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  1. Hmm, Microsoft does not seem to give any information about current ReFS limitations. I need to make some tests with it. For now you can use it, by removing checks via WinNTSeup.ini [Options] NoFileSystemChecks=1
  2. WinNTSetup 5.3 Beta 7 - workaround windows 7 Dism /add-driver bug 30 (AMD, NVIDIA drivers with LZSS compression) - workaround EFI NTFS driver bug - fixed capture problem with OneDrive On-Demand files - added combobox script selection to diskpart window - added -diskpart command line switch to bring up diskpart window - added WIM_MSG_ERROR and WIMLIB_PROGRESS_MSG_HANDLE_ERROR Messagebox choice
  3. Dark dialogs are looking great. Only the RICHEDIT50W controls used by "Digital Signature" file properties are still white.
  4. It's seems to run a diskpart script and assign S: and W:, then calls WinNTSetup like this: WinNTSetup_x64 NT6 -source:"D:\sources\install.wim" -wimindex:1 -syspart:S: -tempdrive:W: -unattend:"path_unattend.xml" -compact:xpress4k PS: See, F1 -Help for command line options
  5. https://mega.nz/folder/ObATya7C#oR2t79bT-4MGjKxOAYwkbQ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/53um6k2nmhvd5/
  6. I mean format these lines you posted with the forums code button. As for WMI applications there no easy telling, many using it, but seems to work without it.
  7. Please use code tags. Your list is a bit radical. Most of them are empty folder or space gain is minimal. Deleting wbem folder saves some space but will break all applications that uses WMI. Downlevel folder should be save, if recall correctly it's only be used while servicing from older WinOS. (like Win7/8 uses dism to add drivers to offline Win10/11 system)
  8. Hmm, never got this error message. There is currently no way to skip errors. Can you post log file: %TEMP%\WinNTSetup\Logs\wimlib_error.log (don't close WinNTSetup it will delete the temp folder) @galkinvv Thanks for these tests. I will remove the 2 Messageboxes and silently create/delete the folders in next version.
  9. I've added the temporary creation of the 5 folder in case of UEFI boot file creation on NTFS drive. It shows a message box after creation and deletion. WinNTSetup_x64.7z
  10. Interesting, but I guess this is a very rare problem caused by a specif BIOS. Or the combination of that BIOS plus the creation\formation of the partition with gparted. Can these 5 fives be deleted after creation or are the required?
  11. Good, than it's probably the drive label. GUI is using the filename as drive label. I can't find anything other than it is limited to 32 characters. Beta 6 will now trimm it to 32 chars or rename the label to "VHD" is case of such a problem.
  12. Yes, if the WIM already exists, than a new index will be appended to it.
  13. Happy New Year. If you select the current Windows Installation as source, WinCopy and WimCapture will always create a shadow copy.
  14. Use a clean MinWin default profile without it. I tested it against some Windows 11 ISOs 21H2, 22H2 and also latest DEV.
  15. Well there is only one way to tell if your mysoftware.txt is the problem ...
  16. What happens if you just copy your mysoftware.txt inside the current MinWin profile?
  17. But, without transparency option, wasn't it SAB which changed the title bars to 0x202020 color in dark mode?
  18. Thanks for that, but what about the Run and SHFileOperation dialogs. On build 22000 SAB fixed them, too.
  19. Thanks for the reports sharicov. I have trouble reproducing them, It could be that the FormatEx API has a problem with some characters of the drive label. Could you try the same on command line with a simple label: WinNTSetup_x64.exe VHD-CREATE -file:"X:\full_path_to_VHD.vhd" -size:20GB -type:expandable -label:"VHD" The other problem could occur with a inaccessible device, if so it will be fixed with next version. @Antonino Dunno, I was under the impression that I had fixed all Win11 explorer issues.
  20. Crash should be fixed with Beta 5.
  21. Please check the file version that got downloaded. Tools\x64\DISM\dismapi.dll should be version 10.0.22621.1. Seams it does not load the Tools version and the Windows !0 Host one is too old. Will be fixed.
  22. WinNTSetup 5.3 Beta 4 - fixed offline windows scan may not detect Windows 10/11 builds correctly - fixed internal VHD boot files option may create duplicate BCD entries - fixed auto format may not work if drive is in use - fixed loading ISO with relative path may create duplicates in source combo box - added Remove OneDrive tweak - added DISM feature enable/disable and APPX removal - new right-click on tweaks button to quickly disable all tweaks
  23. Click on the windows flag on top right. Than check "Create Language File" in the menu. I removed it on the NT6 Tab site. There was no need, you can select ISO or WIM with normal left click.
  24. Sure, being disconnected from network should avoid the whole problem.
  25. Hmm, actually I already did this 5 month ago. ; 5.2.5 - always disable Network requirement ORSetDword(*SftHive, "Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OOBE", "BypassNRO", 1)
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