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  1. Maybe a silly question and i know its probably been asked before (but i couldnt find it ) Could someone point me to the page which shows the guide to: 1. Slipstream .Net Framework and .Net SP1 (If possible could the SDK be added to Windows XP SP2?) 2. Either slipstream WMP 10 with XP SP2 or replace WMP 9 with WMP10 3. How to setup my installation so it installs IIS without me having to go into add/remove programs etc. 4. Execute some registry settings. Also is there a way where i can say to install IIS BEFORE the .Net Framework? Thanks in advance.
  2. After making some time for myself i finally tried the instructions to the link i pointed out in anothers thread with the same problem...... All you have to do is copy the NTKRNLMP.EXE from a system that already has SP2 (or i think this can be copied from the sp2 disk/ download but i wasnt sure how to extract or expand NTKRNLMP.PDB.EXE) into your i386 folder (after you have slipstreamed it) - when asked to override select yes. The version of the NTKRNLMP.EXE that shoudl be in i386 is 5.1.2600.2180. Burn it and that should be it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Just an idea - have you tried to open up Windows Media Player and checking in the options to change the location of where the files are located/ stored? Try changing the location to another folder and then dlete the reg key.
  4. Maybe this might help but not 100% sure as i havent tried it just yet. If you do try this please post your results: http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/bo...=125873#M125873
  5. jpatto

    Rip DVD Audio

    Thanks everyone for your input - ill give it a shot. Thanks again
  6. Try switching off the firewall if you have one - If you have a 3rd party firewall try uninstalling it and see what happens
  7. Is anyone aware of a good decent program that allows me to rip DVD audio to mp3 possibly at a bitrate of 192? Thanks
  8. Just before you decide to reformat your drive try and create another user acount and see if that resolves majority of your issues. Ive suggested this as you medled around with HKEY_CurrentUser key and not local machine which may create a new account without problems if it does then copy your files over and take advice from the previous posts - well take advice from the previous posts anyway.......
  9. In services do you have Automatics Updates set to "Automatic" if not have that set to automatic. Clear your temp history and files also install the latest version of Windows Script (if search on Microsoft's website for it or google)
  10. I think there is an issue when you install SP2 that gives this activation problem
  11. 1. Ensure you have the following options enabled Hidden files System files Show file extensions for known files 2. Search for "reset" (without quotation marks) 3. Delete all files beginning with reset5 but don't delete reset5.dll in \Windows\System32\ and subfolders 4. Delete reset5.bat in \Windows\restore if present and delete secreset.cmd and secreset.bat in \Windows\System32\ and subfolders if present 4. Reboot computer. 5. Activate Windows. Hopefully hat should do it.
  12. I was told when using Nero to save tracks it gave you an option to select the bitrate......not too sure if that would help your case or not but thought to mention it
  13. http://www.beginningtoseethelight.org/efsrecovery/index.php See if that helps
  14. Moderators: Please move this into the right forum if this has been posted incorrectly on this forum - thanks Assume i have a list for example Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...... i suppose you get the picture. How could i create a hyperlink so when the user clicks it expands the hyperlink i.e. Days of the Week. Days of the Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday ......... Thanks
  15. If i install Exchange server on Windows server 2003 - create email accounts etc etc could i relate those email accounts to people who are running on Win XP pro machines in order for them to use the email within the network and not externally if so could someone advise or point me where i could read up on this? Thanks
  16. Yea its assigned via DHCP, so ill have to change it every time i log on i guess. Thanks anyway
  17. davidxp2 - see your other post
  18. That depends on your license. If you have one disk and 2 licenses then you can install 2 copies on 2 PCs. If you have 1 copy(license) and have 2 Pcs and try to install the same copy - then its not allowed. You have to ensure its installed only on one system - this is why the Product Activation has come in to play
  19. Thanks FAT64. When you say: Is this an address i create myself or do i have to find it against a program on my system in other words how do i get an SMTP server? Thanks
  20. I believe IIS has its own SMTP - how could i use this smtp to send mail? or do i need other tools with it? If so what are they or where do i start? Thanks
  21. Just to add this to everyones answers: If its important data - back it up no matter what size of your data maybe. That way if something does go wrong youll always have a back up
  22. or.......create a backup copy and delete the original and see what happens - if you find a problem restore the backup........
  23. The error is usually caused by spyware, you may want to try other spyware removal tools. Different people have resolved the problem in different ways depending on their system.......
  24. To uninstall Outlook use Add or Remove programs and look for office and select change. To uninstall Outlook EXPRESS use the add or remove panel and look for Add/Remove Windows components and youll find outlook express. To change the count on the Welcome screen telling you how many mails you have try going into regedit Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\UnreadMail Double-click the value MessageExpiryDays in the right pane, and change the value to 0 Sorry for the many answers but i wasnt 100% sure what you needed fixed.

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