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  1. Hmm, I'm not so sure I know what you mean. I guess you now have 2 option in boot menu - your old installation and the new one that is ready to setup? What the system you wanted to installed a NT6.x one (Win Vista - Win11) or NT5 one?
  2. The right one in explorer, if you select text style files like txt or xml it shows a RICHEDIT control.
  3. Preview pane is also still in light mode.
  4. There is WinNTSetup_v425_WinXP_Supported.rar on the main download page.
  5. No, I dropped Vista support for a reason, but you can still use the old version 4.25.
  6. Hi kolobok5447, welcome to the forum. For EFI part make sure you select a FAT or FAT32 formatted partition. WinNTSetup also checks if the partition ID is correct and shows warning icon if not.
  7. WinNTSetup 5.2.4 - fixed Regimport did not support multi line binary data with inline comments - MinWin: added support for Unicode / UTF-8 text files - MinWin: added support for subfolders - MinWin: text files can have condition on first line to enable/disable the entire file
  8. Version 5.23 is up and should greatly reduce log file creation / size. There is also a Services.ini and Tasks.ini showing how to disable or remove services and scheduled task.
  9. Most of these log files can simply be disabled in the registry, but yes I'll should add a "dummy file" feature. Dxdiag.exe should be deleted. There are some hundred of *.exe files that could also be deleted, but I did not want to make a choice for default profile.
  10. Seems MEGA works again. For the Bluetooth stuff, well if have no real interest in it, so it's to you guys. But as for the LogFiles problem, next version will take care of this.
  11. Looks like a bug with MEGA, removing and creating a new link doesn't help.
  12. @Sonic Re-uploaded, should be fixed now. MinWin is still very experimental so more a hidden feature. It's also available on Capture WIM window by click on "compression:" label Or via command line "-minwin:default". @alacran Empty folder \Windows\Boot\Fonts is enough to make BCDBoot.exe work, no need for the fonts. !\Windows\Boot\Fonts\ - means keep only the folder !\Windows\Boot\Fonts - means keep folder and files, not recursive SysWoW.txt yeah I have to fix that. I missed qps-ploc and qps-plocm, is there anywhere a list of all available MUI's? Now I'm up to these 49 There is nothing hard coded expect the folder names and the WinSxS.ini. After processing The Remove folder all orphaned *.mui and *.mun files will be deleted.
  13. WinNTSetup 5.2.2 - fixed some SATA 2 USB adapters were not detected as USB devices - MinWin: added line condition FBLANG - MinWin: added support for multiple fallback languages @alacran I think that i fixed WLAN problem and new version should handle your es-MX source with it's 2 fallbacks. you can make your own MinWin profile, make a copy of default folder and name it the way you want. WinNTSetup will give you a selection menu, if you left click on the MinWin icon. Right click will open the folder in explorer. I'll keep this default profile very slim, but if there is a serious problem let me know.
  14. Printer supports is removed in DrvStore_Inf.txt.
  15. @wimb Seems WLAN problem is deleted WlanMM.dll, but not sure why my source works without this file. PS: I'm using updated ISOs: 1526_feb_2022 @alacran Yes, all tweaks should be compatible with MinWin feature. Es_MX seems to have multiple fall back languages so languages.txt will remove some es-ES folders completely.
  16. Notepad++ will be fixed, but LibreOffice really should get an x64 portable. Wifi works here with source: de-de_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_21h2_updated_feb_2022_x64_dvd_148a1e58.iso. Does it show up in the list, after connection with PENetwork? Hmm, never used this build-in start menu. Will check this out, but i guess people that use a mini windows will use startisback or ClassicShell anyway. FileAssoc seems to need a 'right click' --> 'open with...' on some extensions
  17. Hmm can't reproduce that. Attaching 16 VHDs here, it still works.
  18. WinNTSetup 5.2.1 - fixed NT5 GUI bugs - fixed MBR not written for VHD files (regression 5.2) - fixed error popup with old card reader devices - fixed regimport ignored HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT - fixed noapply mode on NT6 could show NT5 builds - fixed DriveComboExclude not working on subsequent scans - fixed ini save load of driver options - increased border margins for darkmode tool tips
  19. I mean the old classic menus not the owner drawed "ImmersiveContextMenu" ones. You can still get them in explorer, if screen reader is used or with a simple IATHook on shell32.dll bool __stdcall _SystemParametersInfoW(UINT uiAction, UINT uiParam, PVOID pvParam, UINT fWinIni) { int iReturn = SystemParametersInfoW(uiAction, uiParam, pvParam, fWinIni); if (uiAction == SPI_GETSCREENREADER) *(int*)pvParam = 1; return iReturn; } But after some time (usually under 30 min) SAB 3.3 seems to remove Clear Type from them.
  20. Back to 3.2.9c. Later version remove Clear Type from my classic context menus
  21. PowerShell takes quite some space, if we re-add all it's NetFX dependencies, it needs.
  22. Listviews group header is hard to read. File operation dialog looks good, but I think a thinner border for the progress bar would look better, BTW: 2 things about the update check and Installation. 1 - If Windows toast notifications are globally turned off, update check show nothing 2 - After update the restarted explorer has Temp folder as working directory
  23. @wimb Thanks for testing. Yes some explorer features got missing especially in newer windows version. Will be fixed when I have enough time. For PowerShell I don't think it has much use in a minimal system. @click-click Resize-able GUI would not help, the resolution of your screen is insufficient. I don't know why GUIScalePlus has that effect on your netbook, maybe some "windows feature"
  24. Better use a tool to change that stuff: System Font Size Changer
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