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  1. No, problem with Win11 23H2 v2 ISO. Also I don't no what to do about. If files are applied correctly and Windows Setup is deleting them, than it's not a bug of WinNTSetup.
  2. Seems we lost some posts here. Reattach last WimHost fix. WIMHost_1.0.0.7.zip
  3. Not, possible with the WinSxS.ini. These folder are always deleted: \Windows\servicing\LCU \Windows\WinSxS\Temp\InFlight \Windows\WinSxS\Temp\PendingRenames \Windows\WinSxS\Backup \Windows\WinSxS\FileMaps They should be only needed by Windows Update. I'll rethink the last 4, maybe add an option for this.
  4. Yeah, installing optional components isn't supported with default minwin profile. Replace Tools\x64\WIMHost.exe If you add a ! at line begin it should keep all version.
  5. The filter \Windows\WinSxS\Manifests\amd64_microsoft.activedirectory.management_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.17763.* matches for both: \Windows\WinSxS\Manifests\amd64_microsoft.activedirectory.management_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.17763.1_none_095c3cc5ce4cc481.manifest \Windows\WinSxS\Manifests\amd64_microsoft.activedirectory.management_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.17763.1490_none_6621891b47f3382c.manifest Every wildcard filter will only keep the newest component (17763.1490), all older we be removed. Whats are you trying to accomplish with all these files?
  6. Hmm, WimBoot wasn't supported by Server version, so I skipped the the apply modes. But it seems that Compact mode works. I'll check more Server version and remove this restriction in next version. Good, question with Win10/11 this is no longer a problem. You can try with bootice, it can partition the flash drive with multiple partitions. It allows you to assign a drive letter to only 1 partition at the time. Not sure how WinNTSetup's drive letter assignment will behave in this case Will have to check this out ...
  7. Yeah, this is a problem with obsolet version removal. This filter \Windows\WinSxS\%ARCH%_microsoft-windows-d..erservice.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.17763.*_%LANG%_* matches both, so only one remains. For now you could solve it with 2 filters: \Windows\WinSxS\%ARCH%_microsoft-windows-d..erservice.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.17763.*_%LANG%_3a6bba1e80fb955e* \Windows\WinSxS\%ARCH%_microsoft-windows-d..erservice.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.17763.*_%LANG%_7226aa566821f809*
  8. You should format the boot partition with FAT32, not the entire disk. create a small let's say 500 MB FAT32 partition for the boot files and use the remaining space as you want
  9. If you use NTFS, there properly no option unless this UEFI supports NTFS.
  10. The "ALL" is just passed to bcdboot.exe, which than creates BIOS and UEFI boot files. If it does not boot in UEFI mode, than either the boot partition is ignored (maybe it's NTFS) or the UEFI is a bit picky and does not look for the EFI boot loader on a MBR disk. If the UEFI allows it, try to start the loader manually: \EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi @dimo70 Yes just use WinNTSetup to apply the backuped WIM, it will change drive letter assignment and create a new boot entry.
  11. @dimo70 Don't merge the old x86 version into the same folder with newer x64 one. They have different folder layout, so there will be problems.
  12. Yes, with your BCD it actually should show the new menu. Reproduced! Seems there is a difference with bootems that also effects menu style. bcdedit -set {emssettings} bootems No
  13. You still have 3 lines: "bootmenupolicy Standard" that you should change to: "bootmenupolicy Legacy" If you don't want to do it with bootice than use bcdedit bcdedit -set {current} bootmenupolicy Legacy bcdedit -set {b2c1b3c3-8029-11ee-a83b-c85b76503892} bootmenupolicy Legacy bcdedit -set {5070e151-81b7-11ee-a844-c85b76503892} bootmenupolicy Legacy @sharicov@gmail.com There is MinWin if you left click on "Mode" label. That let's you create a minimal windows. The other 2 features make no sense. First OS than create boot files. If you already have some VHD's mount them and use BCDBoot.exe to create boot files. Or use WinNTSetup and leave the source combo box empty while selecting boot partition and the mounted VHD.
  14. Usually the default selection is the one were bootmenupolicy is relevant. Post the BCD here: bcdedit > BCD.txt
  15. You make the whole thing complicated. What do you mean with volume BCD. You should have one on your physical disk's boot partition and another one inside the VHD. If you physical boot the VHD, than one of your physical disk is used. if you attach the VHD to a virtual machine, than the BCD inside is used.
  16. Use Professional mode, than right click create and add new element if it does not already exists.
  17. You can use bootice to set BootMenuPolicy to legacy for every boot option. But make sure you also disable fastboot for every system, cause this is there reason for these additional reboots (making a clean shutdown).
  18. Yes, I file backed copy is slow. Sadly wimlib only uses 1 thread to do the apply stuff. Volume copy mode, runs on the max speed of your hardware, but if the destination drive is smaller there is no guarantee that it will work. the last cluster have to fit into the new partition. Even the shrink option may not be able to move some system files.
  19. Maybe you use Windows 7 or some other old OS, here? By default WinCopy uses a wimlib capture and apply, but without actually creating a WIM file. So yes, WimScript.ini is needed and if not set by command line, that the default one is used. Not sure what problem wimlib has, that error codes could be during scan and apply. I uploaded a "b" version that will add wimlib error file to the console output. Anyway you could also try volume mode of WinCopy by adding "-volume" to the command line.
  20. WinNTSetup_x64.exe wincopy-cli S: T: S: - source drive T: - target drive
  21. Yeah, Disk2VHD is properly only thought to copy entire disk and boot it in a VM. Also be careful with creating a VHD entry with bootice, that's not fully supported, better mount and use bcdboot for it. WinNTSetup's Wincopy should do what you want.
  22. Uploaded a fix version, the RunAsTI ini option should not be needed anymore.
  23. Would call that a lazy question, took just 5 minutes to try and verify that it boots normally.
  24. There is nothing to worry about. WinNTSetup just check if the target partition has the set FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED. That is what the last checkbox of drive properties (if unchecked) means. Only in that case, WinNTSetup will inherit FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED to all files and folder, that will be applied from the wim/esd file.
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