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  1. WinNTSetup 4.2.3 - fixed Vista images could be applied in compact/wimboot mode - fixed compact:xpress4k using 8k compression with newer wimgapi.dll - fixed some command line ini option combinations - fixed vmware mounted drives disappear on winntsetup exit - new cmdline option regtweaks support wildcard file pattern - new scan offlines services to exclude Driverstore *.sys files from WOF Compression
  2. Thanks, could reproduce it, seems to only happens with UAC disabled.
  3. @Sonic There is no such feature, virtual disk expect mounted iso will still be available after winntsetup closed. @wimb Thanks for the report, seems MS has changed that in wimgapi.dll. Will be fixed in next version.
  4. Some how the VMWare you and I use are quite different I've reuploaded with fix language file and urschipidea in exclusions.
  5. Don't know why it does not work in your cases, but I enabled exclusions for all builds in version 4.2.1. (It can be disabled by ini now, see: Tools\WimBootCompress.ini)
  6. Hi Slava09, what is the exact version of your Win 10? I think I removed compression exclusion for Windows 10 as Microsoft fixed it in 1803 or 1809 builds.
  7. No, it's only a simple capture option. If the file exist it will append else a new WIM file will be created.
  8. Interesting maybe an different problem. Is there anything in written in \Windows\Panther\setuperr.log?
  9. That error is quite common, but I have my doubts that Microsoft will ever fix it. It's annoying, but not a big problem. Starting msoobe.exe manually will let you continue setup. "Windows setup could not configure to run on this computer's hardware" error during Windows 7 or Windows 10 installation"
  10. Version 20.06.1 - option -Get-Range added ex. GWT -Get-Range N:\Win10.iso bootmgr;boot*.efi;*\boot.sdi
  11. On my machines Win 10 2004 is quite stable actually. But I experience some explorer.exe crashes and 1 instability thanks to nVidia driver. So I'm back to 1909 at the moment.
  12. WinNTSetup_x64.exe NT6 -source:C:\WIMBOOT\W10x64-WB.wim -syspart:%VHD_DRIVE% -tempdrive:%VHD_DRIVE% -wimboot -nobootsect -bcd:none -setup
  13. Ah, did not thought that would be a problem, as nobody has mentioned it over time. Thanks for the work. I have uploaded the fixed languages.
  14. @bovirus I don't understand why you have so much fun with language files. About the dialog, it's only the drive format dialog of windows shell32.dll.mui, 28672.
  15. @bovirus This space is reserved for warning icon, for example if you select a Arm64 source. As for the dialog in German language file, it's more personal taste. I prefer Segoe UI font.
  16. Why not add the new strings 1382-1411? @devdevadev If you find someone who split your post into a new the topic, I'll give you some basic batch file hints.
  17. Hi bovirus, The current Italian language file should be Lang\1040.dll. To get current englisch template, right-click on title "create language file" They can be edited with ResHacker. As for the Tabs I think their meaning is understandable and there is not enough space to mention all version correctly.
  18. Always the same, fixing one problem and creating other one Should work now. As for ISO2Offset, nope will not be included. But functionality will be added to GWT sooner or later.
  19. WinNTSetup 4.2 - no longer needs Tools\DarkMode.msstyles - disabled multicore feature on 32bit Host by default - fixed hotfix uninstall on Windows 7 Host - fixed WIMBOOT:WIMCOPY mode on Windows 10 2004 Host - cmdline -noapply does not need a sources defined anymore - fixed NT5 install did not overwrite existing txtsetup.sif - cmdline VHD-CREATE and VHD-ATTACH return errorlevel for driveletter - updated wimlib to v1.13.3 Beta1 *v4.2 will be the last 32-Bit version, 4.3 will require Win7x64 as HostOS!
  20. Version 20.06 - added -builddir:{name} command line to set foldername instead of ADK_6 - fixed range option with offset above 2GB in 32bit version - range option supports "care.dlservice.microsoft.com" and "software-download.microsoft.com"
  21. Yes, will fix it in the next days.
  22. Try GWT64.exe, it's properly a problem with signed integers in 32bit version.
  23. I said, that I add an exitcode, so just wait a day or so for the next version. If you can't wait try figure out the command line yourself ...
  24. Hi SteveSi, this could be added, but I don't think it will be very useful. As for the ISOs, the nice guys on MDL have a collection of Server and Enterprise EVAL links windows-10-server-evaluation-repository

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