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  1. O'righty guyz @Sonic Gonna use your tip once I plug a plug'n play device
  2. Ok thanx, I'll try to figure it out how. google is my friend again
  3. enoguh to make me post about it seriously long, I know how much time is gonna require to install e.g. Thumb USB drive or External USB drive
  4. hey guyz, I'm facing this problem since a peroid of time and I thought it's a temporary but still making me a headach whenever I plug a new USB device Link to screenshot It takes so long, I donno why My OS is XPSP2+RVM Most services Default what do you think is the underlying cause?! Image linked. Please remember to link images larger than 300x200 --Zxian
  5. I have non-genuine windows XPSP2+HFs what should I do to let it work?
  6. thanx for the keyboard shortcuts, it should be done fom ages ago
  7. I work it out! a little tiny proggy called Dial-Fix google and download
  8. when I installed the Nero- then I want to run the proggy, nithing happens! I tried over already installed nero lite, still didn't work double click on Nero Smart or Nero Burning ROM , nothin' showed up plz any help?
  9. I got it finally! here is the 100% way how to restore removed languages by Nlite, plz feedback -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For example : want to install Vietnamese language. Step 1: - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab Advanced - in the combo box, choose : English (United States) --> Apply - Restart computer Step 2: - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab Languages - Uncheck the check box "install files for comples script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)" --> Apply - Restart computer Step 3: - Get update WindowsXP-KB897338-v3-x86-ENU.exe from : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en and install it. - Restart computer Step 4: - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab Languages - Check the check box "install files for comples script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)" --> Apply - Important note : insert CD original WinXp, not Nlited XP CD - Restart computer Step 5: - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab regional options - In the combo box, choose : Vietnamese - Goto Control panel --> Regional and language option --> Tab Advanced - In the combo box, choose : Vietnamese - Important note : insert CD original WinXp not Nlited XP CD) - Restart computer Bingo!
  10. I got it finally, I managed to fix the Internet Sharing Problem The problem is: The Cure is: http://rapidshare.de/files/28786931/Dial-a-fix.rar
  11. me too, didn't success to figure this problem out I need the solution desperately I got one thing when I install only thew windows, I got the sahring good but with the integrated softwares, things went bad i.e one of those proggies causinf this probelm, what could be? @Slimshady can you post your integrated softwares? just to know what's in common
  12. @SlimShady so you managed to fix the problem? I'll try some of these step2 that you posted and I'll feddback
  13. it didn't work I expanded the 2 files, copied them to system32 still got the prob I donno why and it's quite annyoing
  14. no I never do such thing! there is somethin' else and I donno what is it
  15. hey guyz, I faced this weird error, what's wrong? any idea how to over come this?
  16. thanx fellas, I'll try the solutions that you mentioned and I'll feedback asap sorry but I found only iis.in_ and iis.dl_ do I have to add the f and d or what? and what is the IIS exactly?!
  17. Actually no here is the list of my uA proggies, maybe one of them causing the problem 1 Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 2 ACDsee Photo Manager v8.1 3 Adobe Reader v7.0.8 6 Arabic MUI 7 Powertoy Calculator 8 Powertoy TweakUI 9 CCleaner v1.30 10 CPU-Z v1.34.1 12 Flash 8.0 Shockwave 10.1 Players 13 Firefox v1.5.0.4 14 FolderSize v2.3 15 Internet Download Manager v5.03.2 16 GoogleTalk v1.0.0.92 17 K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v1.53 19 Nero Burning ROM v7.2.0.3 20 Windows Live Messenger v8.0.0792 21 .Net Framework 2.0 22 NOD32 v2.51.26 24 PhotoFiltre v6.2.5 26 Sun Java v5.0.7 30 Taskswitch Pro v2.0.7 34 Win32Pad v1.5.10 35 Winamp AudioPlayer v5.23 36 Windows Media Player v11 40 WinRAR v3.6 Corp 42 Yahoo! Messenger v7.5.0.814 43 XoftSpySE v4.26.188 44 Zuma Deluxe! 45 Xpize v4.4 (Don't Install if You Want Arabic MUI) 46 Finalizing... 50 Reboot.... I'm using those Addons: MrsP_Color_Selector_Addon_v3.01.2 Boooggy_WMP11Addon.cab Kels_TweakUI_Addon_v2.10.0.0.cab Kels_WallpaperChanger_addon_v2.1.CAB MrsP_Color_Selector_Addon_v3.01.2.cab MrsP_Directory_Lister_Addon_v0.7.2.cab MrsP_Rename_Master_Addon_v2.7.3.cab MrsP_TrayIt_Addon_v3.1.2.2b.cab MrsP_WinRoll_Addon_v2.0.cab Rikgale_XPRAID5_addon_v1.cab RVMAddons_1.3.1.cab RVMAddonsSFC_1.0.cab RVMAddonsSyssetup_1.0.cab RVMAddonsTCPIP_1.0 (100Connections).cab RVMAddonsUxtheme_1.0.cab RyanVM_WGA-Notify_2.0.7a_RemoveAddon_v1.0.cab ShockwaveAddons10.1.CAB of course I'm using nlite and removed the followings which is all crap and doesn't affect a thing: 1- Help & Support 2- Some Languages 3- Indexing Service 4- MSN Explorer 5- Search Assitant 6- Tour 7- Security Center 8- Internet Games 9- Music Samples
  18. yeah we all agree that the Restore thingy is a real crap here is my Last Session [Main] Env = 1.0 RC7 - 2.0.50727.42.Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Target = Windows XP Professional Sp2 - build 2180 - English (United States) [Tasks] Tweaks [Components] ;# Compatibility # [KeepFiles] msconfig.exe [RemoveFiles] clock.avi [Options] GuestName = "" AdminName = "" ProfilesDir = "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings" TargetPath = "WINDOWS" temp_dir = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp isovol = WinLite isoatt = -allow-multidot -no-iso-translate -relaxed-filenames -allow-leading-dots -N -l -d -D -joliet-long -duplicates-once -no-emul-boot -b boot.bin -hide boot.bin -hide boot.catalog [Patches] TcpIp = 100 UsbPoll = 125 [Services] Themes,2 StiSvc,3 AppMgmt,3 AudioSrv,2 CiSvc,3 ClipSrv,4 CryptSvc,2 ERSvc,2 EventLog,2 HidServ,4 HTTP,3 HTTPFilter,3 IpNat,3 NDProxy,3 NetDDE,4 NetDDEdsdm,4 Netman,3 PlugPlay,2 ProtectedStorage,2 RemoteRegistry,2 SamSs,2 SCardSvr,3 seclogon,2 SENS,4 SharedAccess,2 SysmonLog,3 TapiSrv,3 TrkWks,2 UPS,3 VSS,3 W32Time,2 Wmi,3 xmlprov,3 LanmanWorkstation,2 RasAuto,3 RasMan,3 RemoteAccess,4 IpFilterDriver,3 IpInIp,3 NwlnkFlt,3 NwlnkFwd,3 Ip6Fw,3 ALG,3 DHCP,2 DNSCACHE,2 PolicyAgent,2 NLA,3 LMHosts,2 Alerter,4 Browser,2 NetLogon,3 Messenger,4 RpcLocator,3 NtLmSsp,3 LanmanServer,2 [Tweaks] Explorer-Advanced Search: preconfigure options Explorer-Show Full Path in Address and in Title-Bar File Open/Save Dialog-Preset Places Bar to: C: D: E: DESKTOP LAN My Computer-Show details in Device Manager Privacy-Disable Last accessed Timestamp on files Privacy-Remove Alexa Spyware Speed-Use Windows classic folders / No Tasks Sidepanel Visual Effects-Use common tasks in folders-Disable [Unattended] UnattendMode = DefaultHide ComputerType = Automatic MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 12 ProgFilesPath = "C:\Program Files" [GuiRunOnce] [Drivers] [Hotfixes] I hope it helps figuring out what is the problem is
  19. hey guyz, I'm facing this kinda weird problem my system is up-to-date with RaynVM v2.0.7a and here is the probelm: what's wrong guyz? and how to re-enable it although I'm enabling those services, but still having problems with Connection Sharing
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