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  1. continues here.... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=87545
  2. I'll get a call from technical support on monday concerning the Adobe Licence Manager. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to run Acrobat 8 without Licence Manager located either locally or at Adobe. I hate that sh** Next Photoshop etc. will also be using ALM...
  3. Hi Couldn't find IStuner for Acrobat 8. Tried to use v7. But with IStuner, there ist a ITW-File needed. I can't find it in my source-dir of acrobat 8 (testversion). there is no such file. Only the "abcpy.ini". But I want to create a transform-file to pre-configure the whole thing like Adobe Reader 7.0. any hints? many thanks
  4. i'm using OnCommand CCM (symantec now) to distribute software on over 400 clients and also to setup clients completely with xp. but xp takes 1h longer to install than w2000...... there are 3 stages in the unattend-script from symantec: 1) copying the i386-dir from the distribution-server to the client (including client-specific hw-drivers) and starting the unattend-setup with client-specific answer-file 2) xp-setup is copying files to temporary directory in dos-mode 3) xp-setup is installing xp in gui-mode stage 2 takes around 30min to complete. that seems not normal to me. but smartdrv gets loaded by the symantec-script. the installation of xp directly from CD is finished while hd-install is still at stage 2! anybody knows how to speed it up?
  5. anybody knows how you manipulate setup.iss files? i created my ISS-file as normal with -R, but everytime I run setup with -S i get resultcode -3 in my log-file. ----> "required data not found in the setup.iss file" i think there is a setup included for the usb-dongle. that might be the problem 'cause its maybe not installshield-standard (i read about that elsewhere). any tools or hints to control what setup.iss is doing?? iso6.iss
  6. open up your regedit registry-editor, navigate to the appropriate key or string and choose EXPORT. switch file-type to "Win9x/NT4 Regfiles" and click SAVE. now, you've got a regedit4-file :-) the first line in these type of reg-files says always "REGEDIT4" the new w2k-type shows "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" don't ask me what is the difference :-))
  7. hello anybody knows a tool to set-up shares on a server thru command line?? i'd like to move all the home-shares from one server to another. for security i'd use CACLS but how create the shares? is there a tool in the reskit?
  8. easy job: to import a string: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla] "CurrentVersion"="1.6" to delete a string REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla] "CurrentVersion"=- to delete a key REGEDIT4 [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla] but works only with regedit4-format of reg-files. to silently use them, type: regedit /s sample.reg
  9. its under the same key: dont use Webview WebView=0 show system-files ShowSuperHidden=1 except icon-list and sort..... ---> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Streams but i didn't figure out completely how it works. under streams, there should also be the settings for "quick launch". looks like it's one binary-value that contains many of explorer settings. i hate that :-(
  10. hello few days ago as I startet fiddling around with unattended xp-cds the extendPartition worked. I manually create a 2gig FAT partition and let setup convert it and extend it by 8gig. I also use this at work with OnCommand CCM (sw deployment system). after extending the winnt.sif and further tweaking and "hotfixing" there is no way getting this right anymore. I thought it might be gosh's stripping down the source-files, so I made a new ISO from scratch using the original CD. tried it in vmware and virtualpc. even the real setup on a real pc doesn't convert. as I remember, the conversion takes place (should!) after a reboot in gui-setup (like the filesystemcheck after a crash) virtual disk is 16gig, the real disk is 60gig, enough space..... any hints on that? are there any other parameter "extendOemPartition" depends on?? or is it unsupported by cd-install?? I think I startet playing around with the unattend.txt and winnt.exe over network (not winnt.sif on CD).
  11. I really dont get KB822603 installed. even in normal gui-mode. but registry tells me installed=1 windows-update-bug??
  12. hello i'm trying to set up my unattended CD with the whole bunch of MS-stuff. but I didn't want to mess around with svcpack.inf 'cause of the dependencies. hotfixes of mediaplayer should be installed after mediaplayer etc. so I did everything with 2 batch-files in guirunonce. see below: first creats with dir-command a numeric ordered list of Q-fixes and KB-fixes. FOR-loop reads the list and installs the fix with corresponding parameter my problem now is, that some of the hotfixes won't get installed correctly. checking windowsupdate shows me some missing fixes I already got in my batch. I assume it's because of the suppressed reboots. by starting my batch several times manually while rebooting in between I get the system up to date. I thought you have to install hotfixes in numeric order, thats why I created the batch with the FOR-loop. one of the missing fixes is the MDAC-update 832483. but it will be installed right after MDAC 2.8 itself in the first batch. the others are 826939, 824146, 826942, 822603 any ideas? is there a special order to install the fixes?? here's my list of hotfixes to be installed

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