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  1. I downloaded it but it asks for a license key - is it still free? or does it have a charge now? When you create this .zap file do you just create the contents as in the article then save that file with the extension .zap (just thought to check as i assume ths is the case) thanks
  2. Is there a way to set up a task using task scheduler for all the PCs on a domain if yes how can this be done? thanks
  3. We have a global policy for about 500 computers. For one PC i need to create a new policy which is ONLY affecting this one PC so i decide ill do a local GP. If i did this would the local policy override the global policy or would the global policy override the local policy OR would they merge together? Thx
  4. I had a similar problem turned out to be the motherboard was faulty on one machine and needed updating on another
  5. What version of Outlook do you have? Is outlook controlled by policy? What kind of local rights issue do you have? Have you deleted the profile locally and the server then logged on again as the user and resetup Outlook? Does the share have the correct group permissions listed? and users are part of that group from the server? just a few things for you to tinkle with as it made me ask more questions than give answers...:-)
  6. maybe wrong but doesnt this line has 2 extra " ? shouldnt it be "runas /user:administrator@domain" "cscript.exe \\server\share$\Script.vbs" just a guess
  7. Searching about this iritating problem led me here hoping someone knows the crack to it. Im testing out IE7 and one of the features i strongly use is the runas command on users PCs to make quick adjustments. I used to do this with IE6 without a problem but seems MS have decided not to integrate IE7 with Explorer.exe. SO my problem is when i use the runas command it opens up IE as expected but runs as a limited user even using the admin password- anyway to seperate the process or is there a new path code im missing? normally use runas /user:domain\admin "c:\program fies\internet explorer\iexplore" thanks in advance
  8. Yes i that would be helpful Its Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller Thanks
  9. Why does Vista lose internet connectivity every 20-30 mins. I have to use the following command to reset it but this only lasts for about 20 mins before i have to repeat it again: ipconfig /flushdns
  10. I have an Optiplex system and installed Windows Vista. The screen resolution is tooooooooooooooo high so i tried dropping it down but it wont allow me. Obviously knwoing this is a driver issue i ran Install Supplemental Drivers but that didnt do anything. I tried a driver from Win XP pro (and one from Dell's site) but they failed to install. So..... Anyone know what to do or which drivers i require here? Thanks
  11. I redirected a users application data folder to a certain server using GPOs. I then removed the GPO so it doesnt redirect his folder anymore. Now whenever this user logs on it automatically creates this folder and i cant find a solution to stop it from doing this. I have tried to delete the local user folder and the server folder (roaming profiles are setup) but still same issue. Anyone know a way around this? Thanks
  12. Thanks Chili man that did it!!!! however i made the dumbest mistake i didnt have a user that was authenticated to be logging on or logging on with current logins because that user didnt exist but thanks for your help
  13. No only users you allow access. By default Exchange creates access to the user in question. So using something like this in yor security tab for the user you want to monitor: domain\Brian873 - would allow you access and not administrators domain\administrators - would allow only the administrators group access and no one outside that group
  14. This may not be the way your after but something you might want to know or even answer your question What i do for a certain accounts to be monitored is to add myself in the security group this way (in Exchange under their account) and then go to Outlook - Tools > Email Accounts > View or change existing account > Change > More settings > Advanced > Add - then type in the username/ group i want to monitor this way i see things happen as mails come in.
  15. From what i know usually if you block the usual file types (.exe, msi, .vbs etc tec) that is securable as the user cannot install anything unless they have admin privledges and other file extensions can be blocked out too. But not to sure about spy/mal ware in this instance as thats normally an issue when browing websites (if you needed to know that is )
  16. Sorry about the late reply. Just to clarify this is the screen im looking at - are you referring to the same screen?
  17. Im not sure which security tab your referring to could you give me some more info as i coudnt find anything of that name except allow anonymous access - which i seletced but that didnt allow me to log on. thanks
  18. Ive not used Telnet to a great extent, do you know where i could read up on it to carry the above out?
  19. Have a look at this to see if it helps: http://www.me.mtu.edu/information/disk_full_error.html
  20. If i have a PC on a domain which has been bolted down by that i mean: -Right click has been disabled. -Command prompt has been disabled -Registry is also disabled -Using policy files with Office 2003 -Run has been disabled Is there a way to still use the RunAs command some how? Im asking as were trying to make small changes and rather than logging out users then us logging in to make changes i wondered if anyone else has any other ways?
  21. Thanks Chilifrei64. I already have the username and password set to the default and is the same as the computer. It is a domain controller (if that makes any difference) and ive also tried adding the site to the trusted zone but as soon as i select the option "automatically logon with username and password" it generates an error and will not go any further (if you need to know the error let me know as im not at the computer in question) Thanks
  22. I thought the same - yes your right it runs off a web interface. I did add it to the trusted zone then i entered the password to save it (even adding the option to log in as the current user) but this fails to even start VS 2005. I managed to write the script to open the site but now i just need to find a way of it saving the password or something along those lines.
  23. Guys Im trying to create a batch file for the following process: WS2003 loads up and opens Virtual Server 2005 and automatically logs in with given user credentials. Im not sure where to start - any ideas? or pointers? Thanks
  24. Thanks it seems they no longer do winkey. Is there a mirror site that your aware of where i could download this program?

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