C drive) and also mapped against the server Although i worked it out im curious to know what others do but what i did was i created the users folder myself as a share and it worked - but not sure if this is the approach everyone else woud take.... thanks
  14. This is probably gonna be one of those questions where once i hit "post new topic" ill get the answer myself.......... I have created a folder to store users profiles when they log on. I made this as a share and added administrator with full control and Change permission for the users - thats all When a user logs on the users folder is created etc etc but i cant access it - i get access is denied ive played around with the permissions but cant figure out how to allow me have access other than replacing the permissions (which is no good) could someone advise? Thanks
  15. 2 things to do here: 1. Download Kapsersky install cleaner and run it if that doesnt work then.... 2. Delete a certain reg key (PM me if you need to know as some may say i shoud not be posting this up).
  16. I was hoping to find an answer here but havent so decided to post this as someone might know. Have a SPV C550 im trying to edit some of the items on the phone (for example a picture) i try to copy it over to my PC in order to change it and copy it back but i get an error access is denied etc. This happens for majority of the files in any location. Anyone know how to remove this protection or point me somewhere helpful or another utility that allows me to modify the file? Thanks
  17. this may help http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvi...t/hardware.mspx
  18. I have a 200+ users on a network with a GB connection. Now when i install office 2003 some pcs take an hour for install and others take 2 minutes to install. All PCs have the same specs, and automatic assignment of DHCP - anyone know whats causing the slowness here? thanks
  19. Is there a way to give individual users their pop3 settings when setting up an account on a domain (preferably when theyre logging in) NOT using Exchange server (i.e. pop server = ????? smtp = ***** username= &&&&&& Display name =NAME etc) Thanks
  20. Admin: Maybe in the wrong section but wasnt sure where i could post this.....so please move if neccessary I have a document which is in a similar format as below: Monday 01 January 2005 Tuesday 02 January 2005 Wednesday 03 January 2005 Thursday 04 January 2005.................... i want to replace 2005 with a new line. So it returns like this: Monday 01 January Tuesday 02 January Wednesday 03 January Thursday 04 January Ive checked MS Word 2003 but cant figure out a way to do this. Any idea? Thanks
  21. Thanks guys. Just before i start to trial/attempt anything i thought to mention that the machine (or machines) that im going to use are on a network - wouldnt they loose network connectivity using RIS or any other method as i thought this method would erase any signatures to the server? maybe im wrong but love to know what im doing wrong. Thanks
  22. I have 200 users. All the machines require 1 registry tweak to be applied. All users have a strict policy which already has regedit disabled. Is there any way i can give all users admin access just for them to have this tweak applied and then revert back to the default policy for each user? without removing users from their policy groups? or any other ideas to apply this 1 tweak on 200 PCs Thanks in advance
  23. Is there a way to download MS office help file so my users dont need to use the internet to find there answers - a bit like MSDN. If there is please advise how or where i can download it from. Thanks

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